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Stretching Jelqing simultaneously and other questions

Stretching Jelqing simultaneously and other questions

Hello :) , that’s my first post in this forum but I’m reading this forum as a quest for 2 months and I’m using PE exercises for 1 month.

I have some newbie questions, perhaps cause I can’t properly and fully understand the purpose of PE exercises.
Ok let’s start with the questions, as far as I understand the point of jelqing is to push more blood than the penis is used to so it will eventually expand and it will get longer and thicker, I have 2 questions on this concept:

1) When the penis is 100% hard (full errection) it is used to have lets say 100 blood level. In jelqing we make a 70% errection so lets say 70 blood level but we are pushing more blood using the jelqing technique but it is already used and can handle 100 blood level. How this is working ? I’m really confused on this concept. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

2)So the point is to push more blood than the penis is used to handle. So let’s say I stretch my penis (ok grip under the glans) then with the other hand I push blood using jelqing then between my two hands the blood is trapped and this area is really expanding more than used to. So if I get the concept of jelqing right that should help a lot in expanding and growing the penis. That is right or wrong ?

Anyway I hope that you will help me to understand the concept cause I really can’t understand the way jelqing is supposedly going to work. As far as stretching is concernced (or hanging) I think that I understand the concept why it will help the penis to get longer (at least on flaccid state) .

And since this is my first post some things about myself. I’m 22 years old College Student I found this site by an Accident. I really love watching documentaries and 2 months ago I was bored so I was searching for a new documentary to watch so I searched on a torrent site using just the word documentary. Then I found a popular torrent in that section with the title “Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Exercise Program” so I started searching if this can work and I found this site.
My initial BPEL measurement is 18cm and if theese exercices work I would like to get to 21 cm BPEL. Of course I’m already using theese exercices for 1 month and I won’t stop for at least 6 months, cause I’m really curious to see if it’s working and anyway they are fun to do when I’m bored and just watching tv. I also have one infrared lamp 100 watt that I’m using for heat.

That’s all. I hope you can help me with my newbie questions. Have a nice day :)

The best analogy to help you understand the process and physiological changes that need to take place in-order for your erection size to increase is in the experience of a small child with a balloon. The child has difficulty blowing up the new balloon due to the weakness in the amount of pressure the child can exert to overcome the resistance of the fresh rubber of a new balloon. You have weak erectile pressure to achieve your maximal erection.

Now, the child will never be able to blow up that balloon until an adult first blows it up to weaken the structure of the balloon. In the same way, you have to weaken the structure of your penis to expand far greater under your normal weak erectile pressure system. Jelqing is a way of manually increasing expansion and breaking down the stubborn resistance, so that eventually your erectile system can take advantage of that unused capacity.

As the balloon weakens it can take on greater volumes of air and inflate to larger and larger size. The molecules of rubber have properties to allow continued expansion without bursting; if done slowly and incrementally. It is this way in PE, the blood carrying tissues will expand but expand slowly over many months of diligent and committed exercises. There are ways to help it along and enhance the ability of the penis to grow large under your existing weak erectile system. After a period of time the volumetric capacity of your penis grows substantially (3, 4, 5, times is not uncommon,) so you are taking in so much more blood before your valves shut tight.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

These are all valid question and here is the answer:D ude, it’s all a scam, PE doesn’t work. Give up and stop wasting time with such preposterous things like making your penis bigger :P

Starting 20/02/2013: NBPEL 6 inches; EG 5,85 inches

Current : 7.2 NBPEL

Second Goal : NBPEL 8 inches; EG 6 inches

DutyQuest thanks for your time and for your explanation. I appreciate it :)

Originally Posted by coZma
These are all valid question and here is the answer:D ude, it’s all a scam, PE doesn’t work. Give up and stop wasting time with such preposterous things like making your penis bigger :P

I think that you haven’t read my post properly. My question was not if PE works, my questions was HOW jelqing works.


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