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Wheres the ezboard forum??

Wheres the ezboard forum??

The front page is there but, when I try to access the general discussion or other areas I get a page unavailable message from ezboard. Something to the effect of the forum youre looking for is either unavailable or has been moved.


Looks like it’s gone or something. I can’t get past the first page either. Hmmmm…..another troll attack?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Hey Still,

Hopefully it is a software problem that will be fixed soon. I went to the help forum for EZ Board to post about it, but Dino had beaten me to it. It may take awhile for someone to check into it, since they may have a skeleton crew working because of the holidays.

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I had heard they{ezboard} were doing a major upgrade and would be migrading data I hope it didn’t get screwed up. I was on Monday and it was acting very strange we couldn’t release any posts and today all the links to the data are not working or maybe they are not linked to the new server or correct data path now that they moved the data some where new. I hope this what happened and ezboard wasn’t the victim of a troll attack.



I’m getting the same thing as Still, and my username/password no longer work either!!! Maybe they’re upgrading the database and they’ll have it back up soon.


I had left a post on the easy board support center and I went back to check for a response and it’s gone so I guess that’s a response but not the one I was looking for.



::sigh:: I’m glad I read this post over here on this board. I thought the computer I was using was bad or something, because I’m on a trip right now and using a laptop.

I wonder whats going on over there. I noticed these 2 ezboards are down, the PE forums and the PenisDevelopment ezboard.

Hope everything gets back up soon.

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Still down………………….I left another message on the support area it seems they are having a lot of problems. Some poor SOB MIS/IT people are not very happy right now!



I emailed the EZBoard admin myself… still no answer! I’m pissed that there was no warning of this, nor was there anything posted to the forums (as EZBoard usually does before doing something like this). The EZBoard admin can be contacted at


I wonder if they would like to refund or prorate our money that’s been paid to escape those frustrating popups? Maybe they won’t get anymore of MY money.

what the F

Hey Guys

I think we are getting fucked sorry about the language but I’m pissed ezboard didn’t answer any of my posts but they answered someones named dan about the board they said that the board was OK that the admin had deleted all the files that’s bullshit!!
BA wouldn’t delete his board so ezboard is full of shit or we got trolled.

Dino:( see below

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Re: pe forum
it’s no bug, the main page of the board is still there, but the admin deleted all the forums, and this has been answered in about 3 other forums. Please contact the admin and ask why he did it. We can’t help you with that.

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EZ Board

First thing, if BA for some reason wanted to delete the board, why would he delete just the posts? All he would have to do is delete the individual forums. The forums are still there, but the posts (data) are/is missing. That has to be a fuckup on EZBoard’s part. They were installing new software and somehow lost the data.

Now, the question becomes, where the fuck is the backup that is promised for a “Gold” board???

BTW, any of our members an attorney?

Guys, I would suggest we send as many bitching emails to the address that BA posted, as we can. Let them know we are not buying their bullshit excuse this time.

Are any of you guys members on a non-PE forum on EZBoard? If you are, has that forum had any problems?

EDIT: OK , the individual forums are not there, just the links near the top of the page. My mistake. We really need to raise hell about this! And while doing so, let them know how displeased we are with them suggesting that our admin deleted the posts! So, get off your hands and send them some emails!!!!!!!

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they answered one of my post’s

Still can’t get into forum

(strangelets: the admin deleted all the forums on that board, please contact him)

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well it don’t look good I emailed BA this morning he hasn’t got back to me yet I’m sure he’s going to flip out. You would think that it’s a major screw up on ezboards part and if my some chance it wasn’t than someone hacked the site and was able to delete the whole forum. We can only hope that ezboard can restore our data.

Thunder——————-it’s the forums that are gone the links go nowhere you get a error 404

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I’m no attorney but, Pre Paid Legal may be a good option.

Hello everyone, and especially to my friends from “pub14”!

I’ve been a lurker here for some time and was pleasantly surprised to see so many familiar “faces”…

I checked my wife’s ezboard “Mom’s kitchen table” and it seems to function as usual.

It’s annoying to see a dead forum…It’s as if someone turned off the light on our gathering place. Hope they fix it soon!


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