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The 5-minute routine


Kjdeet: yes, it’s me in my avatar. I think in the Spanish forum it became more usual to show your own pic in the avatar that in the English forum.

Blackcars: I don’t rest between the different stretches (you don’t want the penis to get cold). If you are from Argentina, you can see the Spanish version of this routine in my signature, as well as another articles you perhaps would find interesting.

Shazzan,hi. How long have you been doing this routine and what the result? Thx

Hi, Happylobster. Well, I can’t tell you how long I have been doing this routine. It became my favorite length routine and the results you can see in my signature. Some people in the Spanish forum tried it and all of them reported length gains. The routine is very simple; I think the key is the long time you spend stretching and the variety.


Did you do 2 days on, 1 day off. Or 5 days on, 2 days off?

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal:19cm NBPEL|||||

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I did those combinations and some more, depending on the schedule I had in that period.

Originally Posted by Shazzan
I did those combinations and some more, depending on the schedule I had in that period.

Okay, thanks for the anwser Shazzan!

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal:19cm NBPEL|||||

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I am following the 5-minute routine wgen it comes to stretching (I am a humble newbie doing the newbie routine).
The nitpicker I am, I built a gradual step-up into the routine based on… 5-minute intervals.
Easier to remember and I did not want to have a complicated routine where I had to watch the clock all the times instead on focusing on the exercise itself.
So without knowing I did the 5 minute routine :-)

After 6 weeks of step-up, I was at the full 5-minute schedule:
- 5 minutes rice-sock warm-up
- 5 min stretchs down/up/left/right/out, 2x30 secs to get the penis used to the stretching
- down/up/left/right/out stretching, each direction 5 minutes without interruption
- 5 minutes base chakra massage (between balls and anus), during which I re-heat the penis with the rice-sock
- 30 minutes of jelqing, going from low erection to higher level (about 60-70%)
- 5 minutes warm-dwon with rice-sock
2 days on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off.

I can confirm, although it may not be statistically relevant, that already my 4- and 8-week measuring showed a good progress.
0.3cm/0.7cm additional BPEL and 0.2cm/0.5cm additional EGM (mid-shaft) are quite fast in my eyes.
It takes quite some time - 75 minutes is long, but I do it early in the morning as a wake-up training.
Your posting definitely confirms my approach. And until now I’d say: seems to be worth it!

Buenas noches!

By the way: great picture you have, you look happy.

Always wishing you good gains and a great EQ - Richard65

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That are very nice news. Richard65. I agree with you- it’s very important to focus on the exercises.

For an improvement of your streches you can also read the thread Stretch further!.

Guten Abend!, Bonsoir! Buona sera! Buna sera!

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I didn’t know it and yes, it’s similar. Nevertheless, he does all the routine 5-6 times a day and each session is 2-5 minutes long. So if he does 6x5 minutes, then the total of minutes is 30 (in the better case), like the 5-minute routine.

So his routine includes often little sesions along the day, which perhaps can keep your penis in constant stimulation. On the other side, the routine I exposed here concentrates the stimulation in just one session and uses the rest of the time of recovering. That seems very interesting.

I’ll give that routine a try. Thanks, Marinera!

5 minute routine is pretty misleading if you ask me. :p

More like a 40 minute routine which is more accurate.

Always be cool.

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For portuguese speakers, like myself, Shazzan is already a “master PE”.


I was in a 3 months Decon Break and I`m finally back to PE (after 6 months of practice and some small gains).
Doing my first week, starting with the Linear Newbie Routine and starting slow to prevent injuries.

- When would you suggest me (or any newbie) to give your routine a try?
It sounds a very good lenght routine, yet, not for newbies. Maybe after 3 solid months?

- Do you credit your impressive lenght gains to this routine?

Obrigado pela ajuda!


This link Shazzan - PNF and its application in PE: stretch further! is really helpful!
As I am coming to the end of my 3-months “do not change what’s working” trial period next Sunday, I am considering modifying my stretch routine to the one you propose.
May I call it from now on the “Shazzam Stretch”? :-)

U otro “Buenas Noches” al Gallego!

(Sorry I can’t find the upside down expclamation point on my keyboard…)

Always wishing you good gains and a great EQ - Richard65

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook and my routine: Richard65's Routine

Any gains with this routine?

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For 5 minutes, I have to continue every 5 minutes without stopping? And I need a jelq program please help me I’m new in PE’ing, what should I do on a day, I started in 2 months. Thank you


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