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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

My normal skin tone return was almost immediate.

So wait, this peeling stuff actually works?!

While my dick looks great (cocky bastard? right here…), I would love to try this on other parts of my body where I have scarring….


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

Most scars probably would not respond well to peeling. Peeling only affects the superficial skin layers. Scars generally extend much farther down.

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Well, I have a scar on my shin that’s very shallow. I recently got a cut over the scar, and ‘peeled’ a bit of it away when I removed the scab. Short story: the scar is still there, but the area that I ‘peeled’ is scar free. It’s like a little ‘hole’ in the scar, if that makes sense.

I’m going to try this out and experiment on other parts of my body. First, I have to read through 24 pages, though……..


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Vitamin E Oil

Just a thought.I work as a cook in a restaurant and as a cook, I get A LOT of burns on my arms that leave pretty bad scars. I hate having the scars so to remove them I use Vitamin E oil. All I do is take a 1000mg vitamin, pop it, and rub the oil over my scars. This does a great job lessoning the scar to the point of barely being able to see them.

Now I am a noob, and have yet to experience any discoloration, so I have not had the opportunity to try this on my penis. Those of you who do have discoloration and are wary to try the harsher treatments give vitamin e a try and let us know.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
I don’t see why not. Hydroquinone does not itself damage or weaken the skin, as far as I know. You may want to wait a bit to more fully recover from your peels, however.

It does actually, I used a 4% Hydroquinone solution which also contained tretinoin and after about 2 weeks it had broken my skin and actually left it feeling kind of raw.

Modesto has got it right — its the tretinoin. Way back when I first started using it on my penis, it left my penis feeling like shit, and my nuts raw. I guess it ate and broke the skin on my scrotum. The only reason for this was due to the fact that I was using too much of it, and too frequently. If you lessen the amount applied, and apply it once everyother day (like I do) you should be fine.

I don’t rememeber if I mentioned this already (I’m too lazy to look back through the pages on this thread), but the tretinoin and hydroquinoin combo worked for me to an extent. I got rid of almost all of the discoloration above my circ scar. But then again those proabably werent iron deposit discoloration.

Tretinoin is Retin-A. I used some for acne way back when and still had part of a tube left. I intended to give it a try on my shaft, but unfortunately the tube was so old that it had degraded to the point it had separated. Tretinoin might have some potential for a milder shaft exfoliation over time. If you have a fresh tube, try it and report the results.

I think those with hemosiderin deposition like I and others have had will need to burn deeper.

Tony suggested vitamin E. I’ve never used it after a burn, but I have applied it to shaft skin at other times. It might be good in place of or in addition to Vaseline to retain skin moisture after a burn. Poke the capsule and squeeze out the oil.

Ah ok, I had no idea what Tretinoin was, but it worked a treat I had pretty bad discolouration (almost black) on my foreskin from hanging OTS with a dodgy home made bib, but after 3 1/2 weeks using the solution once a day it had faded to about 10% darker than my normal skin colour when flacid, when erect you couldn’t notice the difference.

Now it’s back because I’ve been hanging OTS again for 2 months (I only get gains form OTS)

is there a way to get rid of birthmarks? exept sergury…

Originally Posted by narcolepsy
And yes, I do plan on hitting the areas with the appreance of the new pearly penis pastules again. I have stopped giving a shit about them. I think if I can get rid of the color, they will be barely noticable, almost non-existant.

Hmm, looking at my penis now, I do care.
Today I took a really good look at bumps and stretched the skin to its limit; hmm, seems like the peels have brought about more than I had originally thought. I have a shit load of them. Very very tiny mind you, but if I go through another one of those peels, well it proabbly wont look too good. These peels werent really working for me as well as other people, so I’m officially going to quit this shedding the snake business effective of today. Well my penis looks worse than before I started to burn it to hell; its spotty with some really dark areas and covered with those pearly penile pastules (which orignally were not visible (stretched skin or not)). I have only myself to blame. I think I’ll stop fucking with my penis. Leason learned with a high cost. I proably stick around on these boards, but I’ll take a long hiatus for now. I’m happy this technique worked for all of you, congrats. I’ll take my leave. Later fellas and gl to the noobs.

Because of some recent poison ivy I have been unable to jelq because it causing a red rash to form on the underside of my cock. My cock doesn’t have any appearance of a rash(until I jelq) and doesn’t itch anymore, also the rest of the poison ivy I contracted at that time is also gone from other parts of my body. Only when I jelq does the blood rash form.

So basically I’m going to take a decent break and want to give the peel a shot to get rid of a darker spot of discoloration on the side of my cock from double clamping and basically give this whole peel thing a whirl. So my question is, does anyone see any possible complications from the lingering effects of the poison ivy and applying the salycylic acid? I thought maybe it could kill two birds with one stone but am not sure how wise it would be to apply the acid on the poison ivy effected area until I am sure it is gone.

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Narcolepsy, I’m sorry peeling hasn’t worked for you. Thanks for sharing your experience and keeping us up to date. If we only hear about good experiences guys might think this is the ultimate solution for everyone. Obviously, it isn’t. The more feedback the better so we can get a better idea of how well this works, particularly for different skin types.

Revolution, good question. I have no idea if peeling would hurt or help.

Guess I should chip in with my experience for balance. I did my first tentative peel about 5 weeks ago, and have done different areas on and off since then. My discoloration has improved by about 90%. I used a Compound W clear wart solution (17.5% acid) and found that ten minutes application time worked perfectly. The key for me was seeing the white layer on the skin, after removing the frosting. The peeling did sting, but it was no traumatic experience. Also, my pearly penile papules were unaffected by the skin peel.

I am pretty sure I can get back to 100% clear with another peel or two, but only I would be able to notice the difference now. So for me this thread was invaluable and I am so grateful for all the input here.

The only downside for me is that in two months off PE I have lost close to two inches in flaccid length! I think it is easy to interpret a flaccid ‘pump’ as being gains but it’s closer to the pump you get from a body workout, ie temporary. Erect gains were unaffected. I’d now like to get back into a routine of light jelqing for maintenence, but I really don’t want the discoloration to return, and from what I’ve read here it can come back easier. I think I’ll take another month off and then try some jelqing after that.

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