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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

Originally Posted by Shiver
It almost sounds like there is some quality to the darker skin that repels the product more than lighter skin (moisture, stratum depth?). I think I’d be tempted to experiment with various substances (alcohol, oils/grease, H2O2 etc) in selected areas of normal skin to see if one or more of them is capable of creating a surrounding barrier to make the stuff to stay in place, without unduly forcing already good skin to recycle.

Very likely. I tried to hit a small spot of remaining circ scar darkness and got a good peel all around it, but only a light peel of the spot itself. I don’t know how well Vaseline would work for a dam around the selected area. It might mix with the acid or ooze onto the spot you’re trying to treat. Plus, salicylic acid is oil soluble. If the acid won’t eat tape too badly, maybe tape with a hole cut out would work.

I’m done for now. There are still some very faint small darker patches on the left side. They aren’t noticeable enough to worry about. I’m sure the circ scar will fill in as before after some PE, and the shaft will darken again to some degree.

I wish I had pictures. The improvement has been dramatic. Before, my darkening was similar to dano1122’s.

I totally forgot about this thread. The brown spot i had healed and was pink for about a week and then it started to brown around the edges. So i went to the chemist and bought a cream which contained 2% hydroquinone and started applying it 3 times a day. The pigmentation slowed and now after 3 weeks its looking lighter. So in 6-8 weeks it should be much better.

That was the spot on your abs mentioned here. It is probably a whole different animal than the discoloration we get from PE. It sounds like your spot is/was from excessive melanin production.

Hobby, do you think that if you started off with an erection and clamped it off at the base then applied the 17% solution that it would result in better overall coverage?

One would just have to remain clamped for the burn and probably just bit of time afterwards — maybe 15 minutes.

I can see how it would be difficult to get all of the skin done with even coverage in the flaccid state, but coating it during the erect state would ensure maximum coverage of the discolored skin.

Would do you think?

That may help. Part of the problem with the wart remover is it tends to peel off around skin folds. I stretched the skin enough to take out the folds when applying, but it wrinkled when I let go. I couldn’t maintain an erection during a burn, and my flaccid wanted to shrivel. A stinging penis doesn’t turn me on.

If trying a clamp or wrap at the base I’d make it just tight enough to maintain adequate engorgement (no wrinkles). A death grip might be counterproductive. I doubt high pressure under injured skin is a good idea.

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I figure if it is efficient yet gentle enough for their delicate tushies?

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Hobby, everything seems to have gone off without a hitch. My dick is peeling away as we speak, and I couldn’t be happier with the results than if an 8x6 unit appeared underneath. The spectacle of my dick pockmarked with even worse discolouration than I started with - the temporary result of wart lotion - had me feeling pretty nervous for the first few days after application. But everything turned out perfectly, and today those dark stains that you spoke of started peeling off, leaving a nice pinkish hue behind. I’ve got a lot more terrain to cover, but I think at this stage I can confidently say that this experiment has been a resounding success.

I was especially annoyed at the discoloration because I hadn’t done any consistent PE for more than a year. Having nothing to show for my efforts but a noticeably darker dick was irritating to say the least. But all has been resolved now thanks to your daring. You have my respect sir, and my most heartfelt personal thanks.

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Can any of you tell me what specific products are useful for shedding discoloration from the shaft?

Huff, Could you please clarify? Exactly which product did you use?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

That’s great news, Huff. :up:

NeedBiggerPenis, this thread pretty much covers it.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

Huff, Could you please clarify? Exactly which product did you use?

I used the exact same stuff as Hobby - a wart ointment with 17% salicylic acid.

I would recommend trying to find something a little less acidic however, as that stuff hurts! I can’t think off the top of my head what to try. But I imagine we can find something without the strength of wart ointment which, if applied for a longer period of time, might have a similar effect.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

For the record, which brand? Equate or something else?

From what I’ve read about peels, salicylic acid seems ideal for this application. It is self-neutralizing (some acids aren’t). Being a cousin of aspirin it shares some of aspirin’s effects, reducing pain and inflammation.

Wart remover is not the ultimate product for this, but it is cheap and works. The colliodal gunk that forms the coating gets in the way. Plain salicylic acid with a similar concentration and PH would be much better. Without the skin-forming crap we could watch the frosting as it occurs. Small bottles of salicylic acid can be purchased online. I’d start the testing process anew if using anything other than what I’m familiar with.

I think some pain will be involved if you burn to a certain depth, regardless of the timeframe. A different agent may make the pain less intense but for more time (exponentially longer?). I’d rather grit my teeth for a few minutes and be done with it. It stings, but not really bad or for very long in the scheme of things. Bamboo shoots under the fingernails would be far worse and longer lasting.

BTW, for effectiveness, if anything I’d like a slightly stronger solution. Not much stronger, just a little. I wouldn’t want anything weaker than the wart remover I used.

All else being equal, I’d like to try 18% instead of 17%, and then maybe go up a slight bit from there. That said, the commercial wart remover strength seems fairly close to ideal.

Originally Posted by hobby
For the record, which brand? Equate or something else?

I used Dr.Scholls.

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Originally Posted by hobby
I have a bottle of meat tenderizer containing papain. I wonder if it can be worked into an exfoliation regimen.

I was rereading this thread and caught this. The answer, thanks to info provided by an episode of Good Eats by Alton Brown on FoodTV (good show, BTW), is no. These sprinkle-on meat tenderizers are activated by heat - too high for PE purposes.


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