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Wheres the ezboard forum??

The fuck mist thickens. Here is ezboards answer to my post those piece of shit bastards listen to them snicker they also made a round about penis joke in another post from a user.Well this is the post. I just heard from Al he says it’s a bunch of crap!

Also welcome Will

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(12/28/01 6:14:33 am)
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I’m a moderator on this board and it has not been working since your upgrade all links to data are not working the admin did not delete any files on this board so please restore our data this is the third time I have posted and all my posts have been deleted none have been answered.

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(12/28/01 9:25:39 am)
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what does your admin log say?
Ask the admin to email you the log so you can see for yourself.
The admin still has admin powers doesn’t he?
another person posted asking about this board 2 days ago and Vanchau posted back that the admin of the board had deleted all the forums, so I assumed he looked in the log and saw that. He said it was not related to the data migrations at the time. So, that’s what I have been telling people when they ask about that board.

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(12/28/01 9:42:17 am)
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the C.O.O. looked at the log for you. It says all forums deleted by ‘bigaltherealone’ on christmas day.
That name is the ezop of the board.
unless big al himself posts that his name was stolen it was a legit admin action, and I notice that ‘big’ al has been suspiciously silent in all this, only the mods and ‘members’ (snicker) of the board have been posting here asking for answers. I’m afaraid we can’t give you the answers you seek, only big al can.

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(12/28/01 10:55:30 am)
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I just talked to Big Al he has emailed ezboard and has not got a response back also he can’t login to anymore. So it seems the site was hacked and the admin password changed.


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Gathering Place

THIS is our gathering place and the lights are ON!!!!

BTW, I am an attorney, but I don’t think I really want Penis Enlargement Attorney on my resume… LOL!!!

I would be happy to work behind the scenes if help is needed.

Big Al

I just want to make it clear to anyone who is new to these groups that Big Al is highly respected, very honest and not part of any plot to mess up the EZ board.

Best of luck to Big Al in getting this mess cleaned up and my support is always there for “da man” Big Al.



Thanks to everyone that’s helped in this matter. Those pricks at EZBoard have not even responded to any of my emails! My advice? Send them a message and let them know that you don’t appreciate their disparaging comments and lack of support… especially when we paid to make the forom a CSC Gold one!

PS- Since I can’t log on, can someone get me the email address for that asshole “Strangelet”? I have a few choice words for him!

Again, thanks!


I have been in contact with BA he is unable to login to ezboard the admin password doesn’t work, I just emailed him a name and email of a mod on ezboard and the address to the password problem area you can get in that area without a login so he can get a new password. Believe me know way in hell was it Al who deleted the forum, but Al is the only one that can get a restore done and right now he can’t get into the forum.


Just filled out their “legal” and “account” forms. The forums should be back up soon.

PS- BIB and Thorne have Admin powers as well… I’ve contacted BIB about restoring the PE Forum.

Man, what a bitch!!! Hopefully we can get restored soon.

I have finally lost what little respect I had for ezboard. I wouldn’t mind if Big Al wanted to move that forum somewhere else, in fact I would help if needed. This really pisses me off! Thanks Dino and everyone else who helped get to the bottom of this.


As a matter of fact, I was thinking the same thing! I’ll talk to a buddy of mine that handles CGI Scripts. Perhaps we can find another server for the PE Forum.

Big Al...

what’s the situation with your Penis Developement board? I didn’t recall if it was a CSC Gold board or not, but it seems to have suffered the same fate as the peforums. Were the EZ board folks trying to upgrade or mess with something on there too or was it simply hacked/trolled? What if any answer (provided you inquired) did they give on that situation and was it the same that Dino got? Seems the Penis Health board is EZboard and they’re still up and (not really) running without problems. groa

Hey BA....

My previous offer still stands. And if the posts can be recovered on EZBoard, this software has an import script available free. Let me know!

How about using a little legalese on these clowns, letting them know a few possible courses of action if they don’t provide our paid for up front backup? And maybe a defamation hint or two?

I really think it is time to put EZBoard out of the picture completely.

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Hey Fellow EZBoard Members,

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here. Even though I can’t do much to help, I do offer my moral support. The only good I have realized from the board being down is, It gave me more time to take care of things I had been letting go.

Here’s hoping that all goes well in getting the Board back up and running.


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Major Plateau: from 07/01/01 thru 12/01/07 at 8.75"bpel, 6.25"eg, 7.0"fl, 5.5"eg, 9.0"fsl

Stopped PE 12/01/07 Measured 04/03/08 8.00"bpel, 6.25"eg, 7.0"fl, 5.5"eg, 9.0"fsl......2010 back up to 8.5" x 6.25"


BIB is going to refresh the PE forum, and I’ve asked another admin (Tony) to refresh the Penis Development forum. Ny username was definitely hacked! I’ve only received one response from EZBoard (from “SecretAgentWoman”), but she said that she couldn’t help!

This is bullshit...

The guys from EZBoard might have finally figured out that the traffic increase on the PE Board has grown to proportions incomprehendable for them, Therefore, it’s easier to delete an entire board without any explanation than standing up for it and set a million things straight.

Valuable storage space: the problem has not been solved, yet.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I have had no response back from the fuckwads. Methinks if they screwed this up, even while we are a CSC member, they need to find another line of work.

It would appear they are simply useless.



Since we’ve seen a lot of lay-offs and down-sizing in this industry lately I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular company has been hit by the same fate. Would be interesting to find out the background info…

Thunder, before you hit somone with “legalese” you must be certain yourself of winning this thing…:) just a hint.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


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