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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

Last week I applied the acid to a few spots to get a feel for what to expect. Then this Monday I did a decent burn on about half of my shaft. Here’s how it goes:

I do this in the bathroom and have a box of baking soda within reach.

Wash well with water and maybe some dishwashing detergent to help remove oil on the skin. Next time I’ll try an alcohol pre-wash. Dry off. Apply the wart remover stuff to an area. It quickly dries to form a white film, sort of like latex. Wait. I haven’t timed how long, probably somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. I’m developing a feel for how long it takes. The shaft skin seems to vary in sensitivity to the acid, which is why it is better to do smaller areas instead of coating the whole shaft at once. For a given time I get a deeper “burn” on the bottom of the base than elsewhere. Not sure why.

It stings. Tough it out. Then I turn on my handheld shower head and rinse with cool water as I wipe/roll the coating off. Rinse well. I know it was on long enough if a light white coating remains. At first I thought this was a tenacious underlying film of the wart remover stuff. Nope. It is a layer of dead skin, which soon returns to normal color. However, be sure to clean off all the wart remover. If in doubt, use baking soda.

Then I dry off and repeat the process on different areas. When I’m through I pour some baking soda in my hand, add some water, and rub it all over the shaft to neutralize any remaining acid. Rinse well. After drying off I apply my weak AHA lotion.

After all this the shaft looks almost the same as before. You wouldn’t think anything had been done. Later the effects become very apparent. Over the next several days the treated areas become darker - very dark. I need to improve my technique to get a more even burn. Some areas have good coverage, but in others it only darkens in little strips and streaks. At first I mistook these for scabs. They aren’t, just dead skin.

I continued using the AHA lotion for a couple days. Then the peeling started. I applied the salicylic acid on Monday. Today is Thursday, and skin is sloughing off the areas burned the deepest. A good example of the darkening and peeling can be seen in the bottom pics on this page. Areas that received a lighter burn are dark, but not peeling yet. I’m resisting the temptation to pick at the skin. I’m now applying either plain hand lotion or some vaseline-based stuff a few times a day.

So far it’s too early to tell how much lighter the new skin is, and I’m not sure when it will finish shedding and look presentable. No dates until it does. If a woman were to see it now she’d either puke or scream and run. ;)

BTW, I’m not recommending anyone else try this. If you do, it’s at your own risk. Don’t blame me if you burn your dick off or develop even worse discoloration.

Almost all the dead skin has peeled/flaked away. This definitely helps. Areas burned the deepest have that “new skin pinkness” but little or no discoloration remains. Areas fried less are lighter overall but with a mottled look. An improvement. Skin that received the least burn didn’t lighten much if at all.

Several more treatments will be required.

Wow dude. Very cool stuff.

I have some scarring on my face from teen acne and I had been thinking about getting some abrasion/peel work done at a plastic surgeon’s office to smooth out the skin.

I’m going to try this on a small part of face and see how it goes. A really small part. LOL I figure it’s worth a shot since each visit to the Doc costs 80-250 bucks depending on what procedure they do.

You can buy home face peel kits. I’m sure a kit intended for the purpose would be safer on your face than wart remover.

Risks from peels include hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, scarring, infection, etc. In your position I’d peel my face, but I’d do some searching first and find a kit brand that has produced good results for others. Start with a light strength. Follow the instructions, especially about staying out of the sun.

Today’s burn was a new experience.

Last week I did one little spot on the sensitive skin between my circ scar and the head (not on the head itself - I’d never do that). This small test area peeled the most and even oozed a little for a day or two, but is now a nice, shiny, reddish-pink fresh island of new skin among my discoloration.

Wash only a fender on your filthy car and don’t touch the rest. The remaining grime stands out even more and compels you to clean the rest. Well, same with this.

When I last tried wart remover around the frenulum area it stung like hell. I washed it off after only a minute or 2 at most. It wasn’t on long enough to cause any peeling later. Today I bit the bullet.

I applied the wart goop between my circ scar and the head all the way around the shaft. It stung, especially at first. Not sure how long I left it on. It was probably as long or longer than any application I’ve done before. I didn’t want to do this area again and was intending to get a good, moderate burn the first time. Maybe my determination clouded my judgment.

When I finally washed and peeled off the outer goop, the underlying skin was as white as I’ve seen it yet. It stayed that way for quite awhile after washing and moisturizing. The whole area became irritated, and over the next hour swelled causing a small donut. I thought oh shit, how deep did this burn actually go? I still don’t know and won’t for a few days. I felt a very mild stinging sensation for several hours after. This is a first and worries me. Now, about 6 hours later, it is still feeling a little raw.


