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Question for Tom Hubbard

Lose the frenum?

I am cut but i still have my frenum.

Is it common in the states to remove the frenum???

Shit!! I reckon this is one of the most sensitive parts of my penis - no wonder they say circumsision reduces sensitivty if they are taking it that far.

See Ya,


On another note.....

Has anyone on this forum actually fully restored their foreskin (or even partially)?

Does this mean that you cannot last as long sexually as the sensitivity increases?

Also - Does a natural foreskin cover the glans(fully or partially) when the penis is erect or just when flaccid?

I feel like an idiot asking these questions but i unfortunately have never seen an erect uncircumsised penis in real life (that sounds dodgy but i mean my own of course!).

Man i’m really beginning to wish i had not been mutilated at a time when i was too young to say no. I didn’t even have it done for any other reason other than the foreskin being too tight to retract.
I wonder if it would have been possible to have just stretched the skin a little to allow more play? (laughs in a bitter and twisted way)

Of course it was probably just cheaper and easier for the (shithole) NHS to circ me. Bastards.

Anyway - mustn’t grumble…..

See Ya,

BigJ LINK IS DEADclick on “not just a flap of skin” for pictures. I guess part of the function of the foreskin covering the glans during erection is to assist vaginal entry - the skin unrolls, letting the goods in friction free - pretty damn slick. (Who designed this thing, anyway?)

(also seems it would make insertion into an uncooperative person easier as well…I’ve occasionally wondered how someone could forcibly rape someone - wouldn’t that be incredibly painful on your penis? Maybe not with a foreskin like that. I’m not planning anything; just reflecting…no offence meant, I have no experience of rape and know very little.)

Notice how fine the natural foreskin is (re earlier comments in this thread), gripping the glans, compared with restored skin…and check out the veins!!!

Another good place to start learning more about uncircumcision is's_He…in_Restoration/

I plan to do that myself one of these days. After I stop playing with the highly discounted plastic easter eggs I just bought…thanks again for the idea, Moth!

tom_hubbard said:
(also seems it would make insertion into an uncooperative person easier as well…I’ve occasionally wondered how someone could forcibly rape someone - wouldn’t that be incredibly painful on your penis? Maybe not with a foreskin like that. I’m not planning anything…

I’m so sorry, I don’t know if you intended to, but that last line was fu——- hilarious!! I can see it now:
“The Restored Rapist”-A circ’d Man restores his foreskin to aid in raping!

LOL! sorry if this offends anyone but I sometimes have a sick, twisted sense of humor….


Alright I guess I’ll make this post somewhat useful and give you the links I found most beneficial:

both of these are very beneficial filled with info, pics, etc, and diaries of men who restored

Here is an interesting device that actually takes the place of your foreskin (for cut men). I found this fascinating! I’m sure we could use this until we are completey restored. But I’m sure you damn DIYers wil be at it in no time making your own! LOL

Anyways, tell me what you guys think of the sites!

Hey BigJ, I wish I had a frenum : ( you lucky dog!

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I feel like sh--!!

Damn guys after reading even more about circumcision, and foreskin, i just dont see how people could even do this to anybody, let alone a little baby.

Then some sites even show it being done….this is some pretty barbaric stuff. They literally strap the babies in and hold them down.

But that article by the doctor basically pointed out what I already was suspicious off. That circ is the cause of ALL your genital, penis related problems. He explains how your blood flow system is destroyed, why some have tight shafts pulling your pubic hair on them, why some have crooked shafts, why your balls ride high, etc, etc. all caused by cutting off a very necessary and vital part of your body.

That article really hit home.

You know….I can accpet having to work for girth….I can accept having to work for length……but this shouldn’t be called for.

I’m feeling pretty mutilated and low right now…….


I really debated writing this so I unwrote it.


Hey Moth that was a good post man

Hey Moth I appreciate you sharing that post. It really makes you think, huh?

Its kinda funny how a society so “humane” would justify such a barbaric act as “necessary.”

