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Growth from cable clamp girth exercises are not permanent

Growth from cable clamp girth exercises are not permanent

I’ve been doing most of the constrictor clamp girth exercises for one month. I gained in totol over .25 inches. My orignal mid-girth was 5.5 and I finished off at 5.80. I was doing these exercies about every other day. Sometimes I would do it 2 on 1 off using the ROP. But, after taking 4 days off straight with no exerices I lost everything!!! I’m now back down to 5.5. This is really sad and frustrating. If these gains are not going to last 4 or 5 days off from doing any exercises why even bother doing it then. You’re going to be spending the rest of your life doing girth exercises knowing in your mind that it’s only temporary gains. Kind of sad. To all those who have made great gains from clamp exercises, I dare you take a break!

Girth comes slow to most. A lot of your gain was just swelling a month is not a long time in the world of PE. Also if you don’t cement a gain it’s not yours. You have to go past the point of the gain before it becomes yours.

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Mike, As Dino says, I don’t think that what you have experienced is related to the clamping exercises. The are lots of ways of gaining girth (different exercises I mean), but they all basically do the same thing ,expand the CC and CS beyond their normal capacity. I personally love clamping exercises. Although I’m aiming for length, I still like to throw in a set or two of clamping per week as a “treat”.

Have you started back at the exercises? Would be interesting to see how long it takes to get back to 5.8 girth.Good luck.

From my experience, when you take a break for a few days, you will loose the gains that are not cemented. But when you return to your routine, you gains the gains back very quickly and surpass them sooner. I took a two week break when I had hit my plateau, and when I returned to PE, the gains can easier and I reached a new length and girth. There are many posts suggesting that a rest period is very beneficial to gains.

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Mike, if you used your same logic (or lack there of) to all PE exercises, you would come to the same flawed conclusion, PE doesn’t work. I can pump for one hour and get a huge, freaky girth. Two days later, it’s gone. Does that mean pumping is BS? No. It means I haven’t cememeted the gains. If you are looking for overnight PE, try surgery. Everything else takes time.

Try clamping for a year and give us your results and knee-jerk comments.

I swear some vets are as bad as newbies.


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