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Wheres the ezboard forum??

I have the same thoughts as Size does. I feel to that it could be an inside job. My last post on the EZBoard site last night said the same thing. This forum could be considered quite controversial by some people who feel this subject should not be open or public. It is closed mindness like this that causes all sorts of problems in todays world. It’s almost like the “FEW” trying to control the “MANY” in todays society. I for one sure do like the freedoms that we have here. Without this forum a great many of us would be still wondering if mother nature had the last word or if mankind can improve things.

Just my thoughts on the subject, but if the culpert is cought I say cut off his balls…

Regards Canuck



She is an evil bitch and proud of it! I really don’t think ezboard fucked with our board I just think they were to lame to fix it fast.
I think somebody really has it out for BA most likely someone he knows and maybe trusts even considers a friend”hope thats not the case”. Or one of the competing PE programs. Or maybe one of the guys we banned from the board there are a thousand hacker sites on the net there used to be even more. I have down loaded programs that can hack into any Novell or Nt server but I used these for my job I used to be out in the field doing network support and a lot of people would change the passwords on the server if they got fired and I would have to get into the server.


Here’s the deal. The troll or trolls have been around for a long time. A long long time. The problems at ezboard are not the first. Or second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth. On the previous boards before ez, the trolls did the same types of things. After I had been on the board in ‘98 for about six months, it disappeared. Completely. Found it again about six months later.

It is probably guys from Pay PE sites (not BA of course), or lig snippers, or someone else who has a financial interest in PE. Always follow the money. Face it, the forums give away more than what most sites have to sell. That is a big problem for them especially as the forums get bigger and better.

I have come to the conclusion that financial success in the PE BUSINESS, has nothing to do with the quality of the PE techniques offered, and much more to do with the computer abilities of the guys running the sites. Sad. If everyone knew about these forums, most of the paysites would be out of business within the week. It is one reason I would like to get out of the hanger business. I am simply not motivated to learn everything I would need to compete as a big PE business. Hell, I made the hanger to help guys.

We have a couple of really good computer guys on this forum. I say let them set up the PEforum in as secure a manner as possible, and run with it. EZ is a loss. The best part of them ran down there mother’s leg.


Bib is right

Bib bring in another interesting perspective. PE can be a very profitable enterprise, since there are a lot of desperate men with a complex related to their size.

I wouldn’t be suprised if one of the big-money sites is actually paying a hacker on the side to tear us down. There isn’t anything that will be completely secure, ever. Any solution is only going to be as good as the machine it sits on and the people in charge. We need something that will at least give us more control over the actual machine and site that the PE Forums resides. Really good security costs money that none of us have to spare, but hopefully we can make up for most of that with common sense and a good disaster recovery plan (neither of which we apparently have with EZBoard). Losing our data seems to be our primary concerns, and backing up a database is usually trivial. It’s a joke that the best they could do is a 5-week old backup.

2 things...

I definitely agree with BIB- I also believe that the troll is a competitor of some sorts who feels that he is losing business to the free forums. Why else would he be so persistent?

Also, here’s an interesting message on the PenisDevelopment forum from an EZBoard admin:…cID=331.topi c

Mr. EZBoard..

I asked him some pretty straight to the point questions on PE Forums. I also emailed him a link to the thread and asked him to reply. I am very interested in how he will respond to the questions, he did not bother to respond to my emails, but he may have been flooded with them at the time. :D…cID=609 .topic

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