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Wheres the ezboard forum??


I’m going to pull some strings and see about CALLING the people that own EZBoard! Not only have we endured this type of thing before, but this time, we’re “CSC Gold”… which is supposed to GUARANTEE us faster support! This is a bunch of BS, and I’m not going to take it!

THREE DAYS, and none of the EZBoard admins have responded to my emails! Time to move the PE Forum to another place… Thunder, I may just take you up on your offer.


i’m a bit confused as to what is happening w/ezboard pe forums. could be a hacker, or someone on the inside, a mistake seems very unlikely. could someone at ezboard be trying to run us pe’ers away? i looked at the credentials of the owner and officers and they are so impeccable that i think that ezboard is just one venture of many and they are most likely completely detached from the operation of such. the ones running the show from the hands on operational aspect MIGHT be just wanna-be’s who may be biased and taking things into their own hands without knowledge or approval of those sitting on the throne. on the other hand it reads in the terms and conditions the following: “service is provided “as-is” and that ezboard assumes no responsibility for, among other things, (1) any service outages or interuptions, (2) the unavailability of particular boards, features or services, (3) the inability to access the service, (4) the failure or inability to post materials to the service, (5) the deletion of materials posted to the service or, (6) the failure to store materials posted to the service.” i would hope you all would choose to iron out these difficulties and remain with ezboard IF that is feasable. i personally like the format and to be a little dysfunctional, i enjoy the familiarity of the place. although i am computer illiterate, i don’t understand why those in-charge of our pe forums can’t be more creative in not only having some kind of a system where it would take not one, but several to delete the entire board. if big al might have an enemy in the wood work somewhere, then that alone would not put all at risk, (just therorizing big al). there has to be a way to prevent this from happening so dramatically. those who own ezboard seem to be the types, from reading ther credentials (most of them). that they would probably be somewhat biased towards us pe’ers. meaning if they knew our present situation, they would probably consider us as being on our own and that we would have to work out our own difficulties.( not wanting to baby-sit us). i may be wrong, but then i may not be. i prefer to stand my ground and be strong in my endeavors and to over come any adversities instead of picking up my toys and running home; especially is some hidden scardy-cat wanna-be is trying to manipulate me into doing so. i am not enirely sure what all the jumbo in the terms/conditions mean but me being just a member of a board it seems to tell me not to be bugging ezboard and lean on those who over-see our pe forums such as big-al. i know how nice of a guy al seems to be, so; hey big-al, help! i miss our ezboard pe forums and wish it all to reappear and to grow in strength and become less vulnerable. btw, me and my spouse used to have a meeting place in case this country ever fell and we became separated. sounds rediculous unless it really happened though. i wish we all had a meeting place to go to when the board goes down like this. most of those board participants are lost right now and nowhere to be found. i was lost and just biding time waiting and wondering. i only found how to get back in touch by accident and a little nosiness. that’s not a good way to tend a flock. try to keep our board for us and get more creative next time. if we all give feedback and learn from each other, we can keep our home and over-come. also, if we have a designated meeting place and this ever happens again and we decide to move our forums elsewere, then there won’t be a bunch of lost ones of our flock wondering around in the wilderness alone. thanx for reading and putting up with me……..mistered.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Emergency meeting place

Good idea, mistred (care to reveal your ezboard user name?), about a meeting place where we can go when there’s trouble “at home”.
Right now there are a thousand unhappy guys who can’t communicate through ezboard and don’t have a clue on what’s going on…Imagine the same thing happenning to THIS forum tomorrow - we’ll all be lost in the cyberspace, unable to join together and solve whatever it was that caused the disaster.

Any suggestions anyone?



Writing through the sleep crusted eyes here, so forgive the misspelling.

Uncut, we don’t have to “win” anything. I was suggesting that Huge or someone with a little knowledge of the law, send EZ an email reminding them of their part of the “Gold” contract, which is to provide a backup and to restore the forums in cases like this.

Mistered, we do have a meeting place. It is here and anyone that wants to find us, need only look at the top of the page that is left on EZboard. This type of thing has happened before and we all still manage to eventually find each other. Us PE’ers are a resourceful bunch. EZ’s disclaimers are typical of most types of forums or sites that provide free access/storage on the web. Once we paid for our “Gold” , I think the disclaimers went out the window. As to what we can recover from EZ, it would seem that at least the cost of the “Gold” would be reasonable. The trouble involved to get the reimbursement would be far greater than the “Gold” fee/cost is worth though.
As far as making EZ board more secure, I believe that BA has done all that he can. A person’s control over a “free” board like that is probably very limited. Who knows what agenda some of the moderators there have. The fact that a person’s membership is EZboard wide, doesn’t help either.

BA, let me know and I’ll ask Size to give me a hand getting it set up and ready to go.

