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The two inch club

Originally Posted by Twofister
yes you did: And I responded at length! Why not share that!?
It’s not supposed to be ? But IT is. I started this P.E. thing on a 90 day trial to see if it worked, it does and I have explained why I am still working it….I posted / listed my log for every week on that thread….bet its far more detail than either of you have posted or even kept. Would it help if I posted on this thread too? for a 3rd time?

You 2 are so all knowing and confident! Like it can;t, couldn’t be done. Well I DID IT.
And your opinion is just that..opinion!
Like I said before. I didn’t post so you could show off your skepticism for P.E. but to relate my experience as I have logged them. My data is posted on Thunders pick it apart, but sharing your negative opinion such as this does nothing. Just “negative vibes”!

It certainly doesn’t change my “dick” size to shorter does it? Just cause you want it to be. Take it or leave it. I care less. I have no pics of before or current. I don’t think even that would change your minds, however..and as for that I neither intend to try or care to do so going forward. In fact on one thread one fella claims that he hasn’t seen any convincing pics of big gains on anyone at Thunders.

This thread is for 2 inch gainers. I did it! That is why I posted here.
Sure I am concerned I will wake up and it will shrink backwards…But get to work fellas!
You’re sounding like a couple little whiners that had their cake and ice cream taken away from a big bad bully!

Two-Fister….the handle is now my reality! get yours!

PS: One final thought, I might post a pic of current, IF you make it my worth my while. PUT UP OR SHUT up!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep in mind I won’t be as cheap (shot) as you! My rules, my price, it’s my dick….but then you could claim it wasn’t mine but I got it from somewhere else. You can’t defeat skeptics, they always have an excuse.
Let’s just say $10,00 USD for starters ok fellas…is your opinion that good…$5 k a piece!

A 59 year old man asking for 5/10 USD for posting pictures on a public forum? Jeeez…

Hi Twofister. I have a couple of questions for you. I notice from your routine profile that you are 59. Medical data suggests (I dont know if there is proof of this) that the penis shrinks with age. Have you ever measured your penis way back and noticed that it has got smaller? I mention this along the lines of ‘some’ of your gains may be attributable to reclaiming this. Also, on this site, there is already anecdotal evidence that gains come easier as you get older, whether this is true or not I don’t know.

I would also say that not wanting to post pictures is your right, but don’t be goaded into snapping back. If you have gained what you have said then you (and your wife) are gaining from this. Does it really matter if others believe you or not. Looking at your routine, you’ve put in the effort, so I say why not. There is enough evidence here to show that PE does work, there are enough pictures etc. The knowledge we really lack now is why somethings work better for certain people etc, and how can I improve my gains (nutrition vs age vs sleep vs days off etc).

EDIT - sorry for the repeated question, was writing this whilst you were writing that.

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Thanks Stuzilla: Good advice!
It’s interesting that you commented on older folks having good results, I hadn’t read that before. Why, that would be? just another mystery. Like why this stuff worked for me! It’s all just like a fantasy come true after all the years of wondering why I didn’t have a normal sized dick. Until I was “goaded” into it by my son’s remarks trying to hurt me. That sent me to the Internet to do some research, where I first found out that I was “average”, as in “small” average. That alone made feel pretty good. But now that I am working out every day & not showering like in the days of my youth I really felt I needed to go after this thing hard to see if I could get a normal sized man’s dick! But I have worked my joint so hard at times that I couldn’t get it up for sex. My wife calls it broken & got pretty pissed off. Of course when I got there,I kept going.(as previously posted)

The only thing I thing I may have done different, is the continuous heat on my penis while stretching. I worked P.E. for 45 minutes to an hour three times a day, till it was to sore to continue. { against Thunders advice}…That’s it. I have no special formula and don’t understand it myself.. Just happy for my gains ( that’s why I decided to come forward sign up and share) and that after nights sleep my erection have come back when I lost them.

So thanks again Stuzilla, its good advice, I’ll do my best to follow it!


How much did losing the 87lbs add to your unit?

