Jelqing: Stupid questions?


I downloaded and watched all the videos on Thunders concerning PE by yelquing, Gwandolf. First of all: I found them pretty cool. Plumped Bend!! I immediately tried out some of your routines. What is pretty cool: You can pump up your dick enormously with your suggestions.

But I have a few questions:
I am NO newbie concerning PE by jelqing. (I did a lot of yelqing before my just passed 6 months hang time.)
In the past, when I have been jelquing for about 40 min, I recognized that my head does not swell up any more when I force blood in it. My head has become really hard and it was difficult to expand it. Was this a sign to me that I should stop immediately? And, what did I do in the wrong way when my head has become so hard? I overdid it? I mean 40 min is not that much.

Also, after your jelq session your dick should look really worked out. Right? Well, in the past, this has been always the case for about 2 weeks. But then, when I went on with my routine, it did not look worked out any longer. This was accompanied by the hardening of the glance.