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The two inch club

The two inch club

Hey guys

Who here has a two inch length gain and “OR” over a .5 inch girth gain. Very few people seem to make it to the 2 inch mark, it takes a huge amount of effort and work and luck. I’m at 1.5 length and .5 girth gain. I would have to go past my goal of 8inches to 8.25 inches to make the two inch club, I’m just .25 away from my goal and have already hit my goal in girth 6. I know I’m not stopping in girth want to get 6.5. So who is in the two inch club or closing in?


Hey Dino

Dino, Congratulations. I agree, the two inch mark is tough to do and takes a lot of consistant effort and time. I am at my two year aniversary today. January 23. May I ask what your starting girth was. I am concentrating on girth for the next few weeks and need some encouragement and some new exersizes. Thanks.


No Congratulations yet I haven’t hit that two inch gain yet the last .5 will be the hardest. I started with a 5.5 girth I was lucky in that area and made quick gains but now I’m fighting for every tiny gain. I have made the best girth gains with full erect jelqing a squeezes I also tend to wear down the the unit alot with the squeezes. Vivace what have your gains been?



started 7/00

6 ebp
5 girth


7.75- 8.0 with a level IV .

5 7/8 on girth

I thought your goal was 6 on girth?

Actually, over the years, I have seen many in the two inch club. A couple in the three inch. I think I am one of the few in the four inch.

The simple answer is, most guys do not wish to gain that much length. Many are satisfied with between one and two and either stop, or concentrate on girth. Then, when they reach their goals, or the partner complains about size, they leave the boards, never to return.


I’ve gained 4 inches of gut in the past 2 years. Does that count? :D

Long haul

Hey Dino, At two years. I forgot what I was. I do remember really fighting for a 6.25 flacid stretch and now I can easily do 7.8. I think I started at 5.8 nbp and am now 6.7 nbp. I think I was 6 bp and now I am 7.3 bp. Girth gains have been slow to come. I think I started about 4.7 and am now 5.1. The ulithing has my temporary girth at 5.4. I hope to get that to stick. I am concentrating on girth right now as I can really feel the thickness even though the measurements do not reflect them. I think I am sort of filling out the entire penis at this point. I have begun to bottom out with the 6.7 now but my goal is a solid 7.5. Girth wise, my goal is 5.8. I am in for the long haul…Slow but sure. I had a thrombosed vein about a year ago and although I am healed, I prefer the slow and cautious. The Bib Hanger is an excellent device and works for me. I just wish I had more privacy so I could hang more. (since july 4,2001). Otherwise I do a consistant daily stretch and squeeze with some jelqing routine. One day off per week. I should probably take more time off. I seem to really notice the gains after the periodic few days off.

count me in

started at 5,25 bp and now at 7 3/8 bp girth was 4.5 midshaft now 5.25 Looking for 8 x6 For you guys with sensitivity problems try damiana leaf extract Works for me.


It’s funny how this thread is running with the other no gain thread from sandman. I have hit a platoe for the last couple of months I have to put more effort into it. I might pick up the BIB
and start hanging. I have been doing mostly girth PE and my flaccid size seems fatter but my erect girth has made only the slightest gain in the last three months. Gains are comming alot slower but I want the big one 8x6.5 or bigger.

Zep: I know I said 6 but once I hit 6 I wanted more, it’s going to be hard to stop.:)


Okay, Okay

I may have given the impression that I would not like an 8X6 or more. Of course I would. But I am a slow gainer. I am also a very cautious gainer—safety first. I also do not count temporary or fluctuational measurements. I have at times been 7.5 X 5.8. But never consistantly. I am thrilled with my slow but sure gains and envious of the fast gains some on the board have had. I also am quite sure that my beginning measurements were on the high side which makes my work (minus the testosterone bravado) worth it.

But seriously folks, my wife is average sized, and my NBP 6.75 hits bottom. I am now using the bib hanger to focus on the uli girth thing and do the 15 lbs length hanging sessions about twice a week. Remember, I am a seasoned 2 year veteran—I’ve heard it all from 2 inches in three weeks to no gains. I urge all to be patient. An injury will put you back 3 months. I can’t prove it, but rest days may be more important than we all think. Good luck all. And thanks to Bib, your guidance has been great.

I’m pretty sure more have made it into this club now.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

I’m at .5” girth gains, but only .75 length gains. That’s ok though. I’m going for a 2 inch gain both ways. Is this possible? I sure hope so. Once I hit my goal of 9 BPEL and 7 girth (hopefully) I’ll report back to the group. Or if I hit 9 and not 7 girth, that’s still enough to qualify. Wish me luck!

(Mission Impossible music in the background)


My signature is cooler than yours.


When I read the title ‘The two inch club’ I expected a post by dino saying he lied to us all the time and in reality he is only 2” BPEL and is now looking for others with his dimensions :chuckle:

The Horse Man Club vs. The Two Inch Club :rolling: Guess who wins ???

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I cant really remember nor calculate my gains. They are not enough any which way.

I expect to hit the “three inch” club on length by year end and I have gained 1” on girth to date.

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