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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

Okay guys, for multiple applications, you may want to use the actual acid solution and not wart remover. That way you can keep applying the liquid until you get the frost, or until you have reached your time limit (adhere to your time limit - whatever you deem it to be - two minutes, three minutes, whatever). But, I am hesitant to recommend the actual solution and this sort of application since I did it for 12 minutes, got a great fry, got rid of most of my discoloration, but I kept going through phases with my skin - first it was normal, then dry, then sort of crackly/”Thing-ish”, then normal, and this kept repeating for what seemed to be weeks. And, it kept peeling, in sort of a mild fashion. Ultimately, the 4/5ths removal of blackish skin tone from the first burn was 9/10ths or more. Then, when my skin did finally return to normal, I did the second burn with wart remover. It cleared up the remaining problem, which suprised me since it seemed so mild, and did not frost up like the solution did. But, assuming I am more tolerant than some, if others decide to use the 25% solution, I would hate to see them have complications. I AM NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE USE THIS STUFF - WART REMOVER SEEMS MUCH SAFER, MILDER AND CONTROLABLE. Okay, I have that off my chest. Now, here is where I got this stuff -…o-p-1-c-20.html

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I couldn’t find it through the search facility, but does anyone know of anyone who has achieved peeling by tactical sun-burning? I’m considering it as an possible alternative to chemical peeling, by tanning in the summer. I live in a secluded place where I can tan naked and I’m assuming that the peeling after a (light) sunburn would be much the same as from a chemical peel?

But if anyone has any horror stories about why this is not a good idea, chime in quick before the sun comes out.

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I would rather use the salicylic acid than get a sun burn. With the sun, it’s hard to control the dosage. Also, the sun’s UV rays will prematurely age the skin, whereas the acid won’t.

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Originally Posted by alffie

Here are a few sites that might be helpful.

I found this from the above link to be very interesting:


<LI>Jessner’s Peel: This is a medium depth peel designed for more extensive damage than AHA’s can improve. It is made from salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid), lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) and resorcinol. Your surgeon or skin technician will apply a glycolic cleanser over your face to fully remove the oils and horny layer so that your Jessner’s solution will penetrate properly. Then he or she will apply the Jessner’s solution to your face, it will then burn slightly (although this uncomfortable sensation can be relieved by a fan blowing cool air on your treatment area). you may have several layers applied depending. You may develop a whitened look, known as frosting that will dissipate within a few hours. Then your skin technician will neutralize the acid and remove your solution with cool water. Your technician may apply a calming mask and you will be sent home. You will peel and flake for about 7 days and turn pink or brown afterwards. After you heal nice, smooth skin will be revealed.

For the above peels, do NOT pick or pull at the flaking or peeling skin. Also moisturizing will lessen the benefits of the peel. Although extensive cracking an bleeding will not help. Moisturize these areas or apply a calming serum such as Neova Calming Green Tea Serum with Copper Peptide. This will heal these areas and lessen cracking and bleeding which can scar your newly uncovered skin. Peeling or exfoliating your sensitive skin at this time can significantly scar your skin. This peel may be reapplied at 2-3 week intervals.

I wonder whether cleansing the area with glycolic acid can provide more stable absorption into the skin.

Also, it’s interesting that they advise against moisturizing.

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I think they are wrong about moisturizing diminishing the effects of a peel. Think about it. The acid burns however deep it burns. Care afterward won’t make the burn any shallower or deeper. Prematurely stripping off the dead skin will damage the new skin underneath, possibly even to the point of scarring.

Moisturizing probably doesn’t do anything, or at least not much, to affect the new skin, but it does keep the dead layer on top more supple, thus less prone to accidental premature removal.

From what I remember reading earlier, glycolic acid usually isn’t used as a one-time cleanser, but as a longer term prep before a peel. A mild solution is applied daily for weeks. My weak AHA (glycolic acid) lotion didn’t do much. I say don’t bother. Stick with the wart remover or whatever form of salicylic acid you’ve chosen. After the first peel your skin will be better primed for the next peel than if you had spent many weeks using a mild AHA lotion.

I found, especially after my break between peeling runs, that burns done relatively soon after the first went a little deeper. Makes sense.

