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Penimaster anyone tried it?

I recieved my penimaster today and i must say it is very well put together, i plan on wearing it for several hours after i have completed my days hanging, i am hoping this will give me good results, i will report back in a months time to let you know how i get on,



Yes, I have received mine also and have worn it for 2 days already recording about 5 hours. Very comfortable to wear, and very well put together. I honestly believe that there is no way that anything could give better length results as you can wear it for hours. I have noticed that it gives you an ache in the ligs. If I have it too stretched the ache nags and I can simply adjust it so that it is not stretching as much. This device is in my opinion, the best device I have seen on the market. I am so happy with this Penimaster. As a matter of fact, I am wearing right now getting a good stretch!

OK, my comments

I thought this device could complement my other PE activity, as I could even wear it under sweat pants at home in the evenings without the wife noticing.

I also believe it has been well made IMHO, and the idea is good. However, for me to get a good stretch, it still produced a strangling effect around the glans. I also had to tighten it very much to stop the little bugger from slipping out. I don’t share the opinion that a gentle stretch will produce the results claimed, unless worn MANY hours a day DAY after DAY, and I just don’t have that time.

I will however say that I am NOT against the product, and for the price it seems much better than its competitors (which I haven’t tried, eg Jesextender).

Well, I’m the guinea pig for their money back guarantee.

For others interested, it arrrived in 5 working days, came in a very small discreet ordinary-looking parcel, and no reference whatsoever made on CC receipt etc etc (which was to be expected anyway)


Hey, I received mine today!

I’m impressed by the quality and the comfort. It arrived in a small white box with no mention of “penis”, baffled the nosy people at the front desk, and for all intents and purposes, has exceeded my expectations.

It arrived with 3 replacement clamps, and more rods than I’ll ever need, along with a 3 year warranty.

I’m still fiddling with it, but I believe it will work.

I’m not certain how someone could wear it 8 hours straight, as my head does begin to get cool after an hour, nonetheless…I think once you know what your doing, taking it on and off will be relatively quick and easy.

Those ordering it will probably receive it within a week (unless it is sent to the UK, and you’re in the US).

Instructions are far more professional than the advertisements for it.

So, it’s one approach to PE. I’ve been stagnant for over a year (after receiving nice gains through manual approaches), so I’m going to give it a whirl.

The advertisements suggest 1/4” a month is possible, we’ll see if this is true.

One nice thing:

For those who are getting fed up with PE on the mind constantly, greeted with the same measurements week after week, driving yourself into a tizzy as to why your not gaining…

It’s a welcome relief.

Just strap it on then let time and physics do their work.


(I’ll keep everyone updated on results. I’ll be alternating it with tourniquets. As a matter o’ fact, think I’ll go register with Size’s database right now)

(And again I’ll emphasize, this is just one approach that might work. I might well end up buying a Bib in 5 months…)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Quote “Another thing i wanted to say is that during the “fastening” procedure i have broken the “supporting plastic surface”. I emailed them what happened and 3 days later i have a box in my post with two “support plastic surface” and two additional rubber belts…
That is what I call a good customer services. I think it could be probably so easy because i can speak german…”

Cya, Matti

Matti did you have to send in the broken part or did they go on your word and send you new parts. Also what is your routine with this device and the intensity. Thanks buddy

slim pee p

Hi Slim pee,

They did not mention in any way to send back the brocken piece. I just send they an email an that was enough.
I was surprised because I did not wrote any customer or invoice number just my name and address and a little explanation what was happened. This kind of customer service is in my opinion very wellcome…
My routine is 3x1 hour wearing time minimum every day (as i have time available…) with a light intensity (the biggest strecht with no pain…)

If i have good understood you want to send it back ¿?. I would suggest you do not. You will be accustomed very soon to the wearing process. Maybe you tighted it too strong due to you want a big strecht, but i belive that this device works in a different way. It has not much to do with lig strecht, it is more grow due to new tissue regeneration by the constant strecht.
I think is the same as when perforate your ear lobe with one of those big hole piercing, after a given time the lobe grows bigger… So, for me, a constant light strecht is a good complement for pe, always acompained by other practices like light jelk or torniquets / ulis…


Did you try wrapping a little before clamping on the Peni. I find a light cotton wrap really improves comfort.

(and prevents the skin getting pinched. Ouch!)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

I tried it again last night

The reason I bought it was to wear it at night for an hour or two before going to bed. I decided to give it another go, and although it doesn’t rate highly on my books, I will keep it and see how things shape up. The main reason is that I gained about 0.5 cm with the MaXtender, but first ever PE effort, and this is more comfortable.

What with all the talk recently of ligs vs tunica, perhaps it is what I need.



I think is a good decision to keep the pm, at least you have the proof that those kind of devices work (maxtender experience).

Let me ask you, how long does it took to gain 0,5 cm with the maxtender?, time frame, wearing time, intensity, etc…

Thank you,


I never kept a good record, but I wore it 2-3 hours a day 4-5 days a week for several months, at MAX tension. The frigging thing hurt like hell, and it was impossible to walk with it at this tension.

Since then, I put it on every 3 months or so (like when I remember) and it is a great indicator of gains, as I am able to go up a hole or two right from the start.

That is why I am a little dubious as to the efficiency of this device, as it is not comfortable at high tensions.


just a theory

Just a theory.
I could be wrong here, after-all, I’m no MD or engineer for that matter.

But…We are all extrapolating ideas here on this forum and learning… so consider the following:

Well if someone held their arm straight out and locked their elbow and you tried to pull their arm out of their socket by starting your grip near the shoulder area you would quickly find that this is considerably more difficult than starting your grip near the wrist/forearm area…physics 101 (the law of leverage.)

However if you tried to accomplish the same by starting your grip on the persons index finger, you are more likely to inflict serious damage to the persons finger before you scored some damage on the socket… because of the weakness/ non-uniformity of the finger in relation to the forearm/wrist area. (some other law of physics) lol

Therefore I submit to you that this gradual tension over time is an excellent theory and I do tend to believe that it would work however the glans on the penis in this situation are like the finger in my example…

It appears that for some people the discomfort and strangulation of of the glans area is an unwelcome sacrifice to make in exchange for the stretching benefit of the device…and perhaps there is more harm done to this area before any real length is achieved…

but what the hell do I know i don’t own one of these devices…I’m just speculating based on what I have read and some general intuition on the situation.

If they could redesign it so that the device grips a little lower (in some manner) perhaps it could be a more efficient device physics wise and comfort wise.

Now why on earth

would you want to pull anyone’s arm out at the socket? :chuckle:

I get your point, but I know less than you so I shall not show my ignorance by trying to answer.

You are right when you say another idea must be found, becasue the other problem I have, and probably many others, is that when REALLY stretching the penis, my glans becomes VERY small. This cause problems also when manual stretching.


Ordered it!

I ordered the Penimaster yesterday, so I guess I will see also what everyone else is talking about. Use the Vacutech Electric already and just dumped the Grip System(seem my thread on this piece of junk), hope to gain something from this.

Speaking of sockets…This not actually funny and a bit off topic but…

I believe it was in the ancient Roman times…

In those coliseum arenas (movie “Gladiator” comes to mind)…they would torture their prisoners by tying each arm to a horse and having the two horses run in opposite directions so as to tear the arms right off the man (how cruel and barbaric)

They had some sick sense of entertainment!

Yo Matti,

Sorry if I sound like a broken record but have you grown any while using the PeniMaster?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?


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