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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

Being of a darker skin tone makes hyperpigmentation more likely. Leaping directly into a fairly deep burn and then picking the skin off surely didn’t help either.

If it bothers you enough you could see a dermatologist. I don’t know if whatever treatments exist are time sensitive or not. It may fade on its own if given enough time.

Just to let you know, I’m there. The second application (wart remover at 15%), although mild and little initial discoloration and shedding, apparently freed up/kept shedding the upper skin in the circ scar area and swath on the bottom of the base of the penis. Somehow, the discoloation is virtually gone now. I will not do anything to cause it to reappear. Thanks again to Hobby, Huff and others for this excellent thread. Narcolepsy, you take a break, go at this slowly, and give things a time to heal, eh?

Hey good thread guys.

I know hydroquinone has been bought up numerous times, in this thread and others but for the last 10 or so days i’ve been using a 0.4% hydroquinone and 0.025% tretinoin solution and my discolouration has faded by about 80%. It stings a little and it has been mildly peeling my skin over days. For anyone considering the wart remover peel mabey look into hydroquinone solution first, just seems a bit safer.

Guts, I’ve seen a wart/verruca remover that contains 11.5% salicylic acid. The package says that is dries the skin out over serveral days to cause peeling and just wondered if this could be an option? Or is 11.5% not going to be enough to get down to the hemosiderin deposits? I know there’s really only one way to find out but I’m not quite ready to do my peel anyway, so I’d welcome thoughts.

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Given a choice between 11.5% and 17%, I’d go for the 17%. For me it is barely strong enough. Of course, you should start out slowly by treating a small spot for a relatively short time and see how it goes.

Originally Posted by alffie

Just to let you know, I’m there.


The pinkish area on the right side of my penis has finally resolved in color (more or less, there is a tint of pink/red left) from my second peel. One small black spot has appeared in that same area as well. This brings me up to 3 small black spots on my penis; the few others from before have disappated other several days. The size of the 2 other black spots has calmed down considerably as well, only about 2 or 3 cm in diameter. I will probably start applying hyrdoquinone and retin a to the area to see if it gets rid of it completly. Overall, due to the in part, the uneveness of the wart remover, and in part from peeling off areas prematurely, has left me with a somewhat spoty penis. Some areas lighter than others, some areas a bit pink/red, then the good areas, ect. Not immensely noticable, but still.

However, I think the left side of my penis has benefited from the wart remover peel. Even though it did somewhat resolve back to it’s original discoloration, a small noticable improvement is observed. The area from my first peel seems to be doing better gradually over time too. It could just be my imagiantion, but I believe the hyperpigmentation is slowly dissappearing revealing a semi-lighter iron deposit discoloration.

Anyway, I haven’t completely abandoned this technique, but I will be on a very long hiatus to let things settle down/heal.

I figured it was my turn to give this a try. I had some prior experience with chemical peels when I tried using ALA solution about a year ago. I applied it every day. After about 10 days, the skin between my circ scar and glans started to get red and swollen. Then it started to peel. When the peeling was through, the skin at that spot looked perfect.

So, I’ve always believed this would work.

I did my first peel today. I did things a little bit differently. I used Compound-W Fast Acting Gel. It contained 17% salicylic acid. I applied with using latex gloves. The idea behind using the gel was that I thought I might get better targeting and the stuff might stay where I put it. I can confirm that this indeed did occur. There was no runniness at all. I did manage to inadvertently spread the gel to some unwanted places, however, so I suggest masking off portions of the penis that you don’t want to hit, even when using the gel.

When I first applied the gel, I felt nothing special—sort of like I had applied arnica gel. After about a minute or 2, I felt some mild burning. This intensified over the next 2 minutes and became moderate to intense. It was not too much to bear, however. There were a couple of minutes of hopping around and doing the Flashdance routine, but the burning was less severe than I expected.

At about the 5 minute mark, the burning actually started to subside. This was a bit of a disappointment, as it made me wonder whether the “fast acting” gel might not act as long as the more viscous stuff and might be less effective. Once I passed the 6-minute mark, I just kind of sat around, waiting for 10 minutes to pass.

When the buzzer rang 10 minutes, I washed the white film of hardened Compound W off of my dick. Sure enough, my skin had turned partially white underneath the film. It wasn’t totally white, however (which again made me wonder whether this was successful).

I washed with plenty of soap and water, and really had to work to peel the film off. I continued to wash after the film was off, and think I may have washed off some of the white glaze as well. Then I applied some neosporin and walked back here to my computer.

I’m still feeling a slight burning sensation, even though the film has been completely removed. It’s not painful, but it makes me wonder whether some of the acid is still working and not yet neutralized. I’m just going to leave it alone for now.

I’ll see how this develops over the next week or two and will report back.

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I felt some mild tingles for hours afterwards, though nothing near the zing that causes the Flashdance routine. :) Actually, I found it better to stand still during the burn. Any jiggling made it worse.

Fewer than 24 hours after the initial application, the treated area have already changed color to a deep purple. The treated skin is now tender, but not painful, and is slightly puffy.

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It’s now coming up on 48 hours since my initial application of the wart remover. The tenderness has subsided in all but a couple of spots. The color in the applied spots is a dark brownish red. Some areas seem to have been hit very consistently, as reflected by the uniform color, whereas others appear more mottled.

The affected areas are starting to look and feel dry, so I am hopeful that the peeling will begin soon.

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DON’T HELP ALONG THE PEELING!! I know the horrors that accompany that sort of action.

Thanks, Narco. I’ll leave the peeling up to my skin and will stay out of it.

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Just a comment for future peelers: I don’t recommend starting with a 10 minute burn over a large area. Try maybe 4-5 minutes or so on a small test spot and see how it goes. You can always leave it on longer next time.

Sorry if you guys mentioned this already but do you guys know a good whitening cream that works that I could find like at a Wal Mart sort of store?


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