By the way, my dad is a pediatrician, and we talked briefly about it, and he basically said ” there is basically no point in getting circumcised” and he also said the Board of Pedriticians of America is no longer validating circumcision.

Anyways, I just finsihed reading the Joy of Uncircumcising! by Jim Bigelow. Pretty good stuff. I’m just glad I’m learning about this stuff at my realtively young age (24) so I can prolong the life and function of my unit as I age.

Anyways, we know now its bad and it shouldn’t have been, let’s get to work restoring!


thanks for turning that around


tx for bringing that back to an up note. nice to be able to bum out in public and then accept, release, and get on with life…

…any more insights on the thick/thin skin difference?

BTW, it’s cool isn’t it the way the skin can ride up over the glans? I was doing that in the wee hours thinking this is cool this is cool…

OK Tom

Ok Tom here’s what i discovered thru further research.

They “say” that over time the skin will noramlly thin out to normal size.

Also, what do you think if we “trained” the skin from the start to have a taper at the end? Here is my theory……

The traditional tape method requires that you tugg out (stage 1)until you have enough skin and then use a tape ring (stage2)

So what I hypothesize is this reverse the two because just pulling will lead 2 a wide foreskin….. I guess this depends on how much skin you have, I am lucky and wasn’t circ’d too tight.

Basically, what I mean is what if unstead of just pulling out over the head , we pull over and secure it in a small circular fashion (ring) like a normal foreskin’s frenar band. I mean think about it, if we just pull out and over (tug), we can expect to have a wide lose “roll of qaurters looking” foreskin. If we can expand skin, can we also compress or shrink it? (just curious, but it seems plausible)

If we pull out up and over and firmly secure i think the growth and “skin expansion will take place in the middle of shaft (where original foreskin was) instead of at the “end” just by simply pulling. So this will also help prevent a wide lose foreskin that occurred from only pulling at the end.

Does this make any sense Tom? Tell me what you think……….


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I think i'm going to have to stop....

Evry time i read more about this i really feel like i should take a rage pill or something. Yowsa.

OK - I feel i should do something about this and i’m gonna instaed of just moaning about it. I am quite resourceful.

So heres a question for guys who are uncut - How far down does your frenum go if you retract your foreskin all the way?

Does it extend all the way down your foreskin or does it stop (like mine) about 1/2 an inch under the head and attach to normal foreskin with the rest of the distance made up just by foreskin?

I know i’m explaining this badly, so if you don’t understand what i’m saying give me a shout and i’ll try to post a drawing or something.

Thanks again for any input.

ps you’ve got about a day to answer this before i start annoying everyone with it in its own thread, if no-one replies - as i understand if i was uncut i probably wouldn’t be reading this thread.

pps does any one know whether restoring all this sensitivity will shorten my lasting time so to speak?

See Ya,




I used an O-ring for quite a few years and yes your theory is correct, I grew more of what little foreskin was left behind w/ hopfully some taper. This was very slow growth though. I think the general theory is that as long as your pulling from the inside you’ll be able to get some tapering. This is doing all the work closer to the head. I’m no expert but I’ve been playing w/ this for some time now and can give you the benefit of personal experience. I still have no coverage but am seeing very rapid results since starting using the weight. I’ve been more consistant as well.


Hey OSL8,

so do you think the home made tugahoy will provide the taper as well….

And you said you were gonna send me the plans for it and a pic. If you would, that would be a great help cuz i wanna start ASAP. Just let me know how 2 contact you or if you want my email.

Also how can we make sure we are always pulling from the inside?

…i dont quite understand….by inside do you mean where the scar is as opposed 2 the shaft skin?? does the tug ahoy help with this?

get back 2 me. thanks


Hey BBS,

Do me a favor and use the word to, two or too, not the number 2. Same goes for u when the word is you. Or ur, when the word is your, you are or you’re. I know it is anal, but I would appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

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Geez that is pretty picky, but ok i guess so.....

that is pretty picky, but ok i guess so…..

How long should I stretch my foreskin?

are 30min/day enough? Cant find any info about length of stretching. Only how to do it.

Who has experienced foreskin gains? And how long did you stretch?



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