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stretching your nuts

stretching your nuts

Hey guys, this is my first post in the main member forum, i’m a newbie. My question is how do you get your nuts to hang low. Also when i stretch my balls down and my cock up it feels like the skin in between my nuts and cock is about to tear, is this normal?

I never understood the preoccupation with nut hang, have woman actually commented “what nice nuts you have” but anyway try pulling on them lol, not to hard though.

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Did you do a search, siouxfallsd? “ball stretch” or “bigger balls” yields a lot results, some from me!

Here is a quote from me from this thread: Bigger balls?

Originally Posted by commanderblop
My $.02 if we are talking scrotum stretching, not gonad size:

1. Pump your balls 2x week two sets of 30 minutes (1 hr total)
2. Tug on your nut sack every time you go to the bathroom for a minute

In a year you will have a long nut sack.

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I tug on my nuts every night. It’s purported to increase testosterone production.

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You can quite quicly grow a big sack if you tug on just the skin but not the balls inside. It’s the skin that grows, not the balls themselves. Pulling your balls can obviously hurt.

I wouldn’t recommend pulling them to huge levels of floppiness, though. It’s good to have swingers rather than tighties but that only applies up to a certain point. The elasticity in your skin all over will decrease with age anyways, and they will gradually hang lower. If you have also stretched the shit out of them, they might hang out of your shorts when you’re older :D

Use the ball stretch technique, worked splendid for me.

thanks for the info guys

Try Damiana, it’s a aphrodisiac. It has been said here that it makes your balls either grow or hang low. I use it for weight lifting along with horny goat weed only to give me an extra boost of energy for that last set. I haven’t noticed my balls hanging low or bigger, but at the same time I haven’t payed attention, because I really don’t care what they look like as far as size, for me, one thing at a time. I am in no hurry.

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