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Question for Tom Hubbard


Hey there Big J,

I’ve actually found that the tugger is helping my length as it is providing a passive stretch for 8-10 hours a day, Works great after my morning hang sessions.



At the rate you’re going, you’ll be generating smegma soon. Please share with us any feelings you have when you detect it. With me it was something like Wow! I’m complete and all systems are GO.



The sweet smell of success?



It looks like i’m really going to have to do this. God, i am so easily sucked in by all this sort of stuff - i’m going to have to work hard in order that i don’t spend the rest of my life playing with my cock(whats wrong with that? i hear you cry!)

On a side note i have hair which extends about 1/2 way down my shaft, so if i stretch the skin out to give myself a foreskin will i eventually have an entirely hairy shaft?
I don’t really fancy that for an idea.

In fact is there a permanent way to remove hair from the area (i am too lazy to shave it every day - hell, i can’t even manage that for my face!)


See Ya,


Hair-line growth


Your hairline may creep down slightly, but not through the entire shaft. The restoring proccess is generating new skin cells more than it’s stretching what you already have. Try putting on a cock ring and then applying some Nair that’s formulated for bikini area from the ring down. It might sting slightly but should do the trick. If too irritating wash it off immediately. I only shave my area once a week and have no troublw w/ it.



Hello Tom,

Will you post your measurements on size’s data site?

I have read your sites for a few years, and am curious.



My gains

ThunderSS will be reviving an older version of my site presently, on which that question is answered.

I didn’t measure directly before I started in 1996, but a couple years prior had pondered the question of my maximum could be, and had stretched my penis (dead stretch) to see - it came to just a bit beyond 6”. So I’m guessing I was 6” - by the way I do dead stretch now, I could have been somewhat shorter. I long ago discarded my original record of gains, so I don’t know what length I started saying ‘holy shit’ but I think it was around 6-3/8.

4 months later I was to 7.25”, measuring with a ruler…since I’ve been hanging and stuff again (last fall) I can now dead stretch to just about 8”, and have revised my measuring standard so I think I’ve got an honest 7.5.

Flaccid was pretty consistent 3” long by 1” across when I started - that’s what really got me - I’m over 6’ 2” tall; my dick was not much larger than my thumb! It was awful looking at a toilet paper tube - the illustration on my site is accurate - and realizing some guys hung that large.

Now I hang that way almost always - and sometimes a fair bit longer, too :boogie:

Can’t tell you exactly why I haven’t posted my measurements (I started to). Just not into it? Also, I tend to go for a few months, then drop it. I dunno…

OK - Heres one for you

I have my frenum pierced. How would this work with a foreskin? Has anyone out there got a foreskin and a frenum piercing? Or knows anyone that has?

Might it cause any problems?

Cheers for any advice,

See Ya,



Big J,

I wear 2 frenums and am taking them out for the foreskin sessions and then put them back in as soon as the device is off. I haven’t noticed any miration so far but I might end up w/ 2 foreskin piercings when all is said and done. At that point I’ll either get a new frenum in the right place or just leave it. I don’t think that this will happen though or I probably would have noticed it by now.




I think i’m going to leave the restoration until i’ve got the length and girth i want first. I already spend a lot of time messing about with my penis. If i start this now there’ll be no chance of getting any work done or anything else for that matter.

It sure will be unusual if i manage to hook up with any ex-chicks after all this lot.

An extra couple of inches length, an extra inch girth, a foreskin:-

They’ll think i’ve had a dick transplant. Ha ha.

See Ya,


I don't want the "roll of qaurters" look!

Guys I’m definitely interested in restoring but I have 2 agree with a couple who said it…

Some of the new foreskins on the Tug ahoy site just don’t look right 2 me…The foreskins look like they could accomodate a small pick up truck. I don’t know if maybe some of the guys “stretched” the skin 2 much instead of the just applying moderate tension, but they definitely seem oversized at the head and very wrinkly.

I thought the idea of foreskin was to “hug” the penis like a scabbard for a sword, protecting it as well as the lubricating effect.

I was thinking in building our own tug ahoys is there some way that way could provide a tapering effect on the new skin? Perhaps when you push the shaft skin over the small shell we could some how secure or push it through the tip of the big shell in essence keeping it taught and only the shaft skin would grow not the opening? Does that make sense? What do others think? Maybe some of the guys who are already restoring could comment on their progress…

And I’m really not to keen on the possibility of going to a doctor after I’m restored to have him cut and taper it again.

Thanks in advance



I’ll chime in just because I happen to be online and you posted moments ago - I’ve only gotten a little foreskin growth so far, but even that - the bunching near the head - makes a bigger dick look more ‘real’ - like it’s not partially erect or something. I agree about the tugged ones - not sure that’s all that appealing…

OK Tom so......

Ok Tom so what is your method of restoring then? Is there any way to avoid the wide “roll of quarters look” ?

I won’t claim to be an expert (I’ll just pretend ;-) but I think the final ‘fit’ would have to be done with a touch of surgery. After all, when you’re cut you lose the frenum, and in terms of tapering that skin starts there and grows there naturally, only stretching when it has to. When you pull it back over, you’re stretching it big and then trying to figure out how to get it shrink at the end, basically. (Preparation H, anyone?)

I think once you start getting to that point, you have to be pretty much wearing something 24/7, a degree of commitment that’s still off my radar screen.

Probably - given all the uncirc sites - someone has addressed this issue at length. Anyone? Links?


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