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Order of exercises?

Order of exercises?

I just started peing this week and i wanted to know if there is any significant advantages or disadvantages in the order of exercises in a routine.

For example should manual stretching be done before or after jelqing and girth exercises. I read on another site that manual stretching after jelqing and girth exercises is kind of is counter productive.

Any info would be appreciated.


I don’t subscribe to the belief that one exercise will necessarily counter another. However, it’s generally believed that length is easier to gain if you have less girth. So, if you are trying to gain substantial length, girth exercises may impede your length progress, but I don’t think it would totally counter it.
If you are not after huge gains there may be an advantage doing some exercises in your routine in a set order. Perhaps jelq first after your warm up and when the penis is in a worked state progress to girth exercises - you may be able to eek out a little more stretch this way which may be efficacious for girth. Be careful! Girth exercises are potent and it’s easy to overdo it!
Keep us posted!
lil1 :littleguy

BTW, welcome!

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Thanx for ur response, i really want to concentrate on length first i want to gain at least 1.5in length while erect and i will be happy, anymore would be great but bonus for me.

So would u suggest leaving out girth exercise until i reach my 1.5in goal or maybe just do a girth exercise every other day i do my routine?

Finally i read most post on stretching say they hold for about 30secs for a total of say 10-15 minutes. What about holding for 5 or 10 straight minutes given that my hands can hold on that long. Would that be something that is effective.



I am personally pursuing a length-only routine right now to be followed by a girth-only routine.

If you can handle it, a long continuous stretch is best as this is tantamount to hanging (continuous tension). Just make sure about the circulation.

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