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3 sets vs 2 sets?

3 sets vs 2 sets?

I have a schedule that will allow me to do 3 sets of about 40 min. each of hanging spaced out through the day. A set at 7am, 5pm, and 10pm.. the first two sets followed by traction wrapping for a few hours.

Wanted some input on whether this is advisable or should I hit a 2-set routine with longer hangtimes?

I assume when you say 40 mins you mean 2 sets of 20 mins at three different times of day. No matter how comfortable the hanger may be, or how healthy your penis may look, NEVER go more than 20mins without taking the hanger off and restoring circulation.


That’s right, Guiri. Two sets of 20 minutes each session.

Surprised at the lack of feedback, but it could be the vacation and all.

Hey Buster!

Sounds like way too much to me! My advice is to start with 3 X 20min sets PM - remember to keep the weights low and concentrate on technique - very important in the early stages! The goal of hanging is to achieve fatigue and you may in fact find that initially even this routine is too much. Listen to your body and take notice of what it tells you. Don’t try and make gains happen overnight because it simply doesn’t happen - you just end up injuring yourself. Work carefully and methodically and you have every chance of achieving your goals.

Good luck, keep us posted and don’t even think about starting your hanging routine until you’re A1 again. ;)

lil1 :lep:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Thanks dude!!

I sure will take it easy. Got alot of research and reading I can do in the meantime. And work on a few more variations of my hanger.

I think I’ll go with PM hanging as it will give me time to get the learning curve mastered, get my ligs used to some weight, and help me concentrate on form. Then I’ll add another session later. Then the third. THEN and only then will I add the weight up some.

But I gots some healing to do first… (which is tough because when you read about other guy’s gains it just makes you want to get in your exercise)… *sigh*

I guess I wasn’t really clear when I started this thread, but most of you have understood what I meant. I say this because I haven’t gotten much feedback from some I thought I *would* hear from.

What I meant to say is 3 sessions a day, not 3 sets. Lil’ picked it up and so did a few, but I just wanted to point that out and not be vague.


If guys don’t respond quickly, don’t worry. First, maybe they agree what LIL has said and have no more to add. Second, perhaps you haven’t given them a chance to even read your post yet.

Remember, not eveyone has the time or possibility to spend hours a day on the forum. I for example can rarely post on the weekend, which leaves me a lot of catching up Monday morning which I really need to organize my working week.

As far as your post goes, it is clear you are referring to three sessions (I just wanted to clarify that each session was not 40 mins straight). And I can’t add much to what LIL has said, except that once you are hanging well, and more experienced, the more time the better IMO, allowing for rest days and obviously not over doing it.

So, more sessions less sets, or less sessions more sets. I say more sessions more sets, but using common sense.


It’s cool, Guiri - I didn’t mean to sound impatient, because I’m not. The initial responses were fine, but it struck me right before I wrote that clarification what a goofy and vague subject line I had given to the thread post. I don’t want to assume that people understand what is going on in *my* head - I’ve found that to be a little too much to expect from well-rounded people (hehe).

But thanks for your input and feedback!


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