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Penimaster anyone tried it?


Y’know, I can’t find the post referring to the wrist strap either!

I do have the full name written down though:

Homedics Thera P Magnetic wrist wrap.

I believe it is about 2 inches by 12 inches, has a few magnets in it, velcro clasp, and can be purchased at select Walmart stores. The original post had a link to Walgreen’s (?) online store if you wanted to order one.

I never found one, been using a generic elastic bandage in place. I am quite happy with the results after less than a week, just playing around for a few sets of 15 minutes at a time. Y’know, wrap the base, get it huge, maybe tighten the wrap a little, observe the spectacle, unwrap, relax, repeat…)

(1/8” in girth in a few days. Which confirms my experience so far, that when you create the right stimulus for growth, results happen fast.)

The garden snake’s gonna be a cobra soon!


(ps Hey Nitro, I think if you hold something in traction long enough, the body will adapt. I see no reason why this wouldn’t apply to one’s cock. However, I do have a slight lean (due to an old pump incident) so I’ll get to see if it straightens out a bit.)

Hey guys. Received my penimaster yesterday. It came in the mail and My mom had to sign for it. I was like holy Sheet, hoping she hadnt opened it. This looks like a well constructed device. Id say you can adjust it up to at least 10 inches with all the rods you get with it. It took me a little bit to figure what rods i was gonna use. It is pretty comfortable to wear. Im sporting it right now in a pair of my levi silvertabs. Ill keep you guys posted.

Right know im almost 8.3 inches stretched

slim pee p

Hey, cool...

Looks like we’ve assemble a little band of Penimaster’s here!

I haven’t received mine yet (just my luck, probably got shipped to my neighbor or something..), but when and if it does arrive, I’m quite certain I’ll achieve my length goals.

Time and Tension…that’s all it takes.


(ps For girth, give the tournique thing a shot. I swear, you’ll never go back to jelquing.)

Just wondering if the only way to purchase this device is by credit card, cheers,



Originally posted by jackthelad
Just wondering if the only way to purchase this device is by credit card, cheers,


I would also like to know the answer to this question.

Your link didn’t work bro

How much is it in U.S. Dollars?


I used my debit card to make the order, but it as a little Visa insignia on the corner, so I dunno if it’s a credit card or not…

Never did figure that one out..

I believe they have a phone number, give them a call, I’m sure you could send a money order/check/ or even cash (yah, I know, they say they say never send cash in the mail, but I’ve done it a dozen times in my life, and I’ve never been stiffed).

If, for whatever reasons, you don’t want the call to show up on the phone bill, buy a calling card and use a pay phone.

$149.00 American.

But, I would caution against this being the answer. I believe it will work, but I have no direct, first hand experience yet. I bought one cause I was frustrated with manual stretches, and (more importantly) 150 dollars is not a concern to me. It seemed like a relatively trivial expense for something that MIGHT work.

I’ll let you all know how it turns out, but this sort of device does take a while to show improvements from. Maybe up to 6 months for an inch.

(If it even works!)


What is the difference between the penimaster, penistretcher, and the andromedical unit? Is it a matter of where you are located as to which one to order? As far as I can see, the penimaster uses a different type of noose device then the others. Does this make a big difference?

Hey I ordered one last week also. I looked at several devices on the internet before chosing that one. I think the principle is a sound one for growth in length. I am already good at building girth. I think if I get some growth from it I would be pleased. It would be great if it helped straighten out my crooked dick then i would be longer anyway. Good luck stretching guys.

Do you increase the rods every 2 week, every month? How would you know when to put more rods in?


Thunder, yes I cheked Zecke’s stretcher before buying the penimaster.
Actualy I made a home stretcher based on his picture. It worked well but the penimaster isn’t expensive that much.
I thought aswell it would be better to buy a “proffessional” device for longer periods of stretching.
I was wrong actualy wrong, because I am not able to wear the penimaster longer then one hour each time, but for prolonged use over the months i think it give me more confort so I can overcome stretching times better.

I wanted to ask everyone on this forum, do you think I should include rest days in the week (the weekend for exemple…). The instructions does not mention any rest so im a bit confused…

I changed the rods in the first week. You notice when you must change the rods because the stretch force decrease…
that means you have aconditioned your unit to the old rods distance…

I the main difference between all the stretch devices is basically the price, as far as I can judge because I have only the penimaster.
Based on the pictures showed in the respectively sites from each device, all are working in the same base (celullar multiplication due to constant stretch).
Different attach noses…Wich one ist the most confortable? I dont know as i have only the penimaster, but I would say the andromedical one must not be so confortable to wear…(its my opinion…)



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