I lost that weight 2 years ago!. So it did “add or appear like I was longer when standing. Maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I never really measured myself when I was at my weight maximum, so I am not sure. I sat at a desk and had a high stress job so I carried plenty of weight in the lower abs. Still do have some, however I now weigh only 12 lbs higher than my married weight some 30+ years ago. I didn’t take my wife up on the “dick” thing when I became determined to lose my excess weight after carrying it for 10-12 years or so. It was the fact that I would be coming up on 60 and my parents died 61-62 years of age. I knew the excess weight was not be good for my heart and I was with border line high blood pressure readings….so I went to the gym signed up for 48 months, and went everyday 6 days a week. I wouldn’t leave until the machines said I had accumulated 1800 calorie burn, usually 2-3 hours later. I dieted on “lean cuisines” ( 270-320 calories per evening meal 3 days a week, (normal meals other days), and health shakes for lunch, oatmeal for breakfast. I lost all the weight in the fist 6 months… been stuck near my current weight for 18 months now. (just in case your interested.) I took off 10 inches from my waist line 44 to 34! > I know my banker told me a year later that she was inspired to lose weight cause of me and she has taken off 36 pounds, just walking fast 2 miles every evening and eating less.

To me the gains are all due to the P.E. since mid-October, and the positive attitudes displayed on this site that it made it even fathomable, that I had even a possibility to change my “lot” in life, of a small dick. Plus the fact of my wife’s injury to her elbow and related tendons the Doctor was prescribing similar exercises as I was reading on Thunders. I still only do 24 hour breaks when I am forced to, caused by minor injury or soreness. What can I say I have these OCD tendencies…Thanks for your question.
Two-Fist er

Hmm well 5-5.25 NBP pre-weightloss and 5.5BP when you’re 87 lbs lighter. Something doesn’t quite add up there for me. You would have thought there’d be a bigger fatpad than 0.25-0.5 before the weightloss, suggesting your BP measurement should have been bigger, so possibly you DID have shrinkage since then?

I’m not completely close-minded to the idea of rapid gains anyway I just wanted to point out some possible discrepancies. Congratulations on your gains!

copied from original post:
I never really measured myself when I was at my weight maximum, so I am not sure. I sat at a desk and had a high stress job so I carried plenty of weight in the lower abs. Still do have some, however I now weigh only 12 lbs higher than my married weight some 30+ years ago.
I said, “I had not measured! at my highest weight.” I am basically guessing….where I was at that time…heck I am not certain, I didn’t lose more weight than 87 pounds, cause I stopped checking the scales at 267! just not happy with ones self back then. IF I measured I would have been laying down on the bed, the fat hangs different then when standing..before I lost weight! It only appeared shorter because of “fat over hang” while standing in front of the mirror with a 44 inch waist line & a square butt ( from sitting on it!) to now 34 inch waist line.

Also until Thunders, I knew nothing about BONE PRESS?
The 2 measurements “dick” just wouldn’t be comparable… I can say this! I carried a lot of weight all over “fat” like a brick , much like my build. So I lost weight everywhere, yet the lower abs area is so far a great disappointment, although there has been great improvement there. For example, My neck was 17.5 now 15.5. I went from 46” short suit jacket size back to 42” short..same size when I got married at 24 yrs of age. But I don’t remember this fat in my lower ab region like this then, despite my similar weight!

This “bone press” issue is a hang up for me anyway. I was not sure exactly the placement to push the ruler in. So I decided to just pick one spot and continue to use that one. So that spot has been consistent since the first week of gains. Also the amount of pressure does not always seem consistent. ( I read this in a thread where this issue was debated and I agree!) So on another thread, I disclosed that my first initial “bone press of 5.5 inches in length,” could cause a variance to my current measurements in the delta! But I do recall doing that measurement, which I did primarily to see where I fit on the “Mr Average” website. I wanted to find out where I stood, so every centimeter was important to get mentally be above the bottom of ” Mr Low Average”.. And I measured several times in desperation to get a better number. At that time, I estimated that the most I would have missed my initial mark was 1/4 inch versus my P.E. logs, and I hold to that comment today!
Also, one thing I am certain of! As a young man or teenager, if I could have managed a 6 inch measurement by any means I would have been in seventh heaven, and I can’t recall ever surpassing 5.75” and that may have had a slight slant or measured from the bottom instead of the top?? Who knows? I don’t think, I could fool myself even back then 5.75” was a bit of a stretch!
Two-Fist-er, hope this clears up any misinterpretations.


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