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Question for Tom Hubbard


Cool, that makes sense.

Yeah the cylinder is definitely a short term higher intensity option but the hyperemia it induces is worth considering.

What about the way you attached the wire to the inner shell? I’m still curious.



geez louise

Moth, you make me feel like a slowpoke…got to CVS only to NOT find ear syringes, but where they sent me was the baby section, so I bought a couple of silicone baby bottle nipples. Damn the idea certainly works fine but the nips ain’t perfect.

Since I don’t have a syringe in front of me…wouldn’t it make sense to use the pointed ends, using the point down to support the weight instead of fussing with a wire?

Does that make sense?

Hey Tom,

I’m having trouble picturing what you are suggesting. To make the thing work you have to have something pulling outward on the inner shell while the outer shell is allowed to float free. If you can do that with the nipples without adding wire or a bolt or whatever then it would work.



Hold the syringe withthe bulb at the top and the open end pointing down. Cut off most of the bulb. Now you have the inner shell with the ‘nozzle’ ready to conect to a weight. Might even be able to use the cutof end of the bulb to cut a round section to use as the outer shell.

If I’m being obtuse, just ignore. I can’t get to Walmart until tomorrow ;-)


That is sort of what I did Tom. Only I used the nozzle ende for both the inner and outer shell as the stack or nest inside each other perfectly. as for attaching the wire I just used some 14 gauge wire I had left ov er from a chain mail profect and looped one end around needle noe pliers ran it down through the nozzle and then looped the other end the same way one it was hanging out of the end of the nozzle.I don’t have a very good camera but will submit a pic if it would help you guys out…let me know.

OK Guys I see it,

I was being dense. My head was locked into the idea of a harder inner shell. I wasn’t thinking of cutting it in 1/2 and using the nozzle as the connector between the two halves. I’m gonna make that version as well and see which is more comfortable.


works like a charm

Unable to restrain myself ‘til I have a shot at Wallie World for nipples (wheee!), I took the “collar” (outer shell) and applied it to my previous fimo hanger - I’ll illustrate it soon enough, but basically a truncated cone with a steel ball superglued to the (ex) pointed end for weight, and a round depression on the contact end.

Took about 30 secs to figure out how to get it on, then a 3-mile hike in and out of woods with the doggie. Had to adjustit once at the start, then basically forgot it was there. It’s a beaut!

Though I must admit I have to deal with fresh bouts of humility realizing I am not the sole repository of inventive ideas.


OSL8 you’re great!

Hey guys,

Always glad to help. Isn’t it great to DIY!

New design

Plastic Easter eggs from Walgreens. Two sizes; inside diameter 1 1/4” and i.d. 1 1/2”. Use the pointy 1/2 of each egg, these eggs were totally smooth on the inside. Drill the top of each 1/2 to take a smooth top carriage bolt 1/4” by 4 1/2”. Put bolt through small half and secure with nut. The large half slides freely over the bolt. Put it on. For weight I used a P.U.D. (basically a cylindrical weight). Slide weight onto bolt, secure with wingnut. Majorly comfortable.



I notice that a number of people have read this thread. I can only imagine that many of you are shaking your heads and asking: “Why the hell would would anyone do this?” I wanted to address this before I updated. There are many reasons for and against circumcision in the first place so there are just as many (if not more) for and against restoring. I researched alot of the available info and decided to restore for many reasons. I’m only going to mention one of them.

Sex is supposed to feel better uncut.

If for as long as you can remember you’ve always been cut or uncut you have no standard of comparison. There are, however, men that have changed their status after they became sexually active (either completely restoring or getting snipped) and many of them report, either to their pleasure or chagrin, that sex feels/felt better to them when they are/were covered. Much better.

Now to update. Using a semi-rigid outer shell (see previous post) is causing no problems, in fact it opened other possibilities. I found that I could put the shells on using a 1” bolt and that tightening the wingnut held everything on nicely, leaving me covered but giving my skin a chance to rest from the pull of the weight.

I also tried a different weight. I have some Heavy Hands in the house. (Padded dumbells with screw on rubberized weights.) I drilled a 1/4” hole thru one, very comfortable and less obtrusive.



I too am cut.

I wish i had never been cut. I would very much like to have a foreskin - like they say nature doesn’t make mistakes.
However the guys in the pictures on that tug ahoy site look deformed. Man, my penis isn’t the venus de milo right now but…

So any way i have been cut so long i don’t really know what an uncut penis looks like flaccid and up close - so anyone who does know- does it look like the stuff on that site? or am i right in assuming that its never as good as the original and that these guys do look a bit weird?

I am kind of interested as a bit of extra mobility down there wouldn’t go amiss.

See Ya,


Big J,

I can give you some insight but it’s from reading. I’m in your situation as well. The restored penis never looks exactly the same as one that was never cut. The primary problem is that the restored skin doesn’t hug close to the head. It tends to be thicker and sit straighter out to the sides. Some men elect to have a small surgery (yeah, more knives) done after they have fully restored their foreskin. It’s kind of like a tuck in sewing that makes the opening of the foreskin smaller so it stays closer to the head.

Alot of the function is restored when you are fully covered and that is my main drive.

BTW my circumcisions left me with adhesions all around the scar so I had very little skin mobility. After I managed separate all of them the extra movement felt incredibly good.

Good luck with your decision,


Cheers Moth

I did think they looked a bit straighter than huggy like you say. Thanks for the info - i will have plenty time to think on it as if i do decide to restore what was lost it will be after i have acheived my full size from pe (in about 9 months i reckon!).

See Ya,


Hey Big J,

Here’s some light reading for those months of training. Go to and check out the reviews on Sex as Nature Intended It By Kristen and Jeffry O’Hara ISBN 0970044208.

I don’t know if kilts are still in fashion over there but I wish they were here. Would make wearing this tugger in public alot easier.

Later Man,



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