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What's the state of your BC while stretching??

What's the state of your BC while stretching??

While performing manual stretches are you consciously doing anything with your BC muscle?

I find that if I’m kegeling while attempting a stretch the penis is pulled towards my body with some force. If I reverse kegel while stretching I seem to be able to pull my penis completely away from my body.

I remember someone saying that reverse kegeling directly before a stretch and maintaining that reverse kegel throughout the stretch allows more stress to be put on the tunica and ligs.

What do you guys do while stretching? Do you consciously do anything with your BC or do you just not worry about it? I remember reading about DLD Blasters and part of that exercises involves tightening and releasing the BC for some stretching benefit.

Let me know if you believe a complete reverse kegel while stretching would be beneficial or perhaps holding a kegel throughout the duration of the stretch would be what brings gains.

Any comments or anything on this topic? Please some vets who have gained length from stretching let me know your opinion.


Most PE guys would leave the BC alone during stretching. They are forces in opposite directions.

“Reverse kegeling” to me is just total relax of the BC muscle after doing a kegel. So that’s the idea: don’t flex the BC muscle during stretching.

However, some guys believe that kegeling during stretching is an extreme exercise (because of the opposite forces) that would bring faster results.

I personally go with the majority.


Mmm, I agree with the good man mafero. Some posts advocate kegeling while jelqing/stretching. I’ve tried it out, it just doesn’t feel right to me – best, in my opinion, to keep the exercises separate. Intensity beats extensity, always.

Why don’t you experiment with the idea? Only stretch and kegel together, and observe the physical results over a set time-period?

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Do a search for, “DLD blasters”.

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