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Best way of hanging, some ideas

Modesto - I think we are on the right way *s*

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Hey joe (remember that great song - jimi hendrix - or are you too young for that stuff. Even if so, get a download, it’s a very cool song).

Regarding your technique I will give it another try after printing your post and going really step by step.

Report later


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Thanks thunder - ttt

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[Thread]Best ways of hanging, some ideas[/thread]

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[Thread]Best ways of hanging, some ideas[/thread]

Later - ttt

[Thread]Best way of hanging, some ideas[/thread]

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Thunder - am I stupid? What’s wrong? - Sorry - ttt

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How can the forum software possibly know which thread you want to link? ;) You have to include the thread number.

An easier way of linking to your thread is to just cut and paste the url from the location window in your browser, then the software will add the thread title automatically.

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Where is the thread number?

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The number after the first = sign in the address bar while on the first page of the thread is the thread number.

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
Where is the thread number?

> Go to the address bar.
> Right click on the address.
> Left click on copy.
> Go to your post you are making and right click.
> Left click on paste.

This will put the thread number in your post. When you make the post, this forum thankfully automatically names the thread for you so you don’t have to do the bulletin board code of (url=put address here)thread name(/url)to get it to say what you want…using [ ] instead of ( ) of course.

Also try using the preview feature to see if you got it right before posting it.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

I second Triple T’s statement that you can definitely stretch skin with a vacuum hanger if you apply a wrap incorrectly. This is the main reason I decided not to use the compression sleeve with Monkeybar’s hanger—I felt it caused too much skin stretch.

I’m still experimenting, but I think I’ve found something that works for me. I can also confirm that I get near zero skin stretch. Making the wrap comfortable requires some skill and practice.

On second thought, I’ve just pulled out Monkeybar’s compression sleeve, and it seems to be working pretty well—very little skin stretch. Apparently, there’s a learning curve with this thing, too.

I’m hanging only 10#, but it’s nice and comfy—and a lot easier to remove than medical tape.

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