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Question for Tom Hubbard

Question for Tom Hubbard


How did they hold the rocks on?

I read about a group of African men who reversed their circumcisions by wearing rocks. I’m almost positive it was on your site many moons ago.

I don’t like tape. I really don’t like tape. I’m also pretty certain those guys didn’t have access to 3M Micropore.

Any idea how they did it?



Re: Question for Tom Hubbard

Excuse me but what is 3M Micropore?

Adhesive tape. Sticks like hell.


Just bumping this so it doesn’t go away before you get back.


well, gee, I dunno


I didn’t know Africans did anything to uncircumcise themselves. Is this something you’re also interested in pursuing?

I know nothing about the Karamajong (Africa) etc. I have seen pics of Swamis in India with lots of cloth wrpped around their dick carrying heavy rocks. One by Richard Avedon was in the New Yorker. I saved it for a long time but I think it finally went away.

My guess is the Africans just wrapped cloth round and round and round then put a rock weighing a couple pounds and carried around all day. Since it was part of their culture and they spent all day naked, it didn’t quite have the stigma it might attract here.

The reason I have abandoned my uncircumcision efforts each time after a week or so is partly it gets tiresome, but also the adhesive buildup is annoying and I’ve not found any effective way to clean it off.

I feel like I’m getting a little foreskin growth from the AFB hanger. I know some guys don’t like that - i think it’s cool to be sitting and feel that ‘turtle’ feeling and realize no, the little dude disappear like that no more…:bigwink:

Sorry Tom,

I read an involved story over a year ago about a specific African tribe, missionaries, forced circumcisions, and the men rebelling by regrowing their foreskins by wearing rocks. I was almost sure it was on your old site. I was wrong, sue me.

Yeah I am interested. I bought the Joy Of Uncircumcising. I tried with that but everything in there is tape or surgery. I don’t like tape and I’m not getting cut again.

I read that pumping could help grow new skin so I did that. I found out there that I had adhesions all around my circ scar and on an old vertical tear on my underside from the scar almost to my base. Thru pumping and lateral stretching I released all the adhesions (my wasn’t that fun). Once I had full movement of the skin I just started stretching it by hand every day.

I got more skin, that was obvious, but I got no more coverage. That’s when I realized I had gotten longer. I hadn’t thought that was possible, obviously it was. I learned about PE and started doing it. I’ve grown 1 1/2” and my skin has kept up but I’d still like to be covered.

I figure what would do it would be light long term stretching of the skin instead of the shorter more intense PE stretching sessions. I just haven’t been able to figure out a comfortable way to hold a weight on the skin without impeding circulation that doesn’t use tape.

If anyone has ideas about this I’d like to know.



Try this site


Try visiting this site and read everything on it. It works and is completely tape free. I found a way to make my own and hang 1 pound from it instead of the elastic. go to

Hope this helps,


Man, that is simple and beautiful.

I’m gonna start looking for components to make one today.

Thanks very much,


Hot damn


That is, indeed, something to get this kid’s creative juices flowing!


What’s your design? (I’d start with Fimo/Sculpey (oven fired modeling clay) for the inner shell.)

How did you do the outer shell? What keeps it from slipping up the strut and loosening?

Details, man, details…. :-)


As I’m cut, I’d like to know if a) the photos taken seem legit, ie they are not just photos of uncut men, and b) just how much does the aspect change from that of a normal uncut man. As I’ve never seen a uncut penis so close before, are they reliable photos to go on? The “opening” looks a little - what’s the word - ‘ugly’ - but maybe it is because I’m not used to such detail.

comments please.

PS. A hundred bucks seems a hell of a lot, considering you must also pay for replacement parts.



I got a kick out of that:

>PS. A hundred bucks seems a hell of a lot, considering you must also pay for replacement parts

because I just posted (lil1’s Progress Pics) something abuot my old offer to pay a hundred bucks at some point for believable progress pictures.

You had me going there - if I paid someone $100 for photos of their penis growth, what replacement parts would I have to buy?


foresin restoring device

K guys…Here goes,

What I used was 2 bulb syringes (used for ear flushing) and cut them to the size I needed w/ an exacto knife and ran a loop of wire out through the end. Then I just clip on a 1 lb. fishing weight. It stays on because the weight is pulling the skin from the inside and this causes that skin to roll out toward the outside and contacts the outer shell and gripping. I also left enough space fore some of my sin to come out of the top and have found that it grips better that way. You have to play w/ it and find what works best for you. I used O-rings to mark where to make the cuts. and then used an emery board to soften the edged. This has also been regrowing my inner foreskin as well.

I’m out the door to CVS…


The damn thing works perfectly.

Questions for you. How did you attach the wire loop to the inner shell? In this, my first version, I used a rigid plastic inner shell and stuck a long thin bolt through it instead of wire and tightened it down with a round nut on the outside. For the outer shell I also used 1/2 a bulb syringe. I rigged a hook on the end of the bolt to hang things with. If I stay with this method I’ll do something with an eyebolt.

2nd question; Why did you go with weight instead of elastic? Weight feels right to me as well but I’d like to know your reasons.

On a different note that you may already know: Boston Pumps makes a foreskin stretching cylinder. It’s a combo of an acrylic ball with a short tube w/one flared end. The idea is to pull your foreskin over the ball, put on the cylinder, and pump out the air thus stretching the skin. I got one and tried it with a cap similar to the inner shell of the TA. It never felt right to me, not enough skin, so I tabled it. It may be useful after I get enough skin from the cool new tugger and can use the ball.

Later Man, and thanks again,


Weight instead of elastic

I chose to use weight because it doesn’t restrict the natural movement and swing when walking. The movement causes skin roll and therefor different angles on the stretch. I’ve read up on the pump cylinders and was under the impression that it was mostly uncomfortable from too much pinching.

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