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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

I think you’d have to burn pretty deep to affect nerves.

I should add that years ago I had a persistent infection of some kind on the skin near the head. Ugly, open oozing sores came in recurring bouts for about a year. Not fun. It must have been a fungal infection because I tested negative for herpes and a fungicide eventually cleared it up, though it took a long time.

Those nasty sores didn’t affect sensitivity or even leave any lasting marks.

Originally Posted by hobby
Must tread carefully when burning the skin between the circ scar and head. Skin between the scar and base is more robust.

The pinkness of the areas I peeled 10 days ago has been replaced by a natural skin tone.

For some reason I am not discolored between the circ scar and head?

It is good that they are a natural skin tone now, but I am wondering since you are doing this in very little steps if you will end up with a spotted looking cock?

My darkening in that area came mostly from extreme ulis.

Yeah, the shaft will be uneven for a while. With enough peelings the tone should become uniform.

>gutsy or really insane

Maybe a little of both.

I didn’t just dive into this by slathering the whole thing and hoping for the best. I began by testing small areas for short times and observing the results over the following days. If anyone else tries this, and I’m not encouraging them to, they should also proceed cautiously.

I don’t know what the end result will be. Maybe my dick will turn out blotchy and look worse. I doubt it, but I suspect getting an even color will require more peels than I had anticipated.

Your experiment is pretty gutsy (crazy, lol).

I hope it turns out well for you; and, no, I won’t be trying it if it does. Like I said, I have some discoloration, but probably not as severe as yours. Nonetheless, that doesn’t really bother me - and no woman ever seemed concerned about it (although a few did say, “it seems a lot darker” than the rest of my skin).

But I’d take my present size, uneven tone and all, over a smaller perfectly-colored unit any day. :)

A week has passed since I did the sensitive area. All the skin has peeled. I’m impressed. Apart from a few small spots that may eventually need a touchup, practically all the discoloration is gone. The whole area has the typical pink/red hue of new skin. It should return to a normal skin color soon.

Some itching occurred as the skin peeled. I started using hydrocortisone ointment on Friday (4th day after the burn). According to the little I’ve read, corticosteroids can delay healing if used in the early stages of injury. Probably best to avoid hydrocortisone for the first few days. Scratching or picking at the peeling skin must be avoided. This is very important. Let it fall off naturally without assistance.

I’ve read more about peels. Salicylic acid is self-neutralizing. It does its thing for however long (some say about 5 minutes), then piddles out.

Last week I also burned the left lower side of the shaft from the circ scar to the base. It’s blotchy, but now looks about the same as the right side I had done before.

I’m not sure yet what I’ll do next. I may burn the rest of the shaft behind the circ scar that I didn’t do last time. Eventually I will give everything time to fully recover, then do a (hopefully final) burn on the whole shaft from the circ scar to the base. This should take care of any remaining blotchiness.

Speaking of circ scars, the dark band I had most of my life is gone in a spot where the acid covered it.

It looks like your experiment was a success. Well done!

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


I didnt even look at this thread because I thought it was just another joke thread. How wrong was I!

I have a huge problem with discoloration. I have a 1 1/2” dark colored band around my dick beginning at the circ scar and going toward the body. The top side is consistently dark while the bottom is blochy.

I will start to experiment with a dime size spot on the underside tomorrow.

Thank you for sacrificing your dick for the rest of us.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

MM, I meant the discoloration is almost all gone in the area I treated last week. Still have a way to go on the rest of the shaft. If it had all burned evenly I’d be done by now.

789, for my next burn I’m going to pre-wash the area with rubbing alcohol. Acetone is another option. IMO, alcohol sounds less harsh. Either way, a thorough degreasing is supposed to help the acid penetrate better and more evenly. You might want to try this on your test patch. I don’t know how much a good cleaning will enhance penetration.

The main downside to these peels is my dick looks horrible for several days. Brown, then with ragged bits of brown peeling off. Pretty nasty. See the bottom pics here.

I just did the other burn. Since this area has had some lighter peels before I’m not sure how much the alcohol wash affected things. I had a deeper frosting (whitish dead skin showing) than before.

Time to get a new bottle of wart remover. This one has become too gummed up.

hobby, have you seen the wart remover that is supposed to “freeze” the skin? I saw it on television the other nite. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a horrible bout of acne on my forehead and the doctor put on something to freeze the skin. Well it oozed and pussed for a few days with a bunch of dead skin chunks but it cleared up my skin pretty good. I never had the problem again.

Just a thought.


PS Dont listen to me, your method is working. A note to our viewing audience. This is going to be a long drawn out process and will require days with no sex and a possible excuse for those who currently hiding your PE activities from your significant other. I think I will just tell my wife since she knows my discoloration is from my limited (yeah right) PE activities.

This time I am going to take some pictures to see my progress.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I noticed some wart freezing products at the store but didn’t even bother reading the labels. Shaft skin is pretty thin. I’d be worried about freezing too deep. Maybe this is an unreasonable fear, but when I was young I had some warts on my hand frozen with liquid nitrogen. I can still make out the scars.

Wart remover is a cheap source of 17% salicylic acid, but I don’t like the added collodion gunk. I can’t see the level of frosting until the film is removed. It may also be responsible for some of the unevenness. Last time some of the film peeled up early so that area didn’t get burned deeply enough. I wonder if a modified Jessner peel similar to this would do the trick. That or just some plain salicylic acid.

Your happy with the results so far and I am thrilled that there are guys like you out there smart enough to analyze this shit and then be willing to practice on yourself.

Have you increased the area you are working on from the original dime sized spot?

How many days does it take you to heal?

Have you limited your other PE activities?

Have you limited your sexual activities (sex or masturbation)?

Have you increased the time you are leaving on the wart remover to take more color out or are you doing multiple applications to achieve the same results?

Have you yet to notice any sensation difference in your dick?

Sorry for all the questions, some may be redundant but I wanted to ask since you have done this a couple of times now.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


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