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Some jelqing questions.

Some jelqing questions.

Hey everyone. I’m a noob here, of course. I’m sorry if anything like this has been covered in the forums already, but there is just way too much information in here to go through it all. I just have a few things I would like to clarify if anyone could help me out. First of all, I’ve noticed that when I try dry-jelqing, there is a little bit of extra skin that I can’t help but grab on the bottom of my penis. It is part of my scrotum, I believe, and is kind of unavoidable. If I continue to jelq like this, will the skin below my shaft stretch out or become disfigured? Also, I wanted to get a little more elaboration on the correct method of hand-switching when jelqing. When I have brought my first Ok hand grip to the glans, I am supposed to re-grip the bottom of the shaft with the opposite hand, correct? Before I let go with my initial hand, should I apply pressure with the newly-gripped hand in order to allow no blood from escaping the penis? Is this the correct method? Thank you very much!

When dry jelqing you can’t really switch hands well without causing an injury of some sort, well for me at least. When I dry jelq I normally just use one hand, jelq the penis, and regrip with that same hand at the bottom to start the next jelq. Make sure the head is filling up with blood but don’t go too far, anyways, and make sure you’re semi-errect.

As for the skin or the tunica (I believe thats the correct word) that you’re talking about the worst thing it will do is create foreskin on your penis if you’re circumcised. If you’re uncut well then it will just make the foreskin longer. But you have to increase the amount of skin there and stretch it before you can increase you’re dick size, otherwise it would jurt like hell when you get a boner.

The only other thing to look out for oddly which I didnt realize until they appeared are stretch marks, like on a pregnant woman. They’re not terrible and most of the time barely noticed. Just try to realize when you’re only stretching skin and not the actual penis and start over. Otherwise youll have a cock that looks like a 2000 lb woman after a tummy tuck without the skin removed, lots of skin with nothing to fill it.

Untitled57: I believe you need to look at little more into penis anatomy. What he is referring to is not the tunica. Try here, there should be some interesting diagrams and information:
Penis Anatomy Links

B_Man55, if you are referring to the wet jelq in your above grip description I believe that is correct, but consider experimenting a little more, i.e. how hard you should grip the base of your penis before releasing your grip hand just below your glans.

The skin you are referring to is actually part of your scrotum, I think from your description we share a similar condition, where skin becomes part of the gripped area during dry jelqing. This unfortunately will exacerbate this, and the skin can begin to move further up the shaft. (Do a search of the forums for Turkey Neck). You can try some mild scrotal stretching which can help move the skin lower down the shaft.

Ball Sac Stretching

Good luck on your PE quest,

Also: This may be useful Jelqing & Stretching 101

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Thanks to both of you! Kesman, you were in fact correct. The skin I am referring to is actually part of the scrotum and not the tunica. It would seem I cannot get as close to the bottom of the base of my penis as I would like because of this. Hopefully, this will not affect my sought gains a whole lot. I’ve found that if you use one hand to pull the scrotum downward, you can actually get closer to the base. This however, makes it so I cannot use 2 hands and I find myself jelqing with one hand. I hope this isn’t much of a problem. Do many people dry jelq with a single hand? Or am I not supposed to release pressure on my penis at all while jelqing? I guess this could be taken care of if I simply maintained pressure while releasing each pull to the glans, much like when masturbating. Any thoughts?

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I know I use coco butter to jelq but i do believe its also supposed to prevent or help stretch marks.

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