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New Routine. Opinions would be great.

New Routine. Opinions would be great.

Hello again Gentlemen

So here is the story. I have been clamping for a few months now. Just a basic clamping routine, 1 day on and 1 day off.

My routine consisted of:
10 min warm up with rice sock
20-30 min manual stretching
20-30 min clamped

This routine worked well for the first couple of months. I noticed a much better EQ and decent girth gains. I also gained a little bit of length but not as much as I would have liked. I know I will be ridiculed for this but I still have not measured properly since I joined this site. I measure my gains by sight and very inaccurate finger measurements. This is how I know I am gaining but I do not know exactly how much or what my measurements exactly are. Anyways, about two weeks ago I had a really good session where my penis felt amazing. It was hanging low and fat while flaccid for the next day. That next day my penis was begging me for attention so for the first time I did the clamping routine 2 days in a row. After the second consecutive session my penis felt the same and was begging me once again for some pulling.

This went on for seven days in a row. Each day that went by I could actually feel that my penis had grown. At the end of the week I decided that I need to take somewhat of a de-conditioning break and come back with something new and more challenging. After 5 or 6 days of not doing any PE whatsoever I went out and bought the materials for a Captains Wench which I successfully made. I have not been able to successfully use it yet though. I also bought a second clamp that I thought I could use in my clamping routine.

My routine now is:
Back to 1 day on and 1 day off
10 min warm up with rice sock
30 minutes minimum of manual stretching (sometimes I will do 5 or so minutes extra)
30 min clamped

My clamping session now is different however. It is broken down into 3 ten minute sessions. The first session is a clamped jelq. I do these very carefully and very lightly. I think of them as more of a warm up to the rest of the clamping. The second session I add in the second clamp. I put this clamp just under the middle of my penis, about an inch and a half on top of the bottom clamp. I spend these second ten minutes double clamped and do some clamped bends to try and help my curve. The third session I put both clamps at the base. I spend these ten minutes watching porn and kegeling. At this point my penis looks like it is ready to explode. While having the two clamps at the bottom I am sure my girth goes to over six inches. But I am not 100 percent sure because I don’t actually measure.. DUH!!

So I want to have anyones opinion on my routine so I can maybe try things to make the workout more efficient and increase gains. I also want to let everyone know that you shouldn’t try these routines until you have conditioned your penis. Clamping puts a great deal of stress and force on the penis and injury can occur quite easily. So be careful. I also wanted to apologize for the length of my post.. All this writing to explain my routine? Anyways thanks for any help or suggestions you guys may have and happy PEing to all.


It sounds like your on the right track. Just remember, as you’ve probably noticed: clamping will make your flaccid a bit harder than normal. If I’m combining length and girth work I prefer to do the hanging first, then clamping, or alternate days.

I don’t think you should adjust things at all if it feels right. I can hang all day, but one set too many of clamping can ruin your eq for the rest of the day, or week depending on how far. Always stretch when you can, even if your not officially PEing that day.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

Yo Andy that looks like a great routine keep us updated!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Hey thanks for the tips H2H. I usually do the stretching before clamping because like you said the penis is firmer after clamping. However I also stretch and twist my penis after clamping for a couple of minutes. Then I put the heat pad back on for ten minutes. I was thinking about starting a hanging routine in a couple of months maybe. I’ll make sure I shout your way if I do.

And Bluray thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely keep you guys posted. I also took a look at your log. Good stuff man. Keep up the good work.

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