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Duration of Hanging Sets?

Duration of Hanging Sets?

I have been considering experimenting with slightly longer sets while hanging. I have traditionally stuck to the advice of hanging for only 20 minute sets. I am considering going up to 30 minute sets. The Bib Hanger is so comfortable that it is easy to do at my current 18.75 pounds hanging weight. I check the head and all seems fine. I do three sets now.

any advice, thoughts? Any tried this?



As long as you have the experience, know what to look for, know what the norm should be, know when something is wrong, it will probably be ok. I have hung for longer times before without any problems.

But just remember, everyone is different, and you will need to explain to others with less experience the hows and whys of hanging for longer periods.

Also, understand that every set is slightly different. Different wraps, attachment points etc. There may be sets where you cannot or should not go for 30 minutes. Never be reluctant to cut a set short if needed.

Let us know how it works.



Thanks for the reply Bib. I purposefully didn’t want to post this question on the PE Forum, because it seems there are too many guys eager to push all the limits there before they have any experience. I have only been hanging for 3.5 months, but feel like a little bit of a veteran on that board.


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