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Took a month off, routine suggestions?

Took a month off, routine suggestions?

Okay, after about 7 months of consistent PE, I thought it was time to take a month off, well, that month has come and gone and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions beside the normal newbie routine to try for a while. Anyway, any suggestions would greatly be appreciated and welcome.

Well, believe it or not, the newbie routine is a pretty good place to start after coming back from a break. You have to come back nice and easy after a break, because to will be subject to injury if you try to come back at the levels you left at. So be careful for the first week as you reintroduce yourself back into PE.

Now, you will have to let us know what you would like to start working on. Length, girth, both? I am a pumper myself, so if that interests you, the best thing to do is read the pumpers 101 thread and think about equipment to buy.

But first things first. Start with the newbie routine, nice and easy to get reconditioned and then let us know your goals.

Fast response, much appreciated too. Anyway, currently I’m at 9”bpel, about 7.75”nbp, about 6.75” midshaft 6.3” right beneath my head, 7.5” base circumference. Haven’t had any problems with girth, even 7 months into my training I could see a change in girth almost on a weekly or at most a bi-weekly basis. Having a harder time with length, in fact, after I had stopped training, my fiancee comented that I felt bigger! I might have been training so hard that even a 2 day on 1 day off routine was too much. She said I definatley felt longer and had a much firmer erection. The ruler proved that assertion to be correct. Anyway, I guess right now I’d like some more length, girth doesn’t seem like much of a problem to me, but 8” midshaft would be pretty cool. One thing I don’t like about my penis is that my girth is not uniform on my unit, it is narrower at the top than at the bottom and I am envious of those people who have penises that have uniform girth. I don’t know if it is possible at all to change difference much but if someone knows how that would be awesome.


Sovereign7,do as gprent suggested and hit the newbie routine again ,to re-condition yourself.Then I would try some pretty intense dry jelqs starting mid shaft and working up.That should even out your girth some.

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