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The two inch club

Wow this thread is SO inspirational, even more so than the vets and good gainers thread. I hope that I can get into this club one day.

Started May 2010- 5.9 BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

January 18, 2011- 7.0 inches/17.7cm BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

Goals- 8.0nbp X some more base girth

I started at 6.25, so only 0.75 to go before I’m in the club!

19th Feb 2012

Erect: 7.625" BPEL and 4.875" EG BPFSL: 8.063 Short Term Goal: 7.75" x 5 Long Term Goal: BP 8.5 x EG 5.75

Originally Posted by passwurdz
Wow this thread is SO inspirational, even more so than the vets and good gainers thread. I hope that I can get into this club one day.

We will keep the light on for you:) . I’m glad this thread could inspire people to stick with it. It was good for me to reread again to help me just stick with at least a maintenance routine:) .

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I want 2!

I put in my head that just ‘stop’ EP:

- Win 2”length.

- Win 1.2”girth.

AlphaHighlander: -Physical Education Teacher/Exercise Physiologist/Coach Periodization Training for Sports/Student IT DBA.

My PICS/GAINS!5 months=2cm(0.79 inches) My PICS/GAINS!5 months=2cm(0.79 inches)

START: BPEL 5.9 x 5.1 -> NOW: BPEL 6.35x 5.1 -> TARGET: BPEL 8,28'' x 6,5 (Or more?)... I have a dream...

2 inch club realized

Dino & others:

I am new to P.E. since Oct.2010. I used only the wet jelqing & stretching every day for several hours. I always used plenty of heat, especially before and during the stretching. I wore my joint out. Why? Cause I was being so successful, thanks to many on this forum & website hard work and persistent effort. I recently have slowed to a crawl, but I keep at it, knowing that these exercises make a difference. I have my data posted on the Thunders member data space just as I had originally logged the growth each week. I reached and surpassed length goals, but kept going as my girth growth was much tougher to obtain, and my 90 day trial to determine if this would work for me was not yet over.

I started at 5.5 BPEL x 4.5 EG…my best mark was last week 2/11/11 ( also posted) 7.75” BPEL x 5.25” EG. On another thread I offered this info up ( small penis thread ) while a couple folks there were skeptical. I understand skepticism, as I was clearly a skeptic that this P.E. could even work. However as I scrolled all over Thunders, the evidence and claims were obvious. P E did work. So I went at it 110%. I was also fortunate to have a good early lot gain. ( #11 or 12 i think it was? requiring pulling straight down for best results.} This focus really aided in my growth. Every evening, I wore an ace bandage taped to a couple batteries ( for weight) for several hours to exhaust the ligs around my penis. ( i had read on a thread something similar so I tried it.) I just recently stopped this as the bandage might be causing painful ingrown hairs.

However, I messed up Tuesday, while clamping. I hurt something near the base,where I clamped. So an erection this week was difficult to obtain and retain. When I measured this week I had lost 0.125 to 7.625 ” BPEL and worst of all fell back to 5.0” on the girth. Hopefully after a few days rest to recover…I will return to my prior size.

At the start an 8” BPEL would have been wishful thinking but that is my current L.T. goal..along with my original girth goal of 5.5 EG. I thought just getting to large average penis would be magnificent. But now I am just greedy, to be all I can be! I guess? And my wife isn’t complaining one bit!!!

Thanks again

In just 5 months you’ve reached 2.25 inches? Any pictures? Before and after or just from now. You can write on a paper near you’re dick “I have the biggest dick from earth”!

Good luck!

01.11.2010 BPEL - 7 ,EG - 5

GOAL - 0.5 so I can be a believer!

Michael21, thanks man..not working on the biggest Dick.

As for pics…1st I wouldn’t know how to take one and put it on the net. 2ND, I would not want something like that of me, my dick or my face on the Internet. For example I will never join Face-book or the like. Big Brother stuff you know!

Originally Posted by Michael21
In just 5 months you’ve reached 2.25 inches? Any pictures? Before and after or just from now. You can write on a paper near you’re dick “I have the biggest dick from earth”!

Good luck!

I call bullshit on it. PE gains are slow and steady, it would be like a guy going from normal looking non-weight trained physique to Jay Cutler in 5 months, simply not happening.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

I said the same in another thread.. This time it was supposed to be 2.25 inches in 90 days, not even 5 months. Obvious load of bollocks.


yes you did: And I responded at length! Why not share that!?
It’s not supposed to be ? But IT is. I started this P.E. thing on a 90 day trial to see if it worked, it does and I have explained why I am still working it….I posted / listed my log for every week on that thread….bet its far more detail than either of you have posted or even kept. Would it help if I posted on this thread too? for a 3rd time?

You 2 are so all knowing and confident! Like it can;t, couldn’t be done. Well I DID IT.
And your opinion is just that..opinion!
Like I said before. I didn’t post so you could show off your skepticism for P.E. but to relate my experience as I have logged them. My data is posted on Thunders pick it apart, but sharing your negative opinion such as this does nothing. Just “negative vibes”!

