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Going into 2nd Month; Comments Suggestions...

Going into 2nd Month; Comments Suggestions...

Due to privacy issues, I’ve never been able to get a full month in until now…I started out with the typical newbie routine exactly a month ago. I have been on this sight since August of 2003 and started routines since then, but could never really stay consistent due to job and living situations. So I’ve jelqued off and on over the last year, but never for more than three weeks at a time…I’ve now hit a consistant 4 weeks and curious about my situation since I’ve actually been conditioning my dick in that time, but am now finally able to really do this right.

After a week I decided to leave out stretching because I get fatigued too soon, even with light pressure. So I was then only jelqing for 20 minutes every other day. Last week I bumped it up to around 30 minutes and had an unbeleivable pump afterwards, but I started to see the doughnut effect. I do around 70 kegls after every session. I feel this has worked, but I’m ready to introduce stretching again.

I have not measured, but I can tell a difference in the feel, and slightly in the look. I’m going to measure at the end of another four weeks.

I cannot decide the best method for upgrading my routine, but here’s what I’m thinking:

2 days on, 1 off

5 min warm wrap
5 minutes stretching in the am (take it slow so as not to fatigue early like in the past)

5min warm wrap
15 min (or 150) jelq
5 min wrap
80 kegls

The next day, I may not do the stretching, but then resume after the day off, so I’ll alternate…This all due to the fatigue I’ve experienced in the past, but I’m going to decrease the pull this time around as well.


1) 1 day on 1 day off has worked well, but I feel like because I’ve done PE off and on for over a full year, my dick is conditioned to take it a step further. What can anyone suggest to do this?

2) I’ve had good experience jelqing at 85% erect, and feel like I have a good session that way. Will I get the same results jelqing at 40% erect? I’ve read yes and no, so I guess it depends on the individual? Any recent thoughts or experience?

3) When is it time to “shock” the penis with a new routine or exercise? How often should you do this? Seeing that I have experience with the actual newbie exercises, can I move on to adding something new? If so, what should I add next and how often?

I’ve been on the sight since August of 2003, and like I said, have not had the privacy to really do PE until now…I’ve read a good bit in that time, doing lots of searches, but we’re all different, I feel we sometimes like to get responses to our specific enquiries, so I appreciate all who’ve read this and have the time to respond. Thanks!

Bump…I’ve started the 2 on and 1 off this week…Honestly it takes me about 20 minutes to do 200 2-3 second strokes when jelqling. That’s after the warmp wrap. I’ve been doing some light stretching in the morning…Not over 5 minutes, and I’ve tried the JAI stretch.

Problem is I’m still not getting rock hard…I’ve cut back on the masturbating, so we’ll see if that helps. As I said before, I exercised every other day doing 20 minutes and I can feel the difference and see it…I wanted to boost up to 2 on and 1 off to change up the routine, but I’m not sure if I should measure the jelq’s by minutes (10-15 each session) or by number of strokes.

I don’t want to fatigue my prick, because I’ve had my best sessions with the fuller erections, around 80%, but I don’t go over that and the strokes are light. But my dick has been the fullest after those sessions.

I also have liquid Viagra and that has helped with some of the better sessions, but I don’t want to rely on that. I want to do this slow and naturally.

I’d really like some suggestions…If you don’t think I’ve got legitimate questions or what not, someone please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hey JYD,

Sorry your post did not get answered when you posted it.

Answer this for me, are you having problems with getting good erections now? If so, maybe taking a little time off may help them get back to normal. I would suggest taking a week or so off, then starting back with the same routine you are doing now. If your erections get back to normal with the time off, but start slipping after you start PEing again, then you are overworking or doing something wrong.

If you start back and the erections are fine, then slowly add to your routine and start the two on, one off schedule. Pay close attention to your erections though. They start getting softer, then cut back.

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Thanks…I am going to take the next few days off…I just didn’t want to do that because I can feel and see that it has been working…I’m sure it’s newbie gains, and I didn’t know if taking a few days off would enable me to lose them…

I think what I’ll do is since I’m not totally new at this, I’ll start back up with 2 on, 1 off, Kegls everyday starting at 80 (unless I should do more?), and do about 150 jelqs each session…Then I’ll go from there….Thanks for the reposne, I really appreciate it. I’m always open to more ideas…

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