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Tell me you wouldn’t like to get your hands on this freaking bastard moderator at ezboard “strangeletes”listen to what he tells a pe board member. “in other words sorry about your tiny dick” HERE IT IS

ezboard moderator
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(12/27/01 8:36:54 pm)
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datomant, I feel for you and your disability, but we don’t know how to contact that admin either, there is no contact admin link on that board, however there are lots of other links to ‘p.e.’ sites and resources.
best of luck to you.

I couldn’t believe it’s not up didn’t get a chance to check on saturday “kids and wife around like now’” and it’s still not up.


a horrendous situation

I am on vacation for badly needed r&r, tuned into the pe site and was amazed, gone. I hope to hell someone backed up all the dialogues, many of which have been extremely useful information and are irreplacable. The obvious implication here is to have a secure site like Thunder’s Place. On this site such a catostrophy would not happen.


PS Have a number of compelling insights to share upon my return from vacation.


Can somebody PLEASE get me that “Strangelet” idiot’s email address? I cannot log into the EZBoard forums, and I have a few choice words for that asshole! You guys should post your outrage about the things that he’s saying!

willbe7…my user name on ezboard pe forums is mistered, the same name i’m using here. i’d lurked on ezboard for maybe 18 to 24 months or so prior to registering and speaking up. someone, maybe it was you said the pe,er’s were resourseful enough to find thnders forum. that may be true in therory. but where are they at? the ez pe forum claims over 1400 in membership (or users) if i’m not mistaken. i’d venture to say there are a good many out there who have no clue to what has happened and are missing the interactions of the community. don’t take it personal; i think you sound a little insensitive in your assuming. but, then again, i may be mistaken. btw, the title on the front page of our messed up forum says, thunders……just that alone would not motivate someone into figuring out they could go there and reconnect. many people TODAY don’t have that. i’d better quit before i get into trouble. anyway, i think you guys are alright! else i would not have hung around so long. i think it best to just remain peaceful, at least until we get the forum back up and running. one thing i was taught in the military: obey orders given you by your superiors even if they are wrong…then complain and file greivances later. that way we won’t take the chance of losing any ground. and with the feedback from the hundreds who don’t have a voice right now we may collect more ideas and alternatives and properly spank those who could use it. i feel like big al does, but the timing could different. i will do shorter posts from now on, bear with me, i can be verbose. what ever big al decides to do, whether right or wrong, i will fully support. mistered.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


Hi guys, I’ve been lurking around here for months and it finally seemed time to join.

This whole ezboard thing is such a bitch. I emailed the support address that BA posted a few days ago, but no reply (surprise surprise) and I tried to post on the help forums but my post was fuckin deleted by the mods! That dude strangelets is really fucking me off. Those comments were completely out of line for an ezboard employee to be making (especially since we’re gold).

Leads me to my theory that someone at ezboard deleted the forums. I think we have enemies there for some reason. Definately time to move.

Anyway, BA, I registered a new account name and sent a completely innocent private message to strangelets asking for contact via email, so hopefully I’ll have that address for you soon. That guy needs a kick up the arse.


Sorry mistred, I did not remember your name from ez.




hi willb7. i only posted a couple times on ezboard. i’ve read your posts. glad to make your aquantance. mistered is not designed to sound like horsehung. that was my cb handle as a teenager. my name is ed.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Sorry- missed the second page

Been following this and emailed my complaints to EZ Board a couple of days ago, also with no reply.

Clicked onto page 3 yesterday by mistake, so missed a lot of important steps in the developments here.(— ie— Only just read all of page 2 now.)

The loss of our recently recreated history is one thing— and it just makes you realise how damn vulnerable computer storage of data is, but it’s the support that we give each other that is also very “precious”— (sorry I ‘m just re-reading Lord of The Rings, and have seen the film. So good I’m seeing it again. This never happens.)

When we do get set up again, IS IT a good idea if the admin— Thunder etc in this case have a copy of eveyone’s email address — separately from the forum—- so that if it ever did get hacked, or wiped out as has happened to PE Forum/EZ Board— he could email everyone notification of where the Forum moved to.

No-where seems fully secure from the forces of darkness and ignorance!!



MR ED—I remember you from the EZB, and I thought you must already be horse hung.

Thanks to everyone for trying to get the EZB back. —But it looks like it’s gone.— Excepting for the backup tapes or whatever we supposed to have access to as GOLD members (?).

With “rats in the ranks” at EZB that may be a forlorn hope.



hey pumpinon8. like in willb7’s case, i have not interacted with you either on te ezboard. but it is like i know you all, especially after keeping up on all your posts over my mind i’m not horse hung yet. i did make one typo on a post though; i meant to say 2 and 1/8 for dia. instead of 2 and 1/4. minor mistake with huge results huh. lol. we all have our visions of horsehung. mine is 10 to 12 inches and thick. nothing wrong with positive dreaming. have a good day my friend. mistered.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


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