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TUNICA exercises LIG exercises

TUNICA exercises LIG exercises

Not sure exactly where to put this thread (maybe Thunder or someone will help me out), but I think it is very important. With all the talk about LOT and which part to target first (tunica or LIGS), I think it’d be a good idea to have a post with a list of Tunica exercises (perhaps with links to their vids) and a list of LIG exercises, properly labeled as either a Tunica or LIG exercise. The threads that talk about good tunica exercises and good LIG exercises are spread far apart all over this massive site. It would make sense to list the exercises for those wishing to find a new exercise for their PE routines all in one really great thread. I myself am looking for some length exercises that target my tunica, but am having a tough time finding one. No one ever responds to my post, so I ask that just ONE person be kindly enough to help me out.


I agree with this! There should be an area (provided by the mods/vets) which shows in no uncertain terms (withy pics if possible) which exercises do what. Many of us are ‘in the dark’ about how to PE effectively.


>No one ever responds to my post<

Link me to all your unanswered posts and I’ll reply to them.

There’s a thread called ‘tunica moves and how to do them’, pretty old but good stuff in that one.

Feel free to search for other tunica exercises and add the links to that thread, :)



You´ve got a good offer from SS4 there.

They say you get back what you put in. So in this case, I recommend you use the search feature, find threads on the areas you are interested in, and if you like, post your own thread about them.

People may thank you, you´ll be contributing to the forum, and you´ll learn a lot.

I am confident that with a reasonable amount of reading you will learn enough to target your tunica, there are many posts on the subject. Any maybe someone will write an article, similar to what you specify, but I very much doubt it will be done in time to satisfy your need for knowledge on the subject.

Thanks. I don’t know how to put links into a post. I’ve tried it before and all I get is the URL. SS4 the post that no one responds to is in the Progress report forum under the thread stiffler2. Another quick question for all, what is your favorite tunica length exercise?

I agree. i think that in the main member forum there should be categories of specific areas of exercises. It is to difficult for newbies to surf all the threads to gather all the info to make informed decisions. I know that knowledge empowers and that by doing proper research that it by default makes them better contributers to the forum as a whole, but it is very difficult surfing through all the information. The strings are lengthy and the thread search doesn’t always provide what it is that you are looking for. As a newb i found it very difficult to gather all the info to make and informed decision.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.


>SS4 the post that no one responds to is in the Progress report forum under the thread stiffler2.<

On my way…

>Another quick question for all, what is your favorite tunica length exercise?<



I agree it would be a great help

START: 1st Feb 2009 5.8" x 4.5"

Progresss Check 5th Feb 6.2" x 4.8"

GOAL: 7.8" x 5.5"

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