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Questions About Jelqing...

Questions About Jelqing...

Hey all,
Just finished a 45 minute jelq session (I’ve been doing jelqs for maybe two years) and I have a couple of questions/comments:
Is it possible to gain length by doing jelqs? I’ve been doing them for so long and have noticed minimal length gains. Yes I do stretching but I am very discouraged in that area for many reasons (keep getting erect or no grip). Whenever I start my workout, I try to do my stretch routine and I keep getting erect and have to wait to go down again. But as soon as I start tugging, up it goes! So I do my jelq routine and by the end of that my hands are tired and my penis is not “grippable” but is now “slippery”. I have become quite discouraged since I ONLY want length (I’ve reached my 5.75-6” girth goal). Now are the jelqs a waste of time in the length department? I see NO gains and believe me, I’ve been doing them religiously for a LONG time. I noticed when I do jelqs the head keeps getting bigger, I assume this is normal. BUT nothing else gets temporarily bigger when I jelq (ie. no length gain or girth). I know that your dicks usually get bigger after a jelq session which is temporary, but I have never experienced this. All that seems to swell is my head, however, I am very happy with the size head I have now, and don’t want it any bigger. I jelq anywhere from 30-80% erect and all i notice is the head gets bigger. My dick gets NO longer after a heavy (or any type of) jelq session. It usually stays the same or gets smaller than my usual 7.7” BP length. It’s quite the piss off. And I am doing my jelqs properly, that is not an issue.
I’ve become quite desperate to reach 8.0” NBP erect length and I’ve been stuck where I am for maybe 6 months.
I have become very frustrated with PE and I think that is mostly because I’ve hit a plateau. I cannot afford to buy any devices so I’m pretty much left only with stretching, which is a problem.
Guys, I dont know what to do. I need help. Thanks.


You don’t need to buy a hanger, if you’re interested in hanging. You can make your own. There are directions explaining how to make a homemade Bib hanger; also, you can utilize one of the other homemade devices described elsewhere on this forum.

Take a look at a few of your options, perhaps one will interest you enough to give it a shot:


The Original Bib Hanger


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I have a hard time getting a good stretch in the am in because of the tendency to get a semi. What I do is do 25 min jelq in the am and do my stretching in the pm. I noticed that it is desirable to stay puffy in the am for jelqs and but the pm I have a hard time keeping it sufficiently puffy. I also noticed that I don’t seem to have the same degree of getting puffed if I stretch in the pm.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the responses guys. I think I’ll keep trying to manually stretch. Im not that interested in weights (seem do dangerous for me).

THanks again.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

I cannot stress baby powder enough. I almost gave up on streching completly untill I motivated myself to get some at CVS. Now I’m streching so much more than I used to.


Jelqing is definitely not the way to go for length, at least in my opinion.

I tinkered with the “jelqing at under 80% erection to get length” ideas for a few weeks, and it just did nothing for me at all.

I’m not saying it won’t work for others, however there are much better and more direct methods you should be doing to target length gains. I don’t even know why I’m talking considering the fact that my length gains are near nonexistant.

On the contrary, jelqing has become my greatest asset for girth, and I’ve replaced jacking off with jelqing.

Yup, pretty sick and twisted, I know…but anyway, I think you’re wasting your time by trying to use jelqs for length.

Dude if grip is a problem try the V stretches, Instead of pulling at the glands really hard just PUSH down hard with your other hand on the penis shaft, this is what i have started to do and i find i get a much better stretch on my ligs, I put my hand close to the base also and not in the center on the shaft. Make sure you do dld blasters with this also.

I have the same problem as you with getting an erection, I try to do stretches as soon as i wake up and i watch TV at the same time, trying to keep my mind off sexual thoughts, or another option is to masturbate before, this has helped me in the past.

good luck dude



I gained about an 1.25 in length with jelqing alone, the secret is to be at about 70% erection and to really milk it with a pull at the end. The best way to get length is to get a bib hanger. I now only do erect jelqing and squeezes for girth and the bib hanger and some manual stretching for length. A guy from the old board named Japp gained over 2 inches with jelqing only. I think the secret is to keep your erection level down to 70.


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