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Wheres the ezboard forum??

Strangelet's Email

Got a reply from Strangelets at ezboard. The address he used was

Shame it’s not an official ezboard address, but still, do as you please with it.

user name hacked

Did any other PE Forums mods get their username hacked or disabled? Someone either changed my password or deleted my account. One thousand, ninety-f***ing-seven posts , and now I have to get a new user handle probably. Son of a f***ing bitch. Now Sizemeister is pissed. You don’t want Sizemeister pissed. Someone is going to pay hell!!!!

Hey, can Bib take the forum backups tapes and, say, restore them to this site instead?

Hey Big Al, is it possible that someone could have guessed your “secret question”? Because that’s all they have to do to associate your user handle with a different e-mail address and get your password.

One pissed mofo,


Edited for strong language, by my standards anyway. I’m very pissed, as if you couldn’t tell. Whoever this did this deleted my secret question, so I don’t have a prayer of getting my username back.

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Legal stuff

First, I have no idea what is part of a “gold” membership contractually. Second, I would be surprised if the contract does not limit their liability to what money they actually received. Third, it can be very tough to actually track down anyone to send a letter to that would give a shit. Fourth, you don’t win battles regarding liable/slander unless the person “published” the statements (i.e. so other people could hear them).

My thoughts are that this is just one of those loads of crap that you sometimes end up eating in life. BA should try to get his money back, but, otherwise, I would just move the forum to someone who is not proven to be so unreliable.

This sucks, that is for sure.

As far as who wiped out our forum, let’s review some facts:

On one hand, there has been some nut-job who seemed to have a vendetta against PE forums since at least 1998. These forums include the various incarnations of our forum, Newart and the forum.

On the other hand, I seem to remember somebody saying something about Ezboard saying we were getting a bit risque on content.

Damn, I’m not sure what to think now.



I highly doubt that the troll guessed my question. What I think happened is that the troll duped an EZBoard admin into believing that he was me, and got a hold of my codes. It’s either that, or EZBoard has a flaw in their security set up.

Did anyone notice how SAD it was that he did this on Christmas Day? Talk about having no life! While most of us (of the Christian persuasion) were celebrating and spending our time with loved ones, this goof was busy hacking a PE Forum!

Hey Size, contact EZBoard about getting your username back… that’s what I’m doing (good luck) :P

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i’m beginning to wonder about strangelet as well as those around him/her or it, which ever the case. anyone know what the name strangelet stands for? i only have a minute knowledge about stragelets in the realm of physics. on the otherhand, i also think that it can refer to a person of “no refinemnt, with overtones of barbarian”. which to me in my opinion points to those people who wear black clothing with long hair and white powdered faces as well as heavy black eye liner. do we have any members out there who are gothic or know anything about gothic? i’m trying to figure this strangelet person out. if he/she is not gothic then it is seemingly an inmature wanna be with a user name that even students of physics probably don’t know the definition of. i think the person/persons responsible for our pe forum is employed by ezboard and i think it was them in the past also. and if i am right, then i believe we should stand our ground, get our forum back…..and then…go after them on all fronts. i don’t enjoy the idea some wanna-be treating us as if we are perverts or the like and i also don’t feel like putting my tail between my legs like some sex offender released into society with a tatoo on their forehead or something. can we put our tails between our legs and kiss butt until we get our forum back up and running, and then go all out to find who is really responsible for treating us as such? remember, in the end i will support big al in what ever HE decides is best course of action. just stating my opinions. it could be anybody though. it could be someone in our own ranks.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Big Al and Guys

I followed up your post on easy board, you guys should all follow the post let this guy know we ain’t going away until he does his job and gets the board up!!!!!! see link…icID=4338.topic

Keep the post’s clean but strong so he knows were not going to stop nicely busting his balls until our problem is fixed. Don’t make it dirty don’t give him an excuse to delete it. GET HIM GUYS!!!


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I sent support an email explaining my situation as well as posting in the support forum. $10 says that I either get nothing other than the auto-reply, or that I get treated like some moron or pervert that doesn’t deserve an account anyway. Any takers?


betting on the red Sox to win the world series is a better bet



Strangelets is a chick, that explains her finding the board so humerous, some other moderator just answered my post on BA’s
thread and said she has bent over backwards for us ?????? did I miss something?


Well, ole computer illiterate Bib got a section up on the board with a note for guys to come here.

Made a second request for restoration, but I guess BA will have to make the request from his email.

I think ezboard does not have a clue.



Hey Dino,
I saw that post refering to Strangelets being female. Another interesting piece of info, she reported missing posts on a Catholic Forum on EZBoards. As you posted earlier, the fuck mist is really getting thick.
BA has had a link to this place at the top of PE Forums (completely legible and CONNECTED) for over a week now. If you have followed the forums and were around the last time or two, you would have witnessed the PE’ers coming back. I also think that most of the members on PE Forums, or most forums for that matter, post for a month or two and disappear. Anyway, there are at least five other forums/clubs where the PE guys could hook up again.

BTW, I received an email from EZBoards today. Not in response to my bitch letter, but reminding me it was time to renew my Community Supporter fee. :D

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Hey P8,

Rest assured that I have all the member’s email addresses saved on two seperate machines. If this place gets hacked, I will be able to do a mass mailing and keep them up to date. Keep the ideas like that coming, every thing that we can do to stay a community helps!!!!

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It is time to lock the doors

Use your own servers and your own private network.
It would be cheaper and more secure.
1. Establish a private small business exclusively with peers: moderators and site-owners whom you trust
2. Set up Windows 2000 Advanced Servers and store posts, user accounts, passwords and whatever else is necessary
3. Protect the data with IPSec using encryption keys and digital signatures so that only approved IPSec peers could receive and send data.
4. Hire a security professional that could solve the difficult security problems.
I can help if you need.

It is one thing for a server to be down for a couple of hours during the holidays; that’s a technical glitch.
But this EZ Board thing is about trust and security. The free and well-broadcast information has fallen into the hands of trolls. .

Your information and time is way too valuable to leave dangling on a general public board like EZ Board.
It pisses me off just thinking about what has happened there.

Hope they have some decent solution after the holidays and you don’t actually have to change anything.

The EZBoard appears to have been partially restored, but only through 11/19/01. Surely we have a more recent backup than that. Maybe not…

Still no response from the idiots about my user account.


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