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What exercises for deployment.


What exercises for deployment.

Well as some of you know im being deployed to Iraq as part of the 29th SIB. My question is, what PE can I do? Obviously privacy is going to be an issue as well as time. However I was thinking when im in bed or when I have some time I could do some PE. I am currently hanging straight out.

I was thinking manual stretches. But how many minutes do you have to stretch to have any effect on the tunica? What other exercises?

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Good luck over there!

I would take a break from PE while in Iraq.

Continue when you get back home.

My wife is Iraqi.

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No I must do PE! Thats the coolest thing because if you make gains while your away the girls will see the dramatic difference. And ask “what were you eating over there?”

should be mr 7 inch updated girth 4 7/8 7.25 BPEL 4.75 girth Penis to Height Ratio: 1:8.96

5 1/8 girth 9/21/11

Lie in your fartsack with your knees up and do BTC stretches. They work work well for stretching the ligs, and no one will know you’re doing them but the scorpions and camel spiders.

The proper PE technique for in the barracks is to utilize the military issued equipment. Utilize an elastic band for a harness i.e. the waistband of your jockeys or other rubberized band to secure your cloth belt to your Johanson; then extend the belt to the bedpost and adjust your body so a good stretch is maintained under the sheets. While engaging in a good stretch you can review your military handbook or other piece of literature. Your canteen can also be used in a similar fashion; instead of water, fill the canteen with sand and attach the shoulder strap to your homemade harness and cast over the side of your bunk. Surely there are numerous contraptions available that can be deployed under stealth technology to avoid detection, if discovered offer only your serial number and starting measurement.

Why not take a Bib or whatever hanger you use, then attach it while in your sleeping bag, and use elastic tied to your toe for the pull on it?

Mr6inch: I hope everything is going well, you are one of my heroes.


cead mile failte :lep:

I would definitely stretch in all directions when in the rack for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. I would also dry jelq after each stretch session for a minimum of 20 minutes. I be you could get good gains even doing it every other day. Good luck over there.

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I am in the Infantry so hopefully there is some time to do PE.

should be mr 7 inch updated girth 4 7/8 7.25 BPEL 4.75 girth Penis to Height Ratio: 1:8.96

5 1/8 girth 9/21/11

Originally Posted by mr6inch
I am in the Infantry so hopefully there is some time to do PE.

Hey Mr6inch, I’m also in iraq right now. But I’m signal so I have all the time in the world. I just lock myself in my rig and yank away! Stay safe!

ICM, he can’t take his Bib. If he is in Infantry, he has to be able to haul ass at a moments notice, he can’t go “Wait till I unhook”

Mr6inch, do stretches, they are the easiest to be steath about. God speed and bless both you and browman, keep your head (both of them down and your asses covered)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Good luck to both of you!

I can relate a little bit to both of you since I’m in Bosnia - canadian army, signal as well. I have 4 months done and two to go. I discovered this site and started PE about a month ago. I’m lucky where I have the privacy of my own little iso as a bedroom and computer access everyday.

In no way I compare my situation to yours since Bosnia is quite safe but still, I’m away and can’t wait to see my wife’s smile when she’ll discover my “new” body. Hey, I know, I’ll only have 3 months of PE under my belt when I’ll see her but it looks promising… I’ve been training to and gain a bit of muscle.

Cheers guys!

Hello guys, I am currently in Iraq. When I first got here we were living in tents and all used the same showers so there was absolutely no privacy. Now that I am living in a building I have the privacy to do PE. I am new at this. I have tried this before and stopped because I really didn’t have time then. I just went on R&R and It has been about three weeks since I was home and when I go back home in about 5 months I hope to have a BIG surprise for her. I understand the jelq method and stretching. I am having trouble picturing how to do uli’s. Could someone please explain uli’s and suggest any exercises that would give me more length and preferabally alot more girth. Thanks in advance!

Check out Thunders video series, there’s some footage there.

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