I have been wondering how your experiment is coming along.

Sounds like you gave yourself a pretty good burn this go around. Hope you’re okay.

I think you should take the empty bottle back to Wal-Mart and demand a refund. When they ask why, whip out your unit and show ‘em!

Take care of yourself and keep us updated,


Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible—M. C. Escher

So it’s been 5 months off the ulis & still no improvement?
I’d also suspect that the discoloration is deeper than any superficial layers. How much could you possibly shed? I’m sure you don’t want to lose any girth.
If anything can be done, I’ll bet it’s more along the lines of a vitamin cream, etc. - not a skin peel.

Fortunately, my discoloration isn’t that drastic. Overall my unit is definitely darker, but only the circ scar area is really dark - and that’s about a 1/4” thick band.

MX says:
> Hope you’re okay.

Thanks. I’ll know in a few days. I was and still am a little concerned. Ideally, the chemical solution shouldn’t form a fake white skin like the wart remover does. If I could see my skin through the solution I’d be better able to tell when it has had enough.

Wad, yep that long, and the peeling is working. One of the first deeper peels I did was on the bottom right side of my shaft. I deliberately applied the stuff to only one side so I could later compare the difference. The right is now definitely lighter, though not completely pristine. Another peel or several will be required, but the improvement is obvious when compared to the untreated side.

I’m wondering if a series of lighter peels would have the same effect over time as fewer, but deeper peels. I don’t know. If there are any lurking dermatologists here giggling or shaking their heads in bemusement, now would be a great time to chime in. :)

This sounds promising hobby. I had pretty good discoloration from a couple months of heavy clamping. When I stopped and did no girth work, it didn’t get too much better. However, when I did an all manual squeeze routine, with plenty of fresh blood, I noticed it lightened the discoloration. Keep us updated on your peel. You wouldn’t be able to post a picture of an area of the peel would you?

No pics because I don’t have a digital camera. I saw One Hour Photo last night (Robin Williams as the freaky film developer guy), which only further stomped on the already non-existent possibility of me using 35mm film.

The discoloration I have is stubborn and long-lasting. It’s a dark brown stain, almost certainly hemosiderin. In the past when it wasn’t this dark it faded a bit over a long time. I’ve tried all kinds of things: wrapping, low-vacuum pumping, arnica, hydroquinone, etc. to no avail.

Many guys here have worried about discoloration, certainly more than have publicly posted about it. A relatively cheap, easy and sure way of eliminating it would be a great breakthrough, IMO. Experimentation and feedback will be required before good advice can be provided for anyone choosing the chemical peel approach.

Thank Jimbone for helping to inspire this experiment. Post

Now about 12 hours after this scary peel, I still have a slight donut effect. No pain unless I fuss with the skin. Sensitivity is ok, as in it has feeling. All I can do is wait and see what happens. I’m wishing I hadn’t left the stuff on quite so long.

Hope everything heals for you soon!

I will be walking down your path soon enough if heavy weiner roasting in the summer sun does nothing to help. Maybe a case of over-exposure would result in a nice even peel.

Regardless of how it is achieved, I am ready to rid myself of the 2-toned look on the top and the mottled look on the underside. The top isn’t unappealing; however, the bottom is to my taste — especially when flaccid.

Your the man, Hobby! Shed on…

Some swelling persisted for about the first 36 hours. Now at the 72 hour mark the skin is dark, as expected. It hasn’t started peeling yet. There are a few small spots weeping a tiny bit of fluid. I’ve been applying bacitracin ointment (antibiotic vaseline). So, it seems to be going well now. Must tread carefully when burning the skin between the circ scar and head. Skin between the scar and base is more robust.

I didn’t prewash this sensitive area with alcohol because I don’t know yet how much it will affect how deep the acid penetrates. I’ll clean with alcohol first when I do the next peel at midshaft.

This page has some good general info about skin peels. I still haven’t found anything concrete whether a series of lighter peels will remove discoloration as effectively as fewer deeper peels.

The pinkness of the areas I peeled 10 days ago has been replaced by a natural skin tone.

I’m wondering if you’ve thought about any potential nerve damage. Considering the unique makeup, and purpose (tactile, sensory), of the penis that could be a possible side effect of repeated applications of such an irritant.

I’m not even referring to total numbness, but even a noticeable lessening of your sensitivity. Would lightening the skin be a worthwhile tradeoff?


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