I prefer sticking with one strength and type of acid. Otherwise you’re introducing other variables into the mix. Maybe wart remover will fry the living hell out of your skin to the point of damage if you pretreat with a stout glycolic acid solution. I don’t know. If you experiment with combos, first do enough peels with a single product to understand what it does, not only on the first peel but later at different intervals. After you have mostly figured it out, then experiment with adding something else to the regimen.

Be careful. I doubt we’ll ever find a one size fits all, use this once and all your discoloration will be gone solution. Skin sensitivity varies. Read forums about facial peels. A product that is mild for one person is strong for another. My guess is there is at least as much variation in penis shaft skin sensitivity as facial skin, and likely more.

Very good advice, Hobby. I’m a little discouraged that my really dark spot of discoloration was not resolved by the first application of the wart remover. But now I can see that is is somewhat lighter. I agree that it’s likely that the next application or two will go much further than the first did.

I still have some thin, pink areas of skin. I plan to wait until they appear and feel normal before doing my next peel.

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I don’t know why some dark areas don’t burn as well as surrounding skin. It’s frustrating.

Pinkness usually disappeared around day 11. Most of my burns were 2 weeks apart on a given area, though toward the end I hit some resistant spots weekly.

Modesto, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how bad is your discoloration and how long have you had it?

It’s quite bad, Narco. The worst part is a patch that starts about an inch below my circ scar on the ventral side and extends forward. It also extends to the sides, where it narrows and joins with my circ scar. It’s a dark brownish grey—much, much darker than the surrounding skin. It’s about the same color as a dark scab.

There’s a picture of it here.

I’ve had it for about 12-15 months.

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Mine is quite simliar to yours except its reversed; the worst for me starts on the dorsal side and narrows going around to the ventral side. I remember saying you used the W Compound gel, and I saw the after pics (the 6mins post application). I think you might want to try the liquid instead, the one that comes with the brush. I can tell from the white after effect pic, its uneven and a bit messy. I haven’t used the gel, but it seems like its a bit harder to control than the liquid (judging from the pics). I know both versions hit areas unevenly, but give the liquid a try you might be happier with it. Did your skin flake off, or come off in big chunks? That last pic looks like little bits and pieces were flaking off. For me, using the liquid, it was one big chunk that I tried to keep attached together.


The 6 minute “after” pic was actually mid-burn, with the wart remover still on. I hadn’t yet peeled it off. As for the flaking, some of the skin came off in little bits, whereas other parts came off in big chunks. The most discolored area produced the smallest bits.

I applied the gel with a latex glove. I’m planning another peel for tomorrow. I plan to use a Q-tip this time to apply the gel, to get better precision. The gel is viscous enough to allow good precision, if applied carefully.

I also plan to mark the spots for this application with pen before applying anything. I’d like to buy some of that second skin stuff (basically, a liquid bandaid) to mask off some of the tender areas from the last peel.

Depending on the quality of the application (as measured by sensation and frosting), I may use a second application of wart remover, which I would apply immediately after removing the first. I also plan to do this with an erection, if at all possible.

For the healing stage, I’m thinking of applying a clean HTW as a type of bandage. I think that will retain moisture, protect the area from abrasion, prevent premature flaking, and prevent me from picking at it.

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>Depending on the quality of the application (as measured by sensation and frosting), I may use a second application of wart remover, which I would apply immediately after removing the first. I also plan to do this with an erection, if at all possible.

I’ve done touch-ups immediately after the first burn with no ill effects. I didn’t leave it on as long as the initial burn. Usually all I got was slightly heavier frosting on the parts I meant to avoid. The resistant bits are stubborn.

I’ve developed a slight complication with the second peel: It’s now day 3, and an area right under the glans on the right-ventral side has gotten a little sore. It’s oozing a bit of puss. I’ve hit it with some neosporin and covered it with gauze.

I didn’t use any moisturizer after the peel or since, and I wonder whether that’s what caused this problem. The scab that covers the fried areas is fairly brittle. Perhaps some moisturizer is needed to keep it supple and flexible.

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All I can say is Go slowly with this - longer intervals in between burns. Hobby is right - you have the time. As Hobby has also posted, the skin on the penis is very forgiving. I would just take care of the issues, then wait a while before you do anything else. Just my humble opinion.

I had some very minor weeping after my “scary burn” in the area between circ scar and head. It turned out ok, but I wouldn’t burn that deep intentionally.


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