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Dry Jelqing Questions

Dry Jelqing Questions

Hey everyone. I’m new to PE, I’ve only been working at jelqing for about 2 weeks now. I go 2 days on, 1 day off. Basically, I’m doing the newbie routine and I’m only dry jelqing. It seems just a lot easier to me and is more efficient. My questions are, is it even possible to see gains up to and inch (after long periods of time of course) by strictly jelqing? Also, I wanted to know what to do at the end of each pull when dry jelqing. Am I supposed to hold each pull for 3 seconds? Or am I supposed to reach the glans and then stop and repeat? Can anyone tell me the pros and cons (if there are any) of each method? Thanks a lot!! :)

Well really it is up to you. I prefere dry jelq myself and when I reach the glands I like to hold for two or three seconds. This expands my glands better than any other exercise.Just remember there are always variations for each exercise.

I’m new, so this is just my method, not necessarily the best, but I reach the glans and quickly go back to the base and start over, trying to keep as much blood in as possible, but on every 5th or so stroke, I hold for 5 seconds at the glansand kegel to try and really pump it as much as I can.


1. Yes it is possible to get gains by only dry jelqs.

2. When I hold, it lasts for up to three seconds, but usually just a very short moment before next stroke begins. If you only do dry jelqs you should try some variations also. For example just hold for a second the first fifty strokes and then hold longer the next fifty strokes.

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Goal: 8" x 6" (Routine: 10 min dry jelq every other day)

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