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Lengths of time regarding sets?

Lengths of time regarding sets?

Let’s say you wanted to pump for a total of 15 minutes. How would you split that up? Five 3 minute sessions? Three 5 minute sessions? Also, how long do you wait between sets?

For me, I pump 5 minutes for 3 sets, and I’d never stay pumped without releasing the pressure for more than 5 minutes. And I always wait for atleast the same amount of time between sets as the previous set was (for a 5 minute set, I wait 5 minutes before the next one.)

Thats ok. But as you build up, you can go for longer sessions with less rest in between sets. Try going for 10 minute session with 3 minutes rest. Then another 10 minute session. A total of 2 sets. After a week or 2, go for 3 sets of 15 minutes each! When you are conditioned, throw in a nice 5 minutes or so jelqing while you’re resting. Feels great and ask anyone from the forums here that jelqing in between sets is a great way to go. Also, you can do 30 minute sessions of just pumping and then 10-20 minutes of jelqing and a 2-5 minutes of pump afterwards with a bit higher pressure(not too much) to finish off. You are going to be pumped!

Note: I used to use HIGH PRESSURE FOR PUMPING, up to 25 “Hg. I discovered that this approach isn’t good at all. I felt sour, built bumps on my penis, and had hardened veins. I took off a week and I was good again. I started pumping with smaller pressure( I don’t go higher then 10 “Hg, and use 5-7 “Hg, ( I go 10 at the last few minutes). Works better this way. Good luck and stay motivated.

P.S. I also read and tried using a strecther( I have a Jes strecther) after a pump session instead of using a leather strap like the pumping instruction manual says to do. Makes more sense, while I’m wearing the stretcher, the penis is being rebuilt in that state. I’m sure I’ll reach my goal, and for all of you who read this, good luck and stay motivated and dedicated.

You hang/stretch after pumping?

I do it before and manual stretch inbetween pump sets.

But I haven’t heard of anybody doing it after, usually pumping ends the workout. Sometimes a post pump jelq.

Does it work for you?

I always stretch first, then pump-clamp-pump-clamp(-pump-clamp) and finish with light hanging. I usually pump for 20-30 and clamp for 15-20. Hang for up to an hour, if I have the time. But I’ve reached this level only after months of short-duration (5-10 min.) pumping and clamping.

What are the results of hanging after?

I always did my stretching/hanging before while my dick is thin and limber.

And then pump,clamp,pump,clamp,etc. Then jelq some at the end.

Sometimes I jelq first then go to the pump,clamp series, but I havent hung after.

Does it seem to be working for you?

I’m on the plateau from hell, even mixing up the routines arent working.

I have only been pumping since Feb. So I don’t want a break yet.

Plus I really only got back into pe at the beginning of the year, after a nice long break.

So I will try this way, but please tell me if this way has been working.

My theory is that hanging keeps the tissues stretched while they cool down, preventing turtling and encouraging growth. Can’t vouch for the long-term effects, but the post-workout flaccid is nice for quite a while :-) [Note: others on this site have also mentioned the value of keeping it stretched after a workout.]

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