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Please help with extender

Please help with extender

So this is my first post. I have done some off and on PE work for about a year, but now I would like to get serious.

I have bought a penis extender from x4 labs, but my problem is I don’t know if I’m using it right!

The video they give uses a fake penis instead of a real penis that goes flacid during use. So when I go flacid during the use, it seems like no matter how tight I make the device, it still slips slightly over my glans. I’m afraid this might be dangerous and I need some help.

Maybe if someone could direct me to a detailed video on how to use or just give me some advice I would appreciate it very much.

I hope I will be a useful addition to the Thunder’s Place family in the future! And thank you so much for any advice you give!

Is it a vacuum based device?

No it has a noose and a comfort strap. You can use either one.

Also, I feel like sometimes when I use it, that it’s stretching the foreskin and not the ligaments.

Thanks for the reply!

Ok. If you are using the noose, you have to retract foreskin. Using zinc powder - like baby powder for example - can reduce the slipping. You can also change the rope (or how it is called) with a more comfortable one:
Extender improvement

For the first week, you have to use very low tension and wear it at 30-40 minutes spans.

Another way to overcome the problem could be buying a vacuum modification, from That was developed for the JES but extenders are pretty much all the same - ask the manifacturarer if the mod will fit your brand to be more sure if you want to go for this path.

Baby powder works great, get in there semi erect and make it nice and snug. If your not sure if you did it too tight just check every few minutes and if your glans are cold or discolored then loosen it up a bit.

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Not semi erect. You should go in the extender flaccid.

onlyaman, maybe I can help. I’ve used X4 for about 6 mo’s now.

When I first used it I pinched the heck out of the foreskin tightening the comfort straps. OUCH!!! I had to position the comfort straps perfectly over the 2 cylindrical foam pieces (that came with X4 produce). Still, it was a major hassle. Now after I put on the 2 cylindrical foam pieces, I wrap “Ultrasoft Microfiber cloth,” found at Costco, around the foam. It needs to be cut to fit - width needs to cover high & low of the 2 cylindrical pieces of foam. Then when I tighten the strap I can do it fast and never pinch myself any more. It seems to hold fine with the comfort straps as well.

The plastic base piece would dig into my pelvic area and hurt after a while. So now I use foam (I got foam that’s used for wrapping pipes at Home Depot (spongy & dense). It’s comes in a long (3-4’) tubes sliced down middle, black and cheap. I cut a piece out of it, slightly oversized, big enough so base unit sits on it, and cut a hole in the middle that’s slightly less than the base of my penis. I slide it down over my penis to the base, then slide on the plastic base piece. It’s way more comfortable now.

The comfort straps don’t seem to hold tight. The notches slip off all the time. I do know that if the straps get oily, they slip slip way easier, so keep straps clean so they feel almost sticky. I’m still working on an idea to resolve the loosening of the straps. I’ve seen others place a nail through the center of the straps once fitted, but I fear I’m going to destroy the strap, and it’s costly (as you know). If anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to hear them. So I end up having to constantly tighten the straps when they loosen, or slip a notch.

As far as penis slippage, it obviously helps if you have a larger glans. Mushroom heads work better than small glans. One thing I do is jelq right beforehand to get head swell, then tighten the straps. This head swell will help prevent the upper strap from sliding over it. I’ve even heard that this head swell could also quite possibly increase the size of the glans in time, like any other PE exercise. /forum/images/icons/icon16.gif

If you feel you’re stretching the foreskin, not your shaft, it’s because you didn’t pull any loose skin through the base unit (including some of the skin from the ball sack). Once you get the extender fastened on, before extending, you can tug on the foreskin to pull some through base unit. When you adjust the tension, you shouldn’t feel any pull on the foreskin, but if you do, move the extender backward & forward, & pull some of the skin through the base unit.

So again, in order: 1) slide piece of pipe foam cut-out over shaft to the base, 2) slide on the base unit, 3) slide on the 2 cylindrical foams pieces that came with X4 product, 4) wrap ultrasoft microfiber around the 2 foam pieces, 5) cinch the upper unit onto the shaft over the cloth & foam pieces, 6) separate the bottom & top pieces, align the screws and tighten it down, 7) slowly turn the knobs at the base of the metal rods to extend your penis out to desire force.

I apologize for poor technical writing, grammar, & use of words. I wrote this in a hurry & hope it makes sense.

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Thank you to all those who replied to this! I have been working long hours and haven’t been able to reply right away, but I’d like to express my gratitude for all the help this forum is willing to give to s newbie. I have many new ideas to try now.
Thank you Charlie dog for going into such great detail on how to mod my device. I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice these things, for I have been dealing with many of the same issues.

I was also wondering, is there an extender routine anywhere I can follow?

Once again, thank all of you so much!

onlyaman, I’m not sure what you mean by “an extender routine.” I would say that it could take 1,000-1,200 (on average, but could vary) hours to gain 1/2 inch in length. You need to determine how many hours per day or week or month that you can wear the extender, and then project out an end goal date. You should track your hours of use.

ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT, be sure to monitor your tension. The books would tell you to start low tension & slowly build up. I agree. But only you can tell how your body is responding to the tension. This is my belief: the more tension & more hours you wear an extender, the better the results. However, let me caution you that the tension should be within comfortable limits & not become injurious. Make sense? So if you’re wearing the extender on super low tension, or you set it at solid high tension, but don’t ever adjust it as the tension reduces through time, you may not see the results as fast. There are arguments of More is More, & Less is More, but I believe when it comes to extenders you have built in protection of not overstretching as with other stretching exercises.

On another note, you may see significant early gains, and get super excited. Just remember not to confuse gains with better EQ, because I noticed my EQ improve, and saw quick gains. But I realized that it was really just an EQ gain. But after months of use, even if my EQ wasn’t great, I still had a gain. That gain I took for my use of the extender. Key is that as you can tell by the number of hours, you need to wear it a TON, deal with the inconveniences, soreness, etc, etc, and could take a year or more to gain 1/2 inch. You must remain committed. Otherwise, if you stop, a year will pass, and you’ll wonder, SHIT IF ONLY I WOULD HAVE WORN IT, I MAY HAVE BEEN 1/2 INCH BIGGER. HA HA!! Kind of funny, but not.

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