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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Anyone else notice that you get a much harder climax and erection from using this or is it my imagination?

I’ve noticed a slightly better erection level lately, but i think it is because i do kegals whilst wearing the penimaster, you can really feel them good with this thing on,



Northstar: Are you wrapping the entire bottom of the ring?

anybody doing vaccum pumping as well as the PM?

Its official for me, I am sending it back. Tried everything and it is just way too uncomfortable to wear for an extended period w/o the burning in the balls. Put alot of padding on the bottom and it still doesn’t well. Don’t need the aggravation.

No! Wait! Stop!

Respect the Penimaster!
Love the Penimaster!
Worship the Penimaster!


OK. I had a terrible time with the burning of the balls thing. However after wrapping I had no problem.

First I wrapped the bottom half of the base. By that, I mean I wrapped the entire half circle beneath the penis with a nice soft elastic bandage. Important that it’s an elastic type, as it will give a nice ‘cushion’ effect. I wrapped it as you might wrap a hockey stick with electrical tape.

(how can you tell I’m from Canada, eh?)

When finished, there was just enough room for my dick to get through.

Since then I’ve had no problem with comfort. Still have a little bit of problem with circulation, though…


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Hi GC24,

Could it be possibel that after put the PM on you do not raise your remaining skin at your base throug the PM base ring.

Let me explain it better. When you have the PM on it is stretching your skin on the base (mainly at the scrotum) because the base ring on it.
But if you pull some remaining skin from your scrotum throug the base ring, you are releasing the pressure.

If you do that and add some padding material at the base, i think the PM is very confortable, at least at the base…

However, think always that you must acostumated to the whole process. Of course without much pain.

Cya, Matti

Don’t know. Possible though. I have padded it really well. I will try it again. Seems that I can onlt go about 1-1/2 hours then take it off as it starts to burn. Could it be that I may be using too much rod, trying to stretch to much and that is causing the problem by pushing into the balls too much? Still got a total of about 4-5 hours yesterday with it. I am stretched out to 7 inches, so any idea how many rods I should be using?

Hey guys, do you think that a power jelqer would be better than the PM?

My Pm finally arrived today. When I put it on my glans kept slipping throught the noose(I’m uncut). SO, I wrapped with toilet paper and viola, problem solved. One thing though is that my glans gets kinda cold, not freezing buy cool after 10 mins, is this bad? I’ve decided yo only wear 30 mins at a time with then remove for 30mins, and put it back on again. I read the manual but I still don’y know how to adjust the tension, can you guys please explain to me how this is done? Thanks.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

I would go to their web site and take a look there.

Thicker wrap.


If you make your wrap a little thicker, say with a light cotton bandage or gauze, you won’t have to make the strap so tight. How much are you extending the device after it’s on? Go easy until you know your limits. Unscrew it so that three or four lines are showing. You don’t have to pull hard this early, get used to it first.

Hi GC24,

Same as Westla said, take it easy… Put it only one hour each time, that is what the user manual says.
I think your wearing time from four hours is a very good time to stay with. I do not recommend you to increase the wearing time until you get use to it, and only increase if it is comfortable.

I am “only” wearing it about 3 hours a day and I think is ok for now. Will see in the future if i must increase.

About tension adjust, it is simple said in the instructions. Do not tension it to much because it is not needed, cellular multiplication (mitoses) do not need very high tensions.
Only go so high as you feel comfortable with it.

You can also send an email to PM if you want detailed information on something specifically…but do not forget to share it with us :) :)

Cya, Matti

ok, thanks all. Do you guys think that it the PM takes away from girth?

Ok, guys. Has anyone seen any increases with this thing?


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