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The 5-minute routine


The 5-minute routine

Hi, I’ve been member of Thunder’s Place for many years and I would like to contribute to the English-language forum with a simple length routine I use to do, well known in the Spanish-language section of the site. I hope you like it. It’s not a routine for beginners.


I do stretch sessions of 34-40 minutes, at the rate of 5 minutes for each exercise. For example, a routine could be this one:

-Warm up

-5 min. stretch to the right
-5 min. stretch to the left
-5 min. stretch upward
-5 min. V-stretch
-5 min. A-stretch (using the wrist)
-5 min. JAI-stretch
-5 min. LDP-stretch, 2,5 min. to the right and 2,5 min. to the left (or, if you can, 5 min. per side)
-5 min. fowfer (or BTC) or rotor stretch

Do not spend more than 40 minutes- it’s more than enough. Talcum powder is necessary so that your hands don’t slip. Anyway, it’s normal if you get your arm tired; if you can, stretch with the other arm in the same direction, or shake your hands a little (with time you’ll get more used to it).


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I think I just invented a new, extreme stretch. I call it the LDP Stretch
Compilación de ejercicios de estiramiento

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I was expecting the routine to be five minutes long total but I’ll definitely give this a try and look into it. Thanks!

Hi Shazzan. What’s the LDP stretch?

One foot on the sink, pull your unit hard straight down along your straight leg. His third link he posted is a thread explaining it better.

Ciao, Marinera, come stai? Thegymnast has explained the exercise very well. You can see the last link I posted; it’s a compilation of length exercises and it has a picture showing the position for doing the LDP stretch. Believe me, it’s a very intense stretch.

LDP= Luca’s Dog Piss stretch (stiramento di pisciata di cane di Luca).

Thanks Shazzan. I was a lazy ass for not checking the links. Very interesting. I have to translate this in the Italian forum. :up:

How come every PE exercise has to be so goddamn funny? Luca’s dog piss stretch, horse440 squeeze, jelq, fowfer, kegel….

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal:20cm NBPEL|||||

I just did a modified 20-30 minute version of this and I gotta say it was not a bad routine. The LDP was very intense.

I’m glad you liked it, Thegymnast.

5 minute routine is pretty misleading if you ask me. :p

Never heard of LDP stretch, I’ll have to check that out.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Originally Posted by UpTo7
5 minute routine is pretty misleading if you ask me. :p

Never heard of LDP stretch, I’ll have to check that out.

I also thought that you do the whole routine in 5 minutes.

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal:20cm NBPEL|||||

Oh that wasn’t my intention, I promise.

But well, ok, you are right: perhaps it sounds a little like a misleading advertising, like one of that junk food marks we all know. Nevertheless, instead of ruining your health, this can truly give you that centimeter you are fighting for. Seriously.

Hmm, perhaps I might give it a try someday. Little off topic here, but Shazzan is that you in your avatar? Just asking, because not many people put their own pictures in avatars.

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal:20cm NBPEL|||||

And do you need to rest some minutes between the five minutes in each direction ? Or you must to stretch 40 minutes in several directions without rest ?

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