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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Recently received my wench kit from montys, it’s awesome. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, jes extender, vacads and some home made ones this is my favourite for ADS work. Combined with my leg tension system I’m very pleased.

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5/09/09 currently sat at 5.5bp" bp x 4.25 eg. Long term goal would be 7.5nbp x 6 eg

Awesome presentation easy and safe to use

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
* Please note that the following dimensions are for men with a measurement of approximately 5” EG. People with significantly larger girth (6”-up) may want to proportionately scale these dimensions up.

My EG is 6.01 inches.
Which measurement in the building instructions do I need to change? Or has everyone used the regular model without issue?

Follow up question:
Built a Captain’s Wench. Can’t seem to get things right. Glans gets cold and changes colour no matter how I do my wrap (cut up T shirt) or how tight the clamp is.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Cap'n

Thank you so much, Cap’n! Your wench has been a great way for me to actually finally start hanging. Definitely the best entry-level hanger, and could continue as a long term hanger really.

I am only a month and a week or so in and at the 6 sessions (20 min on, 10 min rest) at 5 lbs. I made a few since I had all the excess Velcro and nylon strap. In fact, I will be trying to use the remainder of the nylon strap as an under the pants belt with a ribbon around the front (above the penis) that will thread through 4 golf weights as to support them in case they slip off during the day. I have a whole ream of ribbon for a few bucks, so can replace ribbon with longer one when dick hangs lower and ribbon becomes taut (ie, when the ribbon starts supporting the weights rather than the penis supporting them).

I have tried cutting back one of my Cap’n’s Wenches so that the top of the penis is exposed. I had a problem with the Velcro strip binding on top when I clamped it, and I do not want extra pressure on the top of the penis since there is the nerve there.

I also ordered a bike safety cable (metal wire wrapped in plastic, $5) to replace the nylon strap Velcro part that holds the weight. It seems to pull the Velcro off over time, but not a big deal since you can move the cable clamp closer to the edge to hold it. Just testing this to see if it is easier to deal with. The carabiner comes with it, so I will report back on how it works and add pics if it works well.

Thanks again, as this has helped me immensely.

Originally Posted by ZepZapZop
Follow up question:
Built a Captain’s Wench. Can’t seem to get things right. Glans gets cold and changes colour no matter how I do my wrap (cut up T shirt) or how tight the clamp is.

Any suggestions?

I use a light ankle sock as my “wrap”. I was using a tube sock and that was so thick that I had to use the larger clamp (I bought a 3 clamp pack with two small and one medium). If you can barely close the clamp, you have to much material and need to go with less wrap, or a bigger clamp. Also, you may want to clamp around the middle of the penis rather than right at the glans. Otherwise, it does tend to slip off if you jostle around or anything.

I’ve tried cutting mine back to the point where there is just enough Velcro that it goes to the edge of the 2 padding ovals. This leaves the top of the penis exposed, and prevents the Velcro from bunching up at the top from the cable clamp. Doing this means as your girth changes, it will be too small. Having read here suggestions to work on length before girth, as added girth makes length gains much harder, I am just doing length now, so no big deal for me.

Hope this helps some.

Does anyone sell a wench? I’m terrible at putting things together and I’m not sure how it would work for me.

Monty used to sell them but I’m not sure he’s still doing business, you can send him a mail on his site and see if he answers. The site is .

Looks less intimidating to build than other hangers. Will give it a try.


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