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Question for Tom Hubbard

Hey Tom,

I don’t know the problems you’re having with the eggs so I thought I’d describe what I did about the ones I encountered. First there was some slippage. From the FAQ page of the original site someone mentioned rubbing a little tape on the outer shell. It leaves just enough residue to give a good hold without leaving any on your skin. Works like a charm. Second was putting it on. The original procedure is to pull the skin w/one hand, put the outside shell on one side, then stuff in the remainder. This didn’t work so well with a semi-rigid shell. What works best for me is to push all the skin up at once with an OK grip and pop the outer shell on evenly allowing the skin to disperse smoothly underneath. Third was the set space between the shells and variations in skin thickness. On the original site he mentions putting tape on the inner shell to thicken it if the space between the shells is too great. I haven’t needed to do this, but I had the opposite problem if I tried to put the tugger on after doing PE. All the dimensions were changed and the skin was thicker. I had some different eggs, so I made a tugger with 1 1/2” and 2” shells. That worked after PE ‘til I calmed down some.


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