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Scrotum physiology and stretching

Scrotum physiology and stretching

First off, some background and a question on physiology. I don’t think my testes are especially small, as I was unable to get a 1.5” harness ring around either of my nuts (in my first attempt at a hardware store solution) and not especially big, as a 2” ring fell off easily. The real abnormality (to me) is that the right one sits higher than the left and the left one rides a full ball-length behind the right, slightly offset, but mostly single-file stagger if they are totally relaxed. I have fairly high and tight balls, so the lower one typically hangs down 2”, 3” if fully relaxed.

I’ve only had one partner ever say anything about my balls, but the one that did was impressed by how “small” they were. She was equally impressed by how “big” my dick was, but that is another story. ;) I’ve worn briefs my whole life, but switched to boxers when I began PE in earnest this January. My questions to you all are:

1) How typical are my dimensions/hang?
2) How typical is symmetry?
3) How typical is my level of asymmetry/stagger?
4) What impact, if any, do you feel that wearing briefs (vs boxers) resulted in this asymmetry, as opposed to say big thighs or just natural variation?

My wife recently revealed how much she likes feeling my balls slap against her when we’re having sex, although I know this is VERY infrequent as they suck up against me almost immediately during sex, which is what led me to this newest endeavor in genital modification.

I constructed a scrotum stretching coil similar to Xeno’s Cock Coil using heat shrink tubing and solder. The coil seems like it would work well for stretching the scrotum like rings specifically made for the purpose, but requires an overwrap to keep the very soft, malleable solder from slowly uncoiling. I have three lengths of solder laid out side-by-side in the tube, making it about 3/8” tall and 1/8” thick. When I have it coiled and in position, it takes 4 turns and is about 1 5/8” tall. I wore it all day for three straight days last week in relative comfort, with a couple slightly painful exceptions. It is pretty easy-on, easy-off. It isn’t very heavy, but the height is doing more stretching than any amount of weight I could conceal in my slacks. It does have a little heft and I thought its relatively thin profile would allow me to double wrap, if I wanted to.

I’m going to have to back off on the intensity of stretching because I’m seeing visible strain on the scrotum in the form of lymph build-up and on the testes in the form of shrinkage, which I’m interpreting as negative PIs. I’ll probably do this by relaxing the final turn to not induce any additional pressure. Bigblackstick commented in Cyberstud’s ball stretching thread that stretching was only effective if the scrotum is relaxed, but mine typically resists relaxing. Some questions regarding sack stretching:

1) Have you ever noticed your testes shrink in response to prolonged stretching?
2) How much swelling is too much?
3) Do you have any strategies for coaxing the scrotum to relax, other than wrapping for warmth?
4) Can anyone validate that stretching is ineffective if your scrotum is trying to retract?

While I am looking for as many responses to these questions as I can get, any other advice or anecdotes on the subject are welcome.


No takers?

My personal expierience with scrotum stretching:

I used to stretch on the following way: when standing on my feet I grabbed just below the inner penis and made sure my balls where facing the ground. Then I stretched downward while using medium force, 5 minutes a day. I did this for a month and my sac has made some nice gains but then I stopped because it would get to big (: . This was more than a year ago and my balls hang nicely now and rarely retracts.

In answer to your question about symmetry/stagger: That’s normal. The purpose in having one testicle higher than the other is to prevent collisions, especially when you sit down. It they were side by side, there would be an uncomfortable squeezing together. Sort of like two cymbals clanging together, but less noisy (unless you yelled). It’s Mister Nature’s design for our stuff.

I have found that since I switched from briefs to boxers, my scrotum hangs a bit lower.

Your ball size sounds like it is within the normal size range, to me.

I would prefer if my own were a bit larger and would hang lower, because it just seems like it would be more fun to have them flop around a whole lot. I probably should be careful about what I wish for, however. I might get tired of all that commotion after awhile. :)


I’m a briefs guy but I hang below my the glands when flaccid. I tried stretching for a few minutes everyday for a while and it seemed to work, but I ended up with a lot of excess skin around my shaft which complicated jelqing and clamping. I too like the idea of some big balls flopping around as I get busy, but I don’t believe bigger testes are attainable naturally. Scrotum length improvement seems to be easily achievable if one can sustain a regular stretching schedule.

Also, something that bothers me is when my testes are drawn up and they push my penis upwards, producing a noticeable bump in the front of my pants. I wouldn’t mind this if I had a huge flaccid but I’m nothing special and I don’t particularly like all the stares I receive. I’ve never been able to find a pair of pants that produce a sheer surface from belt loop to crotch, it’s so annoying!

Bird - I tried a month of this, as well, with no noticeable gains. That is why I’ve taken the route of prolonged stretching. Like an ADS, I’m convinced that low tension over a long period of time will be the most effective thing I can do.

Damfino - I hear you! When they are hanging, it is a good feeling. Even with the stretcher on, feeling them rubbing against the front of my thighs feels great. I’m not worried about too much commotion because I figured I could always go back to wearing briefs if I need the support. The “commotion” comment made me laugh. :)

Rio - I share your belief that it is probably difficult to attain larger testes without supplements like Clomid, but I was merely curious if they sounded like they were about normal size because of the old girlfriend’s comment. It would be cool to have a couple big stones swinging around in there, but I’m not a big fan of supplements - Mostly because I’m a tightwad.

I’ve never noticed people staring at my crotch before, but since my flaccid size has increased so much I have caught a few eyes lingering a bit too long. That, however, was nothing compared to my last trip through the airport wearing the coil. It pushed everything forward and I definitely got some stares. If my flaccid was still a little pecker, I’d be embarrassed for it to poke out front, but now that it hangs and is much fuller, I’m more confident with it. If it looks attractive, like a nice, full pair of breasts on a woman, I’m cool with getting stares. My only concern is people thinking “How gross, that guy needs to put his package away!” I guess that will just be an “eye of the beholder” kind of thing. I’ve heard some women like seeing a guy’s junk and others don’t.

I appreciate the comments!

Originally Posted by slipstream
If it looks attractive, like a nice, full pair of breasts on a woman, I’m cool with getting stares. My only concern is people thinking “How gross, that guy needs to put his package away!” I guess that will just be an “eye of the beholder” kind of thing. I’ve heard some women like seeing a guy’s junk and others don’t.

Yeah, I guess the bulge on guys is like cleevage on girls, or something like that. What are these coils you speak of? Something akin to golf weights?

I’d love for my flaccid to be closer to my erect but I’m not a big fan of wearing an ADS. I’m curious how women can judge a man’s goods by the bulge. For all they know, we could be stuffing eggplants down our undies.

The idea is explained in Xeno’s thread I referenced in the first post of this thread. Manage123452000 suggested using solder instead of looking for this lead that Xeno used or the lead wire Thunder found at McMaster’s, which seemed kind of expensive. Since I had solder, I stuffed that inside the heat shrink tubing and it more or less worked as advertised. It isn’t especially heavy - I tried making one for a cock coil first, but at half a pound it doesn’t seem heavy enough to use as an ADS. The smaller coil I made for my sack seems to work much better at the traction type stretching than relying on the weight.

I don’t necessarily think that women can judge a man’s size from his bulge, either. If they wonder if it’s an eggplant or the real thing, they probably wish they could find out! I’m sure that’s better for single guys than for me, but being a mystery isn’t all bad.

For many years I didn’t wear underwear starting at age 13. I don’t know if that is why they hang a few inches below my glan when flaccid. But in the morning they are very tight 4x3 flaccid my scrotum is about tennis ball size. I also stretch my sack now and massage each testical tell I have some precum ps I wear underwear now bikini or a thong as long as they are tight


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