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Penimaster anyone tried it?

That's the thread!

Thanks Westla.

Hey thunder, yah I saw the Zekeman stretcher. Actually I was going to make it when I found the Penimaster.

What can I say, I’m lazy.


Doc, you mentioned there were cheaper (better?) alternatives?



I again must say I do not recommend this product. For the difference in price, and not having tried the Penimaster, I would still say it is much better value for money.

I use my Max-xtender solely for ‘measuring’ purposes.


if you know how to do it correctly, you can get a better stretch manually than with these rip-offs. If your looking for low impact but long time duration stretching, than try my pogos.

about the max-extender,

i have been toying with it lately and have found a few problems that can be overcome. Since I’ve bought it I might as well use it. I can’t keep dumping money into this thing. I also have the power jelq. Not too in love with it either. In regards to the max-extender, if you wrap the head with something it will cushion and you will avoid getting the groove right behind the corona. Also, at further extension the device is more flimsy and the length of the “pin” is a little short so it does not like to stay in place. Haven’ solved this problem yet. I can only go for around 10-15 min thus far. Soon I will be using it on my way to and from work. Can’t wait to have the opportunity to stretch twice a day.

Penis Stretcher from Andro-medical.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to jump into the discussion. I ordered the penis stretcher from Andro-Medical. I have had it about 2 weeks but really just started yesterday.

Were there programs distributed with the other stretching devices that you guys are following? The penis-stretcher came with one and had you measure your erect-length(in cm) and then do some adjustments to find out what settings you should start at. I was 6.5 BPEL so that came to 16.25 cm. It then had you round down to 16 and then subtract 4 from that number and that is the setting you begin with. Then you follow the routine they have bumping the adjustments using additional bars and settings.

Are you guys following the program or are you making up your own settings? I find that if I wrap with Ace-bandage and then apply the penis-stretcher that I can wear it for 2 hours without much trouble.

I hope this works, I have been plateaued for FAR too long.

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Got my penimaster

After playing around w/ it for 30-40 minute’s. I’d say putting it on and initially finding out what combination of rods is best is the most time you’ll ever spend putting it on. With that said, it take’s about 2 minute’s to put it on once you get the hang of it(if that). taking it off is a breeze only take’s about 5 seconds, pull the band out of the notch and out you go(putting it back in is the tricky part). As for wearing it comfortably, if you’re not bothered by a third leg made of cold metal rods then my hats off to you(especially when the third leg goes half-way down your thigh). Under sweat pants it is pretty well concealed, not sure about jeans or khaki’s. It is comfortable and It doesn’t put any strain on my glans. I feel a tug at max stretch which is a pleasant pain, not really a pain but you feel it. All in all I rate this product highly, and maybe higher in a couple month’s when we see what kind of gains I get.

I plan to wear the Penimaster for 2-3 hours a day. One hour at a time, and between 4-6 hours apart between wears. Probably 5-6 days a week, I think 12-21 hours of stretching is plenty for a week.

All in all I have to say I like the product. I have both hands free to do as I wish while I stretch. I can walk around the house freely, and work, play video game’s, do pc work, and whatever else I might want to do without having to worry about anyone seeing me stretch my penis:thumbsup:

Hey got mine yesterday. Used it last night and my dick head kept popping out after about one hour, but was otherwise nice. I am uncut. Early this morning I put it on over all that foreskin and it has worked fine. I put on my baggiest pair of cords to go to work and if you take a close look it appears I have a big 9 inch bulge down by the side of my left leg. NO takers as yet. I don’t think you could wear this with slacks unless they are really loose.

Another Guy,
How long did it take for you to receive your Penimaster and and how much did it cost with shipping. It comes from Europe so I am curious to know how long it takes to get to the states. And also, would you say that it is comfortable to wear?


Re: Velcro Wrap

Originally posted by westla90069

The way I see it personally is, cheaper is not better when it comes to quality and more important is comfort. Can I wear this thing without having a bunch of discomfort is the question. With that said, I am willing to pay extra money to be comfortable and to have a product of quality. I personally do not wish to tug on my Johnson all day to get results, but that is just me and definately no flames to others that do.

Originally posted by Rowlo
Another Guy,
How long did it take for you to receive your Penimaster and and how much did it cost with shipping. It comes from Europe so I am curious to know how long it takes to get to the states. And also, would you say that it is comfortable to wear?


It took 7 days(ordered 3/4/03 and got it 3/11/03) and cost $149 US. It is comfortable to wear, but a little difficult to walk in, more like waddle, or walk very slow. Great product if you ask me:thumbsup: definitely give’s a good stretch.

Dollars or Euros

Originally posted by AnotherGuy

…and cost $149 US.

Is that correct? I just went to their web site and it says the device is 149 Euros including shipping. That’s about US$165 at the current exchange rate isn’t it? (I’m thinking about getting one.)


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