It certainly doesn’t change my “dick” size to shorter does it? Just cause you want it to be. Take it or leave it. I care less. I have no pics of before or current. I don’t think even that would change your minds, however..and as for that I neither intend to try or care to do so going forward. In fact on one thread one fella claims that he hasn’t seen any convincing pics of big gains on anyone at Thunders.

This thread is for 2 inch gainers. I did it! That is why I posted here.
Sure I am concerned I will wake up and it will shrink backwards…But get to work fellas!
You’re sounding like a couple little whiners that had their cake and ice cream taken away from a big bad bully!

Two-Fister….the handle is now my reality! get yours!

PS: One final thought, I might post a pic of current, IF you make it my worth my while. PUT UP OR SHUT up!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep in mind I won’t be as cheap (shot) as you! My rules, my price, it’s my dick….but then you could claim it wasn’t mine but I got it from somewhere else. You can’t defeat skeptics, they always have an excuse.
Let’s just say $10,00 USD for starters ok fellas…is your opinion that good…$5 k a piece!

Twofister, don’t take this the wrong way, but going by your statistics page, you gained 1.88” in length and .63” in girth in less than 2 months, are you sure your starting measurement was done correctly?

Or has your size shrunken over the years and your gains has been mostly regaining what you had lost?

Start - BPEL 16.9cm (6.65") - MSEG 12.4cm (4.88")

Now - BPEL 18.8cm (7.40") - MSEG 12.9cm (5.07")

LONG Term Goal - BPEL 20.5 (8.07") - MSEG 14.6 (5.74")

I am not “so confident”, mate. Just my belief.

Actually I’ve just been trying PE seriously for 3 months, I’m not 100% certain I’ve gained though I have the feeling I did, I’m certainly no expert on this.

I’ve been a member since 2007 (mostly lurking every now and then) and I’d have one earlier if the registration were not suspended, so I’ve been reading this forum for something like 5 years. From what I’ve read so far, the only people claiming such gains made them over a period of 3 to 5 years, and we’re talking about ultra dedicated people here.

I just find it hard to believe, it’s all. If you’ve really made them gains then hats off and enjoy them mate.

Originally Posted by Twofister
You can’t defeat skeptics, they always have an excuse.

Without the concept of skepticism, we’d all just believe utter bullshit like what you’re presenting here :)

But I think you’re certainly getting what you want - attention.

Asking people to pay to see your new unit? That’s the funniest thing i’ve read on here for a while.

Attention? I have NO need for that! Hard to believe? Sure it is, it’s been for me too! Like I stated once before, I was hoping to just make gains to prove to myself that this P.E. stuff worked in 90 days. Then my goal was to be “to be just large average”. Gaining more was inconceivable to me. But week by week my penis accepted the stretches. I even worried something would break off inside. But outside of a couple of “kinks’ nothing like that happened. So as I posted, your entitled to your skepticism, & I understand that! But I am not feeding anyone “Bullshit”…

Drew-Peacock: Thank you for at least checking out the data, versus simply posting “Bullshit”. Well then you know I am 59 yrs old then. I did read that some guys lose size as we grow older. However, I posted my story on The mysteries of small penis world or some thread as that. It is possible for a 1/4 inch error. Because back in the deep recess of my memory I thought I had measured 5.75 inches when I was younger. But I think that might have been from the underside. Who knows? Oh how I wish I was my current size back then, but sadly I was not.
Now before I lost 87 pounds a few years ago, my dick only extended 5”- 5.25” NBPEL. (didn’t know about bone pressing until I came to this site.) My wife would sometimes appeal to me to lose weight. She would say she heard that losing weight would add an inch to my joint. But then when I told her I was doing P.E. she said she was “fine” with my dick size”. Maybe she was, BUT I certainly wasn’t and told her so.

So my posts are Bullshit?:
I thought of a real challenge for my skeptics before I fell asleep last night! I am fond of gold Aussie Krugerrand s, American Eagles or Can Maple Leafs. So I would be happy to set a personal meeting in New Orleans. We have never been to Mardi Gras. Maybe my wife would agree to measure me for your eyes. Please “private email” me & I will send you the Gold Dealer Blanchard & Company and the brokers telephone number. Where you can open an account with them, with instructions to deliver 5 gold coins each per “My delivery instructions”, upon your satisfaction that I am 7.5 inches long or greater! Also include enough cash to reimburse me for our air transport. Here is your chance to place your money where your mouth is. 5 coins each to view it. If I don’t reach 7.5 & better you get your coins back! If you are right then you can continue to disparage me on this site.
What do you {skeptics} think are you willing to follow these rules to satisfy your skepticism? I might even be persuaded to donate some of that gold to Thunders, after I take my share for the travel, effort and your slander as compensation. Hows that for getting your attention?



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