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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Big Swede…you do not have to have a large cock head to successfully fit the strap over the head to hold it tight. It won’t slip out. It straps behind the head. The device can move around with you as you move. They recommend it hand downward.

I have mine set with enough tension (Pull) for a moderate stretch. You can set it my adjusting the pull to what you want. I don’t pull real hard when i do manual stretches anymore. I think a moderate pull is best for me. You may want to consider other cheaper devices, they may work just as well. Also, consider none of them may work I guess. Time will tell if this helps in growth or not.

3 hours

Anyone had experience or rather results in using this for 3 hours or less a day? All of the sites that sell these recommend anywhere between 8-12 hours a day. I don’t know about you, but that’s simply not possible. I couldn’t wear one of these things at work. So that leaves the 3-4 hours when I get home before I pass out.


Re: Pics

Originally posted by Guiri

Gardenier, if you read the thread from the beginning (this and the other link above) I thnk you will find the answer to your questions.

Yea it doesn’t say how he payed for it though.

Hi Gardenier90,

I payed with my visa electron card. I gave the nummber trough an email and they charged after 3 days 149 euros in my acount. The box came to my local post 4 days later (europe intracomunity shipment).

Its quite simple. I wouldn’t mistrust since you can reject any charge on your paying card in the next 15 days after its been charged, and a couple of guys here had buyed the device too without any problems.

The box was very littel, about 20x12x5 cm. big. It came without references to penis or something like that. Very discret…

Cya, Matti

Hey Matti,

Which website did you get your PeniMaster from?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

How much is $149 Euro?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Re: Well...

Originally posted by northstar
I used my debit card to make the order, but it as a little Visa insignia on the corner, so I dunno if it's a credit card or not…

Never did figure that one out..

I believe they have a phone number, give them a call, I'm sure you could send a money order/check/ or even cash (yah, I know, they say they say never send cash in the mail, but I've done it a dozen times in my life, and I've never been stiffed).

If, for whatever reasons, you don't want the call to show up on the phone bill, buy a calling card and use a pay phone.

$149.00 American.

But, I would caution against this being the answer. I believe it will work, but I have no direct, first hand experience yet. I bought one cause I was frustrated with manual stretches, and (more importantly) 150 dollars is not a concern to me. It seemed like a relatively trivial expense for something that MIGHT work.

I'll let you all know how it turns out, but this sort of device does take a while to show improvements from. Maybe up to 6 months for an inch.

(If it even works!)


What website did you order your PeniMaster from northstar?

Hey G90 and friends!

So it’s been a number of weeks now, and no Penimaster. So I was quite sad as I realized my hopes for a mighty dick were suddenly vanquished.

Then 5 minutes later I was trying out DLD’s Blasters…and plotting a new strategy.

But as a token gesture, I phoned them up, and after a bit of confusion was transferred to someone who spoke English. They were not the most helpful, and I made a note to not trust Germans in the future.

Nonetheless, I fired off an email a couple days ago, and…


They sent my Penimaster to Europe by mistake. It was returned, and they have resent it to me. Now I find this rather amusing for two reasons:

1) I said this would happen about 2 weeks ago (although I thought they would send it to my neighbor instead).

2) I can only imagine what was going through the lucky recipients mind when they received this contraption in their mailbox…

“Uh, John…is this yours?”

“It’s not mine, baby!”


Right, anyway, I ordered from:

Although I have not received it yet, I think it will. The fact they have sent me two emails now sounds fairly reassuring.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Did anything come out as a “penis or peni” sounding word on your debit card receipt?

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If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Hi G90,

In my card receipt came out: “MSP CONCEPT GBR”

nothing more….

I woudn’t care since it isn’t noticiable (very littel box with no name, no references in your card receipt….)

Also this whole thing should be handled with total normality (it is nothing bad about…)

Cya, Matti

One more link for this thing and I am going to send this outfit an invoice for advertising.

Hey, I get 7 cents everytime someone clicks on that link.



(ps Can I interest you in some penis pills?)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Matti after using the PeniMaster for a while would say it’s working?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Hi Gardenier,

I have not mesured yet. I will not until an appropiate time (around 3 months), but i have noticied a longer flacid size since im using the device and this weekend with my girlfriend i was able to reach the “bottom” of her…I don’t know what i have reach but It was some strange because it is never hapen.

So, what i think is yes, it is growing. But I do not whant to encourage anyone till I have a reliable proof (mesure).

What i have already noticed is an increase of girht, not to much but a bit. It is strange because i though this device worked for lenght… May be anyone can explain me why this girth increase…

Another thing i wanted to say is that during the “fastening” procedure i have broken the “supporting plastic surface”. I emailed them what happened and 3 days later i have a box in my post with two “support plastic surface” and two additional rubber belts…
That is what I call a good customer services. I think it could be probably so easy because i can speak german…

Cya, Matti


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