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Reasons people don't gain


Reasons people don't gain

Hello I was wondering if you could all post replies to this Question as to, “Why some people don’t gain”. What are some principles that you all have seen over time that all of the people that don’t gain have in common? Here are a few of my observations and would love to have yours.

-Lack of commitment (of course)

-Not Steady (of course)

-DOESN’T wear an auto ADS after hanging sessions to heal in longer extended state.. Hm.? (For Hangers)

I think this 3rd reason is probably the most profound as to why people don’t gain length. What is all of your opinions?

Doing too much..I think it is the #1 thing that retards gains

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Physiology; some people can’t gain.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by Klayton
Physiology; some people can’t gain.

I’d have to say that’s number one.

Originally Posted by Klayton

Physiology; some people can’t gain.

And what makes them unable to gain?

Nbpel - 6.5" Bpel 7.25" Eg 5.125"

That the force they are able to apply to their penis is not great enough to induce growth because their penis is extra tough? I can certainly at least see this as being a probable cause of not being able to gain girth.

Physiology in terms of anxiety and frustration blocks any possible growth. It is the war waged against the penis. Attack that thing into growing. Shock it to death with hard as nails PE. If resistance does not work try compliance and gentle donmination.

Don’t wait for your pecker to get into the mood get it in the mood my doing fowfers. Fowfers keep it warm while it is in a static stretch. Fowfers makes your pecker relax.
Then follow that with hanging, Ads, pumping or jelqing.
Return to fowfers for warm down.
I have not gained in erect length from this yet but I’m still in the begining stages of it.
EQ quality must still be at it’s zenith the next day. Morning woods, spontaneous wood or any wood you can gather.

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1. Bad technique

2. Bad routines

Originally Posted by gone620
Kingpole this is the routine I want to do. Tell me what you think.

My gains (start 1-1-2007)

Everyone is different, but he has his nutritional players stacked up in a row to whey protein, body building 3 days per week. A good diet is being implemented. Except the amphetamines I don’t know what roll that plays in PE.

If you are still on the Newbie routine stick with it for a few months before you start doing any mechanical PE.
Keep a check on erection quality. If you can’t get a full erection the next day your doing to much PE.
Rest days are required.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Not enough Heat.

19th Feb 2012

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God hates them.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by Klayton
Physiology; some people can’t gain.


PE doesn’t work for everybody (no matter how hard they try).

I think there is a continuum of stimulus to rest ratio that will cause growth.

If the stimulus is small, the rest needed would be almost zero…like a Penimaster or any traction device.

If the stimulus is great, boardering on trauma, then the amount of rest is much longer. For example very heavy hanging, followed by several days or more of rest.

If it is in the proper ration for you, then growth will occur. If you are out of that “magic” ratio, no growth will occur.

For example, lets say you are using small forces, that if you did it 5 times a day, might be perfect…but you only use it once a day. The result will be no growth.

Lets just say you are using a moderate force that would cause growth if used once a day, but you use it twice a day. The result is you are accumulating insult to the tissues and no growth results.

So to answer the question, I think guys fail because they don’t get the stimulus to rest ratio right. I think by observing your PIs and EQ you get the information needed to have a damn good chance of getting that rest to stimulus ratio right.

Originally Posted by rfj

PE doesn’t work for everybody (no matter how hard they try).

I have to disagree with you guys, but its just my opinion. Trying “hard” isn’t always what it takes. As a matter of fact, I think for many non gainers, its exactly that trying “too hard” that prevents gains.

I think that pretty much everyone can get fat, and by getting fat, cause significant changes in their skin…it enlarges. It also means the nerves have to lengthen (at least the sensory nerves to the surface of the skin) and so some extent blood vessels. If they get intermuscular fat, then the fascia around the muscles also expand.

This is most of the tissues of the penis, so if it can grow in other parts of the body, I assume there is no reason it can’t grow in the penis.

So, based on this, I think its possible for EVERYONE to expand their penis…its just a matter of finding the magic “rest to stimulus” ratio. I think for some guys the “ratio” is tighter or more narrow than others, but I think that “magic window” does exist for every guy.

But, as I said, its just my opinion.

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