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Can you please evaluate and critique my routine?

Can you please evaluate and critique my routine?

Hello mentors and newbies, can some of you tell me if my routine is good or I should change something. I’ve been doing this specific routine for the past 3 weeks with no change. Here goes. I mostly alternate doing first week 1 on 1 off, then second week 5 days on 2 days off, then back to week one 1 on 1 off. Even on days off I stretch 3 times a day. On some parts of the day I stretch with a full erection because DLD recommended me do it.

20 minute stretches 4 sets for 30 seconds each left, right, down,
straight,up. 30 seconds each. 10 minute DLD blasters.

Same as morning

5-10 minute Hot wrap
Same as morning,
Jelq 3 second count (20-25 minutes 5 on 2 off) (30 minutes 1 on 1 off)
10 minute horse 180 (30 second holds on each side keep alternating)
10 minute stretch all around 2-3 reps/30 seconds
5-10 minute hot wrap
2-5 minute stretch JAI stretches

Should I continue with this routine for a couple more months? Please feel free to let me know if somethings not right. Thanks :)

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Too much....


U4B here…..

My advice:

It’s a good workout routine but I think it suits Newbies a bit better. Those guys need to get, after about 8 weeks of “introduction” time, into the more heavier workout regimens.

You should be doing shorter exe’s with more intensity without hurting yourself.

Reduce your workout to just threee main exercises and increase intensity and decrease the time.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Good advice U4B. Mike, if you want to include all the exercises you are currently using I would do them on a rotation basis of three exercises for 2weeks and 3 exercises for the next 2 weeks. If you’re not comfortable with that then you could alternate every 2-3 days instead. I say this because I think it is crucial for gains to keep changing your routine around so that your penis doesn’t have a lot of time to become”stale” with a certain regiment of PE you have been practicing. Also, by alternating exercises it will free up more time for you to include a pumping routine which is great for enhancing the effects of manual PE.

Originally posted by b1nzen48

Mike, if you want to include all the exercises you are currently using I would do them on a rotation basis of three exercises for 2weeks and 3 exercises for the next 2 weeks.

Are you saying I should do stretching, jelqing, stretch for 2 weeks, then stretch, horse 180, stretch for the next 2 weeks? Sorry, I’m not quite following what you’re saying. Can you give an example?

If I were using your exercises I would probably follow a routine like this using my cycling pressure up and down pumping method. Day1&2- Hot wrap for 10 min.,2sets of 30 sec manual stretch in all directions, 150 2-3 sec. dry jelqs; follow this with apump cycle like this… apply enough pressure to feel a reasonably steady “tug” on the dorsal lig and hold it for about 2min., release about half of the pressure for 20-30 sec. then pump up to a slightly higher pressure than before, hold for a 20-30 sec. count release for the 20-30 sec. then repeat for the rest of the pump session(about 5 -7 min.). After this Dry jelq, squeeze, and bend combinations for five minutes, shake it out, get erect, and then pump again using the cycling method starting with the 2min. in the tube, then 20 secs. up then down in pressure. Always use the same pumping method; just alternate your manual routine like say after 2-3 days of the above change over to uli or pan squeezes along with jai stretches between pump sessions. I always warm up the same way- hot wrap, stretching, jelqing. You don’t need to worry too much about stretches on the days you won’t be using them because pumping this way is good for lig fatigue and stretching.

Thanks b1nzen48 for that post, I now follow what you’re saying. As far as pumping goes a lot of the best brands out there are very expensive can’t afford it right now. Probably in the future I’ll get one.

How Ironic, I have been thinking about posting a thread specifically about Mike for the last couple of days since I read a thread last week regarding 2 yrs of PE and no gains. I was going to ask you what your routine was and recommend purchasing a pump. I’m sorry to hear that you can’t afford it right now, but there are some decent cheap pumps out there. Hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction. I have had some flaccid lenght gains and a little erect girth gains (NO ERECT LENGHT GAINS). I have only been seriously PEing for about 8 months but on and off. Seeing that post kind of hurt my motivation. I definately respect your keeping it going and hope you gain a bunch soon.

Maybe if you stopped switching your schedule up so much. Pick one schedule and do it for a month, if you get nothing, then try some changes. Consistency is the key, I think. I jelq almost every day now ( I used to a 1 on 1 off ) and I think it’s finally started working for me. I’ve also been doing squeezes like the Horse, but holding them longer… whatever yoiu decide to do don’t give up

Prickle thanks for the encouragement I’ll remain consistent.

Guys, the problem I have with pumps is it’s not permament gains. I’m sure you’ll see length and girth gains but once you stop using it goes back down to it’s original size. Am I wrong? On the other hand, what b1nzen48 said it’s “good for lig fatigue and stretching” sounds like a reasonable reason to puchase one.

Mike, pumping doesn’t have to be a major expense. I and some other members have built our own pump for around $20.00. Just take a look at my thread on making you own pump in the pumper’s forum. This way you can try pumping and if you don’t like it you won’t have sacrificed a major amount of cash,.. an expensive pump can always come later if you decide to become a dedicated pumper. As far as permanent results are concerned from pumping take a look at Avocet 8’s progress stats in Size’s forum. He had some impressive permanent gains with pumping alone. My attitude towards pumping is to only use it with my manual routine to further expand the tissue and keep my penis in a more expanded state during recovery periods to help promote greater tissue growth. I think pumping along with manual exercise will help get those gains for you. Try it out; you say you’ve tried pretty much everything else, and if you have problems putting a pump together just let me know, but it’s not complicated to make your own.


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