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Reasons people don't gain


Originally Posted by wangchun
I think the answer to the sex question is yes, it will hinder gains. This differs for everybody but I know when I minimize the number of times I ejaculate, I gain more.

I tried to eliminate sex while P.Eing but I find it actually impossible.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by dangleman
I’m pretty sure Big Girtha clamped without breaks and make huge gains; maybe that’s just with clamping, though most seem to recommend rests with clamping too …

I think gains fall into roughly two catagories, frank stretching and growth.

I believe growth can be achieved through fairly modest forces. Frank stretching is through relatively high forces (in comparison).

If you use the growth route, it can be a much longer productive period before a decon is needed, and then it is relatively short.

Frank stretching runs into the ‘“wall” much quicker and needs a longer decon break to be able to continue due to the scar tissue or collegen that builds up.

Then of course there are approaches that fall somewhere in the middle.

Girtha by his own admission had a “beat up dick” so much so that his Doctor was (is?) concerned about his practices. I think growth can be achieved with far less trauma than he put his dick through…but thats just my opinion.

I have never used an ADS in conjunction with hanging, the concept of “holding open micro-tears to augment length gains” is a complete falsehood. One reason some people never gain length is because their physiology will not respond to the techniques prescribed by PE exercises. Some people do not understand the changes taking place through PE activities. This is quite evident in the responses to the question. I do not know how many theories for growth are put forth in this forum but they cannot all be right. As a result, many people are confused and probably do not know what approach to take.

It is analogous to physical exercises undertaken to increase muscle mass or stamina in the human body, we pretty much know how this works and you can do some different activities that result in the same outcome but the principle of “weight resistance exercise to stimulate growth,” remains the same. PE conforms to the same “like” principle only instead of weight resistance as the “corner block,” it is primarily improving the vascular of the penis and weakening suspensory structures. The penis needs to hold more blood and the erectile pressure needs to be improved/optimized. In this way you can experience new size. The problem we have in this forum is the myriad of ways (good and bad) to accomplish these two objectives.

You could compare it to developing a good “6 pak,” there is a really easy way to develop your abs it just requires consistency and good technique. You can stand on your head and lower your legs “up and down” to stimulate the abs, but most people do not do this because there are much simpler ways to accomplish the same thing. The penis is small and responds easily to good technique; you do not need to stand on your head to accomplish the goal. Unfortunately, there are many myths and many bad techniques that confuse the issue and as a result who really knows what to do after the first three weeks. Its a little bit like golf, if you read all the theories on swing mechanics and then try to work them into your game, you are not going to have a clue which way that ball is going to fly.

Any adivices.

Originally Posted by gone620
Hello I was wondering if you could all post replies to this Question as to, “Why some people don’t gain”. What are some principles that you all have seen over time that all of the people that don’t gain have in common? Here are a few of my observations and would love to have yours.

-Lack of commitment (of course)

-Not Steady (of course)

-DOESN’T wear an auto ADS after hanging sessions to heal in longer extended state.. Hm.? (For Hangers)

I think this 3rd reason is probably the most profound as to why people don’t gain length. What is all of your opinions?

I would like to have any advices..
After 3 months of PE I didn’t get big changes.(I mean an enlarge of my veins,and just a bit of lenght I think less than 0.5cm so it’s not that much which make the difference)
I tryed enlarge pills for 3 months as well but it looks like they r not working!The point is there is something of wrong in my routine(I have been working 5 days out of 7 about 1 hour)
My questions are:
-Warm up: if I wanna do it with sox and rice what I have to do because it’s not clear.feel it up with rice,warm it up for 2 minutes and then take the rice off and stick my dick in the sox as a condom??
-Stretching (what’s the best way) I pull it 5 times down ,5 right ,5 left 15 seconds each—-is it enough?
-Kegel:usually I do it watching a porn movie having a full erection and holding 5 seconds this